Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 31 by NovelsYou

Chapter 31

When Ford Inc. announced their new project partner, everyone was shocked, as no one expected Ford Inc. to work with Yates Corporation when Yates Corporation was under fire.

‘Why would Ford Inc. partner up with Yates Corporation when Yates Corporation’s shares plummeted so much?’

“These two companies had never partnered up with each other before, so why would they collaborate right now? If Ford Inc. didn’t help Yates Corporation out, Yates Corporation would surely suffer a serious blow!

‘How can Yates Corporation be so lucky?!’

‘I can’t believe the Yates even managed to get associated with the Fords.’

Who would even dare to cross the Yates now?”

‘Not me. Ciao!

Within half a day, Yates Corporation’s shares returned to a normal level, as if the scandal last night never happened. Staring at the constantly updated news, Rachel was seen with a frown.

She thought she would surely give the Yates Family an enormous blow this time, but they still had tricks up their sleeve.

The Fords..Even ten Yates Families combined wonbe able to compare to Ford FamilyWith the Ford Familyprotectionthereno way would be able to deal with Shirley

Rachel couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh.

few years ago, there were people saying that Jordan wanted to marry Shirley, but I’ve always thought that it was a rumor,” Calleb commented. “It looks like the Yates and the Fords are still somehow connected, although not through marriage. At least we now know that the Fords are willing to help the Yates out when something happens to them. How intriguing.”

“Even a hill would collapse if you lean onto it forever. Do you really think that the Yates can rely on the Fords forever?” Elizabeth remarked indifferently. “This only shows that the Fords are loyal, but it doesnt mean that the Yates will be able to rely on them forever. Rae, there are things that can’t be rushed. We need to take things slow.”

Upon hearing that, Rachel smiled before saying, “Let’s not talk about that anymore, Grandma. Caleb, why don’t you help me tidy up the living room?”

Rachel had moved over to Yates’ holiday home, along with the kids, earlier in the morning. The holiday home was located in a high-end residence worth about six figures in Seaview City. It was a detached two-story mansion with a quiet surrounding that was perfect.

Rachel loved the environment here, as it was similar to the place where she stayed overseas. Right then, Casper was playing around with the flowers in the yard while Olivia sat on a rattan chair and enjoyed the sunlight. Everything was quiet and peaceful.

Since the three of them didn’t have many belongings with them, they managed to tidy their things within an hour.

“Grandma, Caleb, you guys should stay for a while longer. Since it’s already noon, let me c**k lunch for everyone,” Rachel offered while putting on her apron.

Immediately, Elizabeth’s face darkened. “Rae, you’re my only granddaughter, and you should be taken care of like a pearl instead of doing chores like this.”

Then, she turned around and instructed, “Caleb, get our family’s chef to come over daily to prepare everyone’s meals…”

“Grandma, that’s really not necessary!” Rachel was speechless. “It’s just cooking, and I’m alright with it since I’m already used to cooking for four years now.”

“Rae, it must have been hard for you…” Elizabeth grabbed Rachel’s hands with teary eyes. “You wouldn’t have been so exhausted if your mother was still alive…”

“Great-grandma, Mommy’s food is really delicious!” Casper came in time and interrupted Elizabeth from recalling her painful memories.

While lying on Elizabeth’s lap, Casper explained with a childish voice, “Olive only likes to eat the food that Mommy cooks herself, so she got skinnier after staying at the Sinclair Residence during these few days.”

A smile broke on Elizabeth’s face. “Wouldn’t I be a bad person if I stop your mother from cooking?”

“It’s fine. However, I really want you to try Mommy’s home-cooked food because it is truly delicious.” Casper blinked. “You’ll know after you try it.”

“You’re a really obedient child, Casper!”

Elizabeth ruffled Casper’s head dotingly as she genuinely liked the gentle four-year old who was capable of taking care of his little sister and helping his mother.

Meanwhile, Rachel started cooking in the kitchen.

Since both Casper and Olivia were born prematurely, their bodies were weaker than kids their age, and they weren’t able to cat when they were at an age where they were supposed to start eating. Thus, Rachel started learning how to c**k.

Before she turned eighteen, she was a young lady who had never done any chores, but she started trying things out after conceiving two children and slowly fell in love with cooking

Rachel liked using all sorts of ingredients to prepare a filling breakfast and enjoyed watching her loved ones the food she prepared. To her, that was the ultimate joy.

After an hour, the dining table was filled with five dishes and a bowl of soup.

There was a tofu dish that was suitable for the elderly, pumpkin and fried chicken dishes for the kids, flavorful pork ribs and fish dishes, as well as a huge bowl of seafood soup.

“Rae, did you c**k all of these?” There was a disbelief look on Elizabeth’s face. “Your culinary skills can be compared to a restaurant’s chef at this rate.”

Then, Casper grabbed some tofu and placed it in Elizabeth’s bowl. “Great-grandma, Mommy’s culinary skills are way better than those restaurant chefs.”

With a doubtful expression on her face, Elizabeth took a bite of the food before a shocked look appeared on her face.

The soft and smooth tofu blended nicely with the chicken and melted right after entering her mouth. This was way better than anything that she had eaten in the past.

*Rae, your culinary skills are amazing!” Calleb looked stunned after trying the food out. “The chef at the Yates Family can’t even reach half of your level.”

Rachel laughed. “Stop exaggerating, won’t you?”.

Nevertheless, everyone’s reaction proved that Caleb wasn’t being dramatic.

Olivia, who had buried her face in her bowl, finished her plate of chicken within minutes before she blinked and raised her cutleries, indicating that she wanted another serving

Meanwhile, Casper, who was usually calm and reserved, licked his lips before

grabbing the thong and getting himself more.

On the other hand, Elizabeth, who was old and didn’t have a good appetite, also drank another bowl of soup, despite the fact that she usually only drank half a bowl.

In no time, all five of them finished everything on the table.

“Rae, you can easily open a restaurant with your culinary skills. I’m suryour restaurant will go viral,” Caleb said genuinely, while Rachel chuckled and replied, “I’m not interested in opening a restaurant. However, I do need your help with a few things.”

Then, she paused for a while before continuing, “I’m planning to open a studio, and I might need your help to look around for an office to rent. Also, Casper and Olive are already four years old, and I’m planning to send them to a kindergarten, so I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for kindergartens? It would be best if they would accept special needs children like Olive.”

Caleb nodded. “Grandma did ask me to check around for kindergarten previously, and I found Golden Sun Kindergarten. It is a kindergarten with top-notch education resources, and they treat every child equally, most importantly. If you’re free during the afternoon, we can go and check the kindergarten out.”

Since the children were Rachel’s top priority, she had decided to delay her appointment during the afternoon to bring the kids to check the kindergarten out.

At the same time, Shirley and Damian came down from a car at the entrance of Golden Sun Kindergarten.

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