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Chapter 32 Golden Sun Kindergarten was a prestigious kindergarten that was built like a castle.

While Shirley held Damian’s hand and wanted to go in, Damian shrugged her off forcefully. At this moment, a cold glint flashed past her eyes before it disappeared. “Damie, why are you throwing a tantrum at me when this is your father’s decision?”

“Since when did I throw a tantrum?” Damian harrumphed coldly. “I just don’t want you to touch me.”

“You little-”

Shirley almost lost her composure before she took a deep breath. “You better be obedient and stop causing me any trouble, or it’ll be hard for me to explain to your father.”

“Aren’t you here to help me apply for study deferment? What kind of trouble can I even cause you?” Damian had an impatient look on his face. “Get in and sign the papers quickly. I’ll be waiting for you here.”

“You better stay here obediently. Your father won’t let you off the h**k if you try to escape.”

Then, Shirley strutted into the kindergarten while the anger within her continued rising

should havchoked this little b*stard to death back thenHow dare he cause me so much trouble after raised him


On the other hand, Damian looked displeased as he sat on the staircase outside of the kindergarten building.


It wonbe easy for me to get out of the Ford Residence once the application for my study deferment is settled

He used to think that going to the kindergarten was a childish thing to do, and he would flunk class to play outside because he thought that singing and dancing every day’ was too boring.

However, he’d rather sing and dance with these childish people than be trapped in the Ford Residence.

Right when Damian pondered mindlessly, a car stopped in front of the entrance of the kindergarten before a group of four came down.

Immediately, his eyes brightened up.


ItRachel and OliveHuhWhis that boy holding Olivehand

Damian narrowed his eyes. Then, he recalled how the same boy pushed him away at the airport a few days ago and addressed Rachel as his ‘mommy.

This bois Rachelsonwhich means that heOlivebrother

At the thought of that, Damian started to feel uneasy, and his aura started turning cold. However, none of the four noticed his presence.

When Rachel took Casper and Olive into the kindergarten, she said softly, “Casper, you should take your sister to look around the place while we talk to the teachers.”

Since Olivia had autism, Rachel had to explain Olivia’s situation in detail so that they could proceed to enrollment procedures if the kindergarten was willing to accept her.

Then, Rachel and Caleb entered the teacher’s office to be greeted by a young female teacher. “Hello, Mr. Caleb, Miss Yates. Nice to meet you two. I was already informed about the children’s condition by Mr. Caleb previously. Autism is actually a common disorder, and we do accept children who need special care. If you are to send an autistic kid to a special needs school, they might think that they are sick and shut themselves out. However, if you send them to a normal kindergarten and allow them to grow up under the influence of other kids around them, they might slowly step out of their shells to interact with the others. This will also help with their disorder… We have experience dealing with situations like this, so you guys don’t have to worry…

The young teacher explained everything in detail, relieving Rachel of her worries.

On the other hand, Casper took Olivia to play with the swing. Right then, the swing went up high, lifting the little girl in her fluffy princess dress as her dress flew around graciously.

At that moment, there was a faint smile on the corner of her lips.

Olive looks so pretty when shesmiling

Damian was hiding behind a tree while he stared at Olivia’s smiling face greedily.

If only she were my real sisterwould have been able to take her out to play together just like this... 

Suddenly, he paused as he thought of something and ran away. At the same time, Casper’s gaze shifted past Damian’s figure before a wry smile appeared on his face.

can‘t believe that wwould even run into that manson hereguess it‘s inevitable to run into your enemiesHuhStillthis is none of my problems. 

He continued pushing Olivia, who was on the swing. Five minutes later, Damian ran toward Casper with an arm full of toys. “All of these are for you.”

Casper frowned. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“I’m giving you all my toys in exchange for me playing with Olive,” Damian raised his chin and said in an arrogant tone.

These were toys that he frequently played with at the kindergarten, and one toy plane easily cost tens of thousands. The teachers had said that these toys were extremely expensive, so none of the other children were able to touch them.

Damian refused to believe that Casper wouldn’t be tempted by these toys.

Yet, Casper really wasn’t tempted by the toys at all. Instead, a cold look appeared on his face. “My sister is not your toy.”

Casper’s tone was cold, and it scared Damian.

Why does he talk like Dmitri

He pouted. “What do you want me to do for you to let me play with Olivie?”


Casper lifted Olivia down from the swing and wanted to leave.

“Hey!” Damian was upset. “Why are you acting like this? What if Olive wants to play with me?”

Then, he tried to inch closer to poke Olivia’s cheek. However, Casper grabbed his wrist before he could say anything.

“Do not touch my sister!” Casper warned coldly before he pushed Damian away forcefully and stood in front of Olivia.

As a young master who had been spoiled ever since he was a child, Damian had never been pushed away so rudely before.

Immediately, he frowned and had the urge to dash over to pick a fight with Casper.

“I’m warning you, do not come near my sister or my mother,” Casper said slowly. “If I see you bullying my sister again, I won’t be as nice as today.”

After that, he pushed Damian away. Right then, Damian lost his balance as he

staggered backward and almost fell to the ground.

He was so peeved off that his eyes were turning red. Still, there was nothing that he could have done because Olivia wasn’t his sister.

After Shirley came out of the office, the scene that unfolded in front of her was seeing Damian almost falling to the ground after getting pushed. At this moment, she felt joyous, and she secretly hoped that the two kids would start fighting. Greatshall wait for Damian to be beaten up

However, the argument between the two kids stopped at that.

Then, Shirley walked over with a motherly look on her face. “What’s wrong, Damie? Who bullied you?” ||

However, Damian really hated when Shirley faked her worries, so he snapped coldly, “It’s none of your business! Go away!”

Immediately, Shirley’s facial expression stiffened before she took a deep breath and said, “Damie, you can’t talk to me like this. I’m just worried that you might keep quiet after getting bullied—”

“I don’t need you to worry about me!”

Damian pushed Shirley away harshly before running away while Shirley gritted her teeth and ran after him.

Meanwhile, Casper had a frown on his face while holding Olivia’s hand.

Why is that horrible woman from the Yates so close to the Ford Familyyoung masterWhattheir relationship with each

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