Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 6 by NovelsYou

Chapter 6

The Sinclair Residence was situated at Lakeside Villa. The neighborhood had picturesque scenery with a quiet surrounding—something typical of wealthy families. The servant showed the way in a servile manner as Rachel walked into the villa while holding the two kids’ hands. “Rae, you’re finally back…” Elizabeth Sinclair had been waiting for some time at the villa entrance. When she saw Rachel walking toward her, she felt like she was seeing her daughter who had passed away at a young age. Not only did her ill-fated daughter live a short life, even her granddaughter also suffered many setbacks in life… “Grandma…” Rachel buried her head in Elizabeth’s shoulder and finally had a moment of peace within her. Besides the children, Elizabeth was the only one whom she cared for in this world… She had stayed in a small, insignificant town overseas back then, but even so, Elizabeth assigned someone who managed to locate her. She even asked Rachel to return from time to time, but Rachel knew that besides Elizabeth, a majority of the Sinclairs would not welcome her, so she tried to delay her return all this while. “This must be Casper and Olivia. How sweet are you little ones!” Elizabeth bent down and caressed the two kids’ cheeks. Casper smiled and greeted, “Nice to meet you, Great-grandma.” On the other hand, Olivia vigilantly took a step back as coldness spread across her beautiful face. Elizabeth was aware of the situation that the two kids were in. She sighed and said, “I’ve already contacted the doctor. We can send Olivia to visit the doctor in the next few days.” If truth be told, Rachel did not hold out hope for Olivia’s recovery anymore, but she still nodded and followed Elizabeth into the villa together with the children. At this moment, all the members of the Sinclair Family had gathered in the living room. This was the original residence of the Sinclair Family, so all who lived here were the direct descendants of the Sinclairs, who were Rachel’s own uncles, aunties and cousins. “Mom, why exactly did Grandma ask us to come back?” Tiana Sinclair grumbled impatiently. Tiana, aged 28, was Rachel’s eldest cousin. She became married quite some time ago, but Elizabeth had urged her to come back today no matter what. Monica Larson, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Sinclair Family, took a sip of tea and said, “The old lady is rather advanced in age. Since she made it such a solemn occasion, I somehow have a hunch that it might be regarding the will.” “The will?” Tiana’s eyes glistened. She was a female member who was married into another family, yet she was summoned back too. At this thought, she couldn’t help wondering whether this meant that she would get a share of the assets too. Not only Tiana, the other family members in the living room were flustered too. Everyone was concerned about the will. However, just as they were guessing how much asset they could receive, a figure walked in from the door. Walking beside Elizabeth was a young, beautiful woman who wore a pair of jeans and blouse. Her hair was casually tied to the back of her head and despite the simple outfit, it did not conceal her striking appearance. Her elegant aura was especially attractive and there was probably no one in Seaview City who would have an aura that resembled hers. All of a sudden, Tiana found this woman rather familiar. “Rae, your uncles and aunties are here. Go ahead and greet them.” Elizabeth nudged Rachel. Wearing a calm smile, Rachel greeted the elders one after another. “Hi, Uncle John, Auntie Monica, Uncle Fred, Auntie Linda…” There was a pin drop silence in the living room. “Rae? Rachel Yates?” Tiana’s face was filled with disbelief. “D-Didn’t you die four years ago?” “Nonsense!” Elizabeth had a sullen face. “Rae has always been alive all this while. She didn’t want to attract too many people’s attention, so I’ve kept it from you guys all this while.” The eyes of every family member widened in utter shock. Of course they would be flabbergasted to see someone who was ‘deceased’ four years ago appearing out of the blue. Nonetheless, perceiving Elizabeth’s attitude, they reckoned she actually knew that Rachel was still alive for some time, but her lips were actually sealed tight! Monica’s gaze fell on the two kids. “Rae, don’t tell me you bore some other man these two brats.” Rachel’s aura turned cold at once when she heard the word ‘brats’. She lifted her eyes and retorted mercilessly, “Auntie Monica, you were already pregnant with Tiana before marrying into the Sinclair Family, so can I call Tiana a brat too?” “You!” Monica’s eyes burned with rage as she scowled, “Discourteous wretch!” At that time, Monica fell pregnant out of wedlock, which was considered something outrageous in the circle of wealthy people, so she was mocked for a long time because of that. Almost thirty years had passed, but her niece actually brought it up again now, so of course she would be enraged. On the other hand, Tiana too was irritated. “Rachel Yates, how dare you curse me in front of all the Sinclairs! You sure have some nerves!” “That’s enough!” Elizabeth roared in anger and everyone fell silent at once. Glancing at everyone in the living room with her gray eyes, she warned, “If I hear anyone speaking ill of Rae’s two kids again, he or she shall bear the consequences!” All the other family members shrunk their necks instantly, but at the same time, aggrievance surfaced in their eyes. Rachel’s mother was the only daughter in the Sinclair Family and the apple of everyone’s eye from a young age. When Francis and Rachel’s mother settled down, she even took twenty million from her own family for the Yates Family to set up a company. Elizabeth absolutely adored her daughter and lavished all kinds of gifts to her. When Rachel’s mother passed away later on, the others thought Elizabeth would stop her pampering behavior. Nevertheless, little did they expect that Rachel actually became the next subject for her to pamper. Thinking of all the good stuff that Elizabeth might have lavished on Rachel for the past four years, the crowd were engulfed with jealousy. Meanwhile, Rachel curled her lips as she naturally knew what was on these people’s minds.

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