Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 30 by NovelsYou

Chapter 30

After Francis’ press conference, the malicious comments online had gotten better, and the plummeting shares were starting to rise again. Everything seemed like it was progressing smoothly…

However, the footage broke the calm within half an hour.

Upon watching the footage, many of the netizens who weren’t involved in any gossip chimed in to express their thoughts as well.

‘Oh my goodness! How dare they hire hitmen at times like these?!

“Those men are obviously Shirley’s bodyguard, and they’re trying to kill Rachel!’

“Thank God Rachel is smart enough to use Shirley as her hostage, or she would have died at the cemetery.’

‘If they’re already behaving so cruelly toward their own family members, wouldn’t it be worse for their industrial competitors?’

‘I bet the Yates Corporation only managed to progress so smoothly because of all the insidious means that they used. We must get the authorities to investigate Yates Corporation. I’m guessing that many shocking details will be revealed if that happened!

‘I support the investigation of Yates Corporation as well!’

Shirley felt herself seething in anger.

Didnget my men to destroy the footage of the cemeteryHow did that b*tch get her hands on it again

Still, she still had to deal with the comments online no matter how pissed off she was, or Yates Corporation’s shares would surely drop again if she continued to let things

  1. be.

“Shirl, make sure the footage gets deleted no matter how much money you have to spend on it!” Miranda snapped while gritting her teeth. “You are to be married into the Ford Family in the future, and the existence of this footage is doing a blow to your image!”

Since Shirley’s face could be identified clearly from the footage, everyone had been saying that Shirley got her bodyguards to attempt murdering Rachel, and it had painted Shirley as a cruel sister.

Right then, Shirley’s face contorted in anger. “Of course. I’ll get someone to remove

the footage immediately.”

Following that, she spent ten million to get the country’s most famous agency to solve her problem

However, her money was refunded fully back to her account within half an hour,

“Miss Yates, we are sorry, but we are unable to remove the footage due to its complicated encryption.”

Shirley threw the blanket in her hand in anger before she asked coldly, “Who can remove this footage?”

“You’ll have to hire hackers to do it for you, since we can’t do it.”

When the call ended, Shirley’s face immediately darkened.

This is obviously Racheldoing

Despite that, Shirley got more desperate to get the footage removed the more Rachel interfered.

HackersHaFortunatelyDmitri is master hacker

She took her phone and made an overseas call, and it was picked up by the secretary as usual.

“Sorry, Miss Yates, Young Master Dmitri ist”

“I don’t care what he’s doing, but I want you to get him to answer my call now. If not, he won’t have to see me after he returns to the country anymore.”

Shirley’s furious voice scared the secretary as she took a deep breath and answered, “Alright. Please wait for a moment, Miss Yates.”

A long while later, a low childish voice rang out from the other end of the call. “Mom, is there anything important that you have to tell me?”

“Dmitri, you’re the only person who can help me now. I really have no choice but to do this…”

Shirley pursed her lips as tears started falling.

Then, she choked a sob and said, “Yates Corporation is getting targeted by malicious comments. Now, negative news about us is all over the Internet, and our company shares plummeted. If this goes on, Yates Corporation might opt for bankruptcy…”

While Shirley trailed off, the sound of keyboard tapping continued ringing out from

A while later, his voice rang out again. “Mom, Yates Corporation is a huge family business and won’t go bankrupt just because of this. Regarding the 1 minute 54 seconds footage that is the main cause of all the malicious comments online, are you the person filmed in the footage, Mom?”

“It’s not me. How could it be me?” Shirley denied it instinctively, “Someone must have edited that footage to ruin our family!”

“Is that so?”

The keyboard sound rang out before Dmitri spoke again. However, he sounded colder this time, “There are no signs of editing on the footage at all. Mom, why did you lie?”

Right then, Shirley panicked.

Why did forget that DmitriIis way higher thaordinary peoplesHow dumcan get tlie in front of him

She took a deep breath and apologized, saying, “I’m sorry, Dmitri. I didn’t want to lie to you on purpose. However, I have no choice because your grandfather forced me to do so. I don’t want you to think of me as an evil woman, so I was afraid to admit it…. Dmitri, can you help me to remove the footage?”

“Hang on.”

Dmitri went quiet after that as he sat in front of his computer and had his gaze lixed on the screen. Then, he separated the I minute 54 seconds long footage into multiple frames before destroying and deleting it.

Right when Dmitri thoughu that he had succeeded, all of the picture frames were repaired before they turned into the footage again.

actually canremove this footage

Ai that moment, Dmitri narrowed his eyes. He had been gifted with exceptional IT skilde ever since he was a child, and he was exceptionally talented in hacking:

He wouldn’t be embarrassed to claim that he could easily win a hacking competition if he were to join one,

However, he actually couldn’t even remove simple footage like this.

“Dmitri? Are you sull there, Dmitri?”

Shirley’s anxious voice rang out while Dmitri frowned. Still, he replied respectfully,

“Mom, this footage is encrypted, so it won’t be easy to get it removed. I need to think about this.”

“What? Even you can’t remove it?” Shirley was disappointed. “Where did Rachel get a hacker that even you can’t win against?”

Upon hearing that, Dmitri asked in an indifferent manner, “Mom, if what’s on the Internet is correct, Rachel Yates should be my Aunt Rachel. Do you have any past feuds with her?”

“Rachel and I… Well, the two of us hold many grudges between us! Remember this, Dmitri. Your aunt is a selfish person that almost caused the Yates Family’s bankruptcy four years ago. Now, she became even worse and would only stop when she destroyed the entire family! Your grandparents got so pissed off that they fell sick, and my head hurt from not being able to sleep for the entire night…” Shirley started crying”If I can’t get this footage removed, those netizens won’t let me off the h**k. What should I do now…”

“What about this?” Dmitri pursed his lips before he suggested, “I’ve been in charge of a project recently, but I haven’t found a suitable partner company to collaborate with. If I make an announcement that I’ll be working with Yates Corporation, that should divert their attention.”

“Dmitri, are you for real?” Shirley squealed.

During these four years, she had tried all sorts of ways to get Yates Corporation to work with the Fords, but Jordan found all sorts of excuses to reject her every time.

Shirley didn’t expect this blessing in disguise this time.

If Yates Corporation can partner up with Ford would definitely help Yates Corporation to rise to higher ground

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