Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 5 by NovelsYou

Chapter 5

The bodyguards brought Damian to the VIP room where a man with a compelling aura sat on a leather couch. Dressed in a black suit, the man looked cold and solemn. His domineering aura was overwhelming enough even if he did not speak up. Glancing at the four-year-old Damian with sharp eyes, he reprimanded, “Did I tell you before that you’re not allowed to go out on your own without any permission?” Standing straight in a stubborn manner, Damian blurted, “Can’t I even go out for a stroll?” “No.” Jordan’s stern voice was as cold as his eyes. Following that, he stood up and approached Damian. “Do you know how many people out there have their eyes on you? Do you have any idea what’s waiting for you if you run out recklessly like this?” “I don’t know!” Damian turned away and recalled the woman whom he came across earlier. He was determined to sneak out again when he obtained more information about her… At this moment, the woman sitting on the couch rose to her height and walked toward Jordan. “Take it easy, Jordan,” she purred softly. Her red bodycon dress had perfectly manifested her delicate body figure and she looked like she was in high spirits with her sophisticated makeup. The woman crouched in front of Damian and said, “Damie, your father only became angry because he is worried about your safety. Be good and listen to your father. Don’t run away on your own anymore, okay?” “No! Why should I listen to you?” Damian shoved the woman’s hand away in a rude manner. The truth was that this woman was none other than Shirley Yates. She stiffly retrieved her hand that was in midair as tears rolled down her cheeks all of a sudden. “Damie, I’m your mother. How can you treat me like this? I suffered a lot during my eight months of pregnancy before giving birth to you. Can you please not talk to me in such a manner…” “Hmph!” Damian’s face was filled with disdain. He was still young, so he did not understand the meaning of being pregnant for eight months. Nevertheless, he was well aware that he didn’t like Shirley—the woman who claimed to be his mother. “Damian Ford, apologize to your mother!” Jordan’s eyes were as cold as ice since he was on the verge of blowing a fuse. The children of the Ford Family could be cold and hostile, but they had to respect the elders. Any one from the Ford Family who didn’t respect their mother would be cast out. “It’s okay, Jordan…” Shirley sobbed. “Although I’m their mother, it’s true that I’ve never played the role of a mother to raise them, so it’s normal for Damie not to recognize me as his mother. Don’t frighten him.” Then, she paused before continuing, “Jordan, we’re not husband and wife. I’m just an insignificant person to the kids, so it is only normal that they wouldn’t respect me. I should avoid showing up in your family in the future, lest it’ll cause any negative impacts for the children…” She wiped her tears and feigned sorrow. She knew exactly how to make Jordan sympathize with her, so she wore the most pitiful expression possible. Four years ago, she had shown up at Ford Residence with the kids, thinking that she could naturally become the Young Mistress of the Ford Family. However, Jordan only received the children with no intention of marrying her at all, and Shirley still failed to marry into the Ford Family even after various attempts. Toward the end, she could only hold onto the identity as the biological mother of the young masters for the Ford Family to acknowledge her. During these four years, her hard work paid off. Although Damian detested Shirley, the elder brother, Dmitri Ford, was extremely obedient toward her. It was decided a year ago that Dmitri would become the next heir of the Ford Family. As such, as long as she held onto him, she would definitely be able to enter the Ford Family. As for Damian… In fact, the ruder Damian had treated Shirley, the more Jordan sympathized with her. Shirley was determined to someday make Jordan her man! … When Rachel walked out from the airport while holding the two kids’ hands, there was already a car waiting at the entrance for quite some time. “Please get in, Miss Yates. Old Madam Sinclair has been waiting for a while.” Rachel nodded and led the kids into the car. Thereafter, the car headed toward the Sinclair Residence. The Sinclair Family was her mother’s family. In fact, the establishment of Yates Corporation back then was very much contributed by Rachel’s maternal grandparents. Her mother owned fifty percent of Yates Corporation’s shares when the company was first established because of this. Thereafter, her mother passed away at a young age, so the shares were given to her instead. Having half of the family business’ shares in her hand, she grew up as the apple of everyone’s eye in the Yates Family. On her 18th birthday, she was announced as the heir of the family. Alas, reporters had captured compromising pictures of her the next day. Ever since that day, she had been locked in the storehouse, after which her life was completely ruined. And truth was, all these were Shirley’s schemes. Back then, Rachel actually wanted to escape to the Sinclair Family and seek shelter from her grandmother after escaping from the fire. However, Shirley deliberately called for a conference and spread the news that Rachel bore a child out of wedlock. She even accused Rachel of setting fire to the Yates Residence after delivering a dead infant, which caused the Yates Family to incur the loss of a few hundred millions. Not only that, Shirley alleged that Rachel committed suicide out of the fear of punishment. During those days, Rachel, a ‘deceased’, became the subject of mockery and criticism of all netizens. Because she was a granddaughter of the Sinclair Family, the family was also bombarded by the reporters. Rachel did not want to further implicate the Sinclair Family, so she took the initiative to leave. She was already a dead person to many people, which made leaving this land of sorrow the only wise choice. With that, she brought her two children and lived abroad for four years. After remaining low for four years, she was no longer the Rachel Yates who could be easily duped and framed by others. The old Rachel was already dead. Soon, the car stopped at the gates of the Sinclair Residence.

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