Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 33 by NovelsYou

Chapter 33

The enrollment for the kids was swiftly done, and Rachel sent her kids to the kindergarten the next day at 7:00AM.

“Casper, take care of your sister, and call me if anything happens, alright?”

Casper nodded obediently. “Don’t worry, Mommy. I’ll take care of Olive well.”

After ruffling the kids’ heads, Rachel left while she kept looking back at them. Meanwhile, Casper held Olivia’s hand and entered the kindergarten after Rachel left.

The two kids were set to enter Class Nine, and the homeroom teacher for Class Nine was a young lady in her twenties named Emily Morris.

When Emily saw the two good-looking children, she immediately took a liking to Casper. “Hey! You must be Casper, and this is your sister, Olivia, isn’t it?”

Casper answered politely, “Good morning, Miss Morris. My name is Casper Yates, and this is my sister, Olivia Yates. We will be students in Class Nine from now onward, so please take care of us.”

He spoke in a steady and elegant manner before staring at Emily without any hint of shyness.

It was at that moment when Emily ruffled their heads before introducing them to everyone in the class. “These two are the newest addition to our class. I hope everyone will make friends with them.”

Since the new students were good-looking all of the children in class showed immense hospitality. During recess, all the kids gathered around Casper and Olivia before they quickly realized that Olivia wouldn’t speak.

“Olivia, I’m talking to you. Why won’t you talk to me?”

“Olivia, you look really pretty, and I want to be friends with you. Can you at least spare me a look?”

“Olivia, are you a mute?”

Upon hearing that, Casper’s face darkened immediately before he pulled Olivia behind his back. He stared at the girl who asked that question before he said coldly, “What did you just say? I dare you to say that again.”

As all of the students in this kindergarten were children of rich families, they were spoiled since birth and none of the teachers dared to be harsh with the kids.

Thus, when the girl was treated coldly by Casper in front of ever yonit, al defense, “What’s wrong with calling her a mute? She didn’t even utter a word after we spoke to her for so long. What is she, if not a mute?”

At this moment, a few other girls who were jealous of Olivia’s looks gathered around as well.

Hmph! Since she can’t speak, let us give her a nickname. Little Mute Girl!”

“Haha! Little Mute Girl! That’s a nice one!”

BluehBluehOlivia the Little Mute Girl!”

Still, Olivia didn’t react, although everyone around her was calling her a mute.

Her large doe eyes gazed outside the window in an unfocused manner, as if everyone around her did not exist at all.

Right then, Casper gently patted Olivia’s back before he looked up and glared at the girls picking a fight with Olivia. Chuckling, he announced, “It’s unfair that you guys only gave my sister a nickname, so why don’t I give all of you nicknames as well? We will address each other by our nicknames only from now onward.”

Then, his gaze landed on the first girl, and he smirked before saying, “Since you’re so tanned, why don’t you call yourself Farm Girl?”

The girl was horrified.

She had always known that she had a dark complexion, but no one dared to laugh at her about it since she was from a wealthy family. However, the new boy actually had the audacity to give her a nickname like this.

However, Casper spoke again before she could argue.

“Your front teeth fell, so I shall name you as Leaky Rat.”

“Since you’re chubby, you’ll be Chubs.”

Hiśwoice was cold with a suppressive aura, causing all of the children present to lose the ability to argue against him.

Basically, all of the children who made fun of Olivia had been given nicknames. Although Casper didn’t like to body shame, these people shouldn’t have made fun of Olivia in the first place.

Since they had done so, he decided to let them have a taste of their own medicine.

As expected, after Casper gave those girls nicknames, all the boys in class started


*Farm Girl! Leaky Raul Chubs! That’s your nicknames from now onward!”

All of the girls were so furious that they started crying while their cries rang loudly in the classroom. Upon hearing that, Emily returned and the girls rushed over to her to complain about Casper.

“Miss Morris, Casper gave us nicknames!”

“Miss Morris, Casper made fun of me for being chubby! Sob...” 

Emily was taken aback.

Casper looks like an educated childso he shouldnhave done something like this

“Miss Morris, these girls said that having nicknames would strengthen our friendships and started addressing Olive as ‘Little Mute Girl’, so I returned the gesture out of politeness,” Casper commented indifferently. “All of the other kids also heard what the girls said.”

Then, the boys around them nodded. “Yeah. Casper only gave them nicknames because they started calling Olivia a mute.”

At this moment, Emily finally realized what was happening.

She had already known yesterday that one of the two transferred students was an autistic kid and even promised Rachel that she would take care of Olivia well. However, an accident like this had already happened on their first day of school.

After giving the girls some tissue papers to wipe their tears, Emily commented in a stern manner, “Do you guys finally realize how upsetting it is to be given nicknames?”

The girls were out of breath from crying. “Y-Yes.”

“If you guys continue calling Olivia a mute, everyone in class can continue addressing you by your nicknames, and I won’t interfere,” Emily remarked calmly. “If you guys don’t want your classmates to call everyone by nicknames, you guys have to promise to stop making fun of Olivia too. Can you guys do that?”

These girls were at the blossoming age of four to five, and none of them could accept verbal attacks on their appearances.

Thus, all of them nodded after hearing Emily. Soon, they walked toward Olivia hand-in-hand, “We are sorry for making fun of you, Olivia. Can you forgive us?”

However, Olivia had no reaction at all.

Meanwhile, Casper apologized, “I shouldn’t have given you guys nicknames based on your appearances as well. I’m sorry.”

The girls broke into laughter. “It’s fine since we were wrong in the first place. Casper, can you and Olivia be friends with us?”

“Of course.” He nodded lightly.

Although he didn’t need any friends, he knew that Olivia needed them. If these people were genuinely nice to Olivia, he would be willing to let them enter their little circle.

When Emily saw that the kids started to nicely play with each other, she sighed in relief before returning to the office to grab her teaching materials. However, she overheard someone else speaking right when she entered the office, and she couldn’t help but notice that they mentioned the names of the two kids that had transferred over today…

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