Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1854

Chapter 1854 Home

When Francesca woke up, she realized she was in a white room.

All the decorations in the room were mainly white with a touch of other plain colors. It looked refreshing and romantic.

Just as she was still observing the room with a blank mind, a few maids suddenly entered the room and greeted her politely. “You’re awake, Ms. Cece.”

Francesca was dumbfounded. Ms. Cece?

“Greetings. My name is Norah, the stewardess of this castle. Mr. Lindberg had asked us to take good care of you. How are you feeling right now? Does your wound still hurt? I’ve already asked someone to call the doctor.” A foreign middle-aged woman with a warm smile approached the bed Francesca was lying on.

While she was a foreigner, she could speak pretty fluent Chanaean.

“Where am I?” Francesca tried to sit up forcefully.

Two maids swiftly rushed toward her to help her up.

“This is the Lindberg residence in Xendale, Erihal,” Norah explained with a smile. “It’s also Mr. Lindberg’s home.”

“Ah?” Francesca was shocked. Danrique brought me to his home in Erihal? Oh no, oh no. There’s no way I can’t escape now.

At that moment, the door was pushed open. A few female doctors entered the room. They first bowed at her politely before examining her wound.

Francesca was in so much pain that she couldn’t move properly, so all she could do was to let them examine her. Have they found out about the injury at the back of my brain? Did Danrique know my true identity? I guess I’ll know soon enough…

After a while, she let out a sigh of relief in her mind. No, I wasn’t found out. If I was, then they would’ve known my true identity. And if they did, then they wouldn’t be calling me Ms. Cece. Still, I suppose that isn’t weird, since they’re just normal doctors. They’re only concerned about treating the gunshot wound on my back. It’s unlikely they’ll notice the metal hidden inside my noggin. It’s good that they don’t know, otherwise, Danrique will just think I’m lying to him and playing him. Still, I told him I’m pregnant, so why did he bring me back to his home? Even if he doesn’t mind I have a boyfriend right now, does he really not mind that I’m pregnant?

“We’re going to change your bandages now, Ms. Cece. It’ll hurt, but it’ll be quick. Please bear with us…” The doctor’s Chanaean wasn’t great, but it was understandable.

“Mhm.” Francesca lay down and waited for them to treat her wound.

The doctors were already very gentle with their movements, but when they applied the ointments, it still caused a little bit of pain. When Francesca let out a small groan of pain, a roar was heard from outside of the door. “Be gentler!”

“Yes, Mr. Lindberg!”

The female doctors were shaking in their boots and treated the wound even more gently.

Francesca turned her head back and saw Danrique standing at the door, looking at her with furrowed eyebrows. There was worry and anxiety on his face.

It made her a little confused. What’s going on with this guy? Did he figure out I was lying to him? Did he intentionally bring me here to punish me? Or is he still on his one-track mind thinking that I’m his first love from when he was young and that he wanted to stay with me even when I’m carrying another person’s child?

After the ointments were applied and the bandages were changed, the doctors left.

Norah covered Francesca with a blanket and stood aside.

Only then did Danrique walk in. He asked softly, “Does it still hurt?”

“Ugh…” Francesca was feeling a little uncertain as she replied weakly, “It’s fine.”

“It’ll be better after a couple of days. A gunshot wound usually only hurts for three days. It’ll stop hurting after three days.” His voice still sounded like usual, but there was a tinge of caution in his tone.

“I see,” she replied before asking, “Why did you bring me back to your home?”

“You’re hurt because of me, so I’m going to take responsibility for that,” Danrique said seriously. “I’ll protect you and take care of you from now on!”

She was stunned for a second before she quickly explained, “Is there any misunderstandings? Actually, I—”

Before she could finish, she suddenly heard a loud bang coming from the outside.

She was shocked by that. He furrowed his eyebrows and exclaimed, “Didn’t I tell you to drag him further away before killing him? You’re scaring Cece.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lindberg.”

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