Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 3 by NovelsYou

Chapter 3

Rachel did not have long to mourn for her dead children because the excruciating pain in her abdomen returned again as she lay in the pool of blood. She couldn’t be more familiar with this painful feeling because it was the same throbbing pain that she had experienced before delivering the two infants earlier. She touched her abdomen with her hand and sensed something odd. Could it be that there is still an infant in my belly… Rachel’s eyes widened at once. She did not dare to waste more time as she quickly exerted more force, which caused more blood to gush out again. If it wasn’t for an unknown energy that was supporting her, Rachel would have passed out from the stabbing pain that coursed through her body. However, she knew she couldn’t lose consciousness because if she did so, the child in her abdomen would die from asphyxiation. At this thought, Rachel bit her tongue and caused it to bleed so that she could remain sober. S**s A weak cry emerged, after which Rachel’s bloodshot eyes instantly brightened. She arduously raised her upper body to look toward her child, only to realize that there were two infants! She actually gave birth to quadruplets! No wonder her belly was shockingly huge and her appetite had increased with each passing day! It turned out that she was pregnant with four children. Rachel was overjoyed to be gifted with four sweethearts. However, the two elder brothers whom she had delivered before this were not around anymore… If Shirley could send those two infants to the hospital in time, the two babies would surely survive too. Rachel had never hated her younger sister, whom she had doted on all these years, like she did right now. During these eight months when she was confined here, she had always thought that she deserved to be locked up as she felt like she was a humiliation to the family. However, it was only now did she know that everything was a scheme. Shirley actually took such a frenzied approach in order to s****h her identity as the Yates Family’s heir. Rachel would never let the Yates Family off… She supported her body with difficulty to drag herself toward the two infants—it was a baby boy and a baby girl. Both of their bodies were covered with blood, but their beautiful eyes could not be concealed. These were Rachel’s dearest children, and she swore to protect them at the cost of her life as she carefully carried the babies in her arms. All of a sudden, Rachel sensed an extreme heat and she lifted her head to see flames licking the air outside the door of the storehouse. The fire had mercilessly crept into the storehouse through the gaps of the steel door. At the same time, some furniture near the entrance also started to catch on fire. “No… Somebody help! Fire! Help!” Rachel banged the door insanely, but there was no response from the outside. At this moment, she finally realized something—someone had deliberately caused the fire! Not only did Shirley kill her children indirectly, Shirley even wanted to burn her to death now! All these happened because the majority of Yates Corporation’s shares was in Rachel’s hand. She would forever be the biggest shareholder of Yates Corporation as long as she lived, so Shirley’s identity as the heir of the family would be threatened too. As such, the only way was to kill Rachel. She had suffered hemorrhage after an obstructed labor and the storehouse was now on fire. Under such settings, her death would appear to be reasonable. Rachel was forced to the corner of the wall by the fire, but the two babies were still sucking their fingers in her arms as they did not sense the approaching danger at all. “Children, Mommy will not let you die…” Narrowing her eyes, Rachel turned her head to look at the window which was six feet above the ground. … The fire that happened at Yates Residence in the middle of the night was fierce. There were many flammable items in the storehouse, so the fire had spread even quicker with the night breeze. Although the fire department was called in time, the raging fire was so wild that the entire villa was engulfed in fire and inventories worth a few hundred millions were also destroyed. It was not until the break of dawn that the fire was extinguished. One of the servants came to report to Francis, the head of the Yates Family, “Master, the firefighters have cleared the scene and suspected that it’s an arson.” Francis slammed the table at once. “An arson?! Who had the nerve to set fire in our residence?! He must be tired of living. Go and investigate it immediately!” Shirley’s eyes flickered as she stood aside and mumbled softly, “Dad, it’s not time to catch the culprit yet. We should quickly send someone to check whether there are any casualties. There are dozens of people staying in Yates Residence. If anyone died in the fire…” The servant shook her head and replied, “The fire started from the storehouse. No one stayed there, so there were no casualties.” What?! No casualties?! Shirley’s eyes widened in shock. Rachel, the b*tch, is staying right inside the storehouse. The door was locked from the outside, so the fire would definitely burn the b*tch to death. How did she not die? If Rachel manages to escape, all my plans will be raveled! At this thought, Shirley took a deep breath and responded calmly, “Dad, Rae was locked up in the storehouse. Last night, she was about to give birth all of a sudden and begged me to send her to the hospital, but I didn’t agree. Could it be that she deliberately set the fire in frustration?” “Why would I even have a wretched daughter like her? Go search for her and catch her at all costs!” Rage spread across Francis’ face. Not only did he lose inventories worth a few hundred millions in the fire, he would even have to pay damages of up to ten hundred millions following this. If it wasn’t that the Yates Family had extremely deep pockets, they might have already been declared bankrupt. At this moment, a servant came in a hurry and reported, “Master, a female body was found in a lake half a mile away from our residence and it’s suspected to be Miss Rachel…” “Rae actually took things too hard and committed suicide… It’s all my fault…” Deep down, Shirley heaved a huge sigh of relief, but tears continued to flow down her cheeks. “The two babies whom Rae gave birth to last night have lost their mother. What should we do…” Nonetheless, Francis did not mourn over his dead daughter at all. Instead, he growled impatiently in a fit of anger, “It’ll be useless to keep the two brats! Go look for an orphanage and send them there lest they create more trouble for me!” “Dad, the two babies resemble Jordan Ford…” Shirley muttered slowly, “The rogue who slept with Rae eight months ago is very likely to be Jordan Ford, the head of the Ford Family…” He was stunned in disbelief. “Jordan Ford…” The Ford Family was the most powerful family in Seaview City, and even the Yates Family could not hold a candle to them. “Many people out there yearned for an opportunity to collaborate with the Ford Family but to no avail. Why don’t we make use of Jordan Ford’s sons since they are now in our hands?” Francis narrowed his eyes and croaked, “Shirl, you mean…” “I’ll visit the Ford Family with the babies.”

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