Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 7 by NovelsYou

Chapter 7

“Grandma, I came back this time to discuss business with the Sinclair Family.” Rachel opened her purse and took out a document. Then, she placed the document on the table and said nonchalantly, “I studied software engineering in university and even had the chance to take up advanced studies in Harvard University over the past four years, during which I developed an AI chip. This AI chip is not sold in the market yet since I’m currently still looking for business partners. As such, I hope to establish a partnership with the Sinclair Family.” “Ha! Rachel Yates, how arrogant of you to say that. Do you think we’re going to collaborate with you just based on what you have said?” Tiana pouted in disdain. “The Sinclair Group is one of the top ten corporations in Seaview City. You have no idea how many companies have asked Grandpa and Grandma for a business opportunity but they were all turned down by us. Who are you to make such a request?!” Just as Elizabeth was about to speak up, John Sinclair, Rachel’s eldest uncle, took a step forward and said, “Mom, Rae is my own niece, so of course I feel sorry for her too, but when it comes to a matter regarding the company, we can’t just give in because we feel bad for her. Currently, the Sinclair Group is already having a hard time venturing into the AI market. We shouldn’t disregard the rules because of Rae.” “The Sinclair Group has forked out a huge sum of money to acquire an AI chip from an overseas partner and the production is just about to commence. Why would we want to change our partner after hearing your claims?” “I think Rachel must be planning to use this collaboration to obtain money from Grandma. That’s too obvious!” “Why would a dead person want to rise from the dead?” “Grandma dotes on her so much; she would surely include her as one of the inheritors…” “She’s a member of the Yates. Who is she to inherit our family’s assets? Not to mention all the scandals that she was involved in back then.” Every member of the Sinclair Family chimed in with their opinions. It was a rare scene for the few families, who always had internal disputes, to have a unified point of view. The granddaughter whom Elizabeth had yearned for the last four years was finally back, but her own family had actually treated Rachel like an enemy. It made Elizabeth so furious that even the veins at her temples popped up. However, before Elizabeth spoke up, a soft voice emerged. Casper was always a quiet child, but how could he just stand and watch when his mother was being attacked? The little boy took a step forward and lifted his head to look at John. “Great-uncle John, I would like to know whether the AI chip that the Sinclair Group has acquired is the MCP12 produced by Andrew & Co.?” John asked with a frown, “How did you know?” “I even know that although this chip is smooth during its usage, its function is not complete and there are many orders in which it can’t receive. Nevertheless, the level of artificial intelligence of this chip can be greatly enhanced by inserting the processors of AMP1 and RIWE-34 into it,” Casper explained calmly. “If the Sinclair Group wishes to have a share in the AI market, it will be wise not to choose this chip.” Casper was only four years old and insignificant while standing in the crowd. However, his statement caused a change in everyone’s expression. Although the younger ones who did not work in the Sinclair Group might not understand what Casper was talking about, John couldn’t understand it better. He had heard from his assistant every point that this child had brought up. They even thought of enhancing the chip too, but it was a relatively new industry. Even the multinational conglomerate was unable to produce the perfect AI chip, so the Sinclair Group could only make do with it. The disdain in John’s eyes finally disappeared. “H-How do you know so much?” When he was at the age of four, he was still playing make-believe games and didn’t even know what an AI chip was, let alone such complicated technical terms. “Mommy taught me all these!” Casper winked. “The professor in Harvard University calls Mommy an AI chip genius. If you agree to collaborate with my mommy, it will be a real bargain!” Rachel caressed Casper’s hair with a resigned look. In fact, she thought Casper should be the real genius. This child had been extremely interested in computers from a very young age and became an expert in hacking at the mere age of four. In fact, her successful development of this AI chip was owed to Casper’s contribution too; otherwise, the process would not have been this smooth. Rachel pushed the contract toward John and said, “Uncle John, you can take a look at the introduction of the AI chip in this contract first.” John opened the contract with a complicated expression and was stunned. The bug, which the Sinclair Group had failed to fix even after spending three months and hiring more than a hundred programmers, was perfectly solved by Rachel. If the AI chip that she had developed was indeed the same as what was being described in the contract, the Sinclair Group would be able to thrive in the artificial intelligence market! “Rae, are you collaborating with any other business partners for this AI chip?” John asked as he suppressed his ecstasy. Rachel’s voice was as cold as usual. “Not at this moment.” “Rae, I’ll immediately sign the contract!” After saying that, he quickly asked the servant to bring him a pen. Meanwhile, Tiana’s eyes widened in shock. “Dad, have you lost your mind? Can’t you tell that Rachel and this brat are echoing each other to lie to you?”

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