Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 29 by NovelsYou

Chapter 29

The Sinclairs’ party ended around 10.00PM, and the news online had reached its peak as all sorts of headlines went up the trending list.

‘Seaview City’s Aphrodite in the past made a surprising comeback!

“Revising Seaview City’s Aphrodite’s scandals!

“Rachel Yates sever ties with the Yates.

‘Yates Corporation’s current share vesting.’

Immediately, the Yates Family became the headline on every news platform in Seaview City.

Upon seeing the news on the television, Francis slammed the television controller to the ground in anger. “I should have choked her to death back then. How dare she make an announcement severing her ties with us? Who gave her the audacity to do


“Calm down, Francis. It’s obvious that she wants revenge,” Miranda sneered. “It’s better if she severs her ties with us so that she has no reason to retrieve those shares from us.”

After Rachel’s ‘death’ back then, half of the company’s shares that she had were automatically transferred to Shirley.

Now that she came back alive and severed her ties with the Yates, there was no way that she’d be able to get her shares back.

At the thought of that, Francis finally calmed down a little. However, Shirley, who was at a side, suddenly gasped.

“Dad, that b*tch bought a lot of troll accounts to defame our family!”

She showed Francis her phone, and when Francis saw all the trending headlines, he felt like he was about to combust from anger.

Just ten minutes ago, an account posted something about Yates Corporation’s equity change and described a power struggle scenario between big shots based on the information.

“Rachel Yates received 50% of Yates Corporation’s shares when she was eighteen and became Yates Corporation’s inheritor, but she got into an accident on the second day of becoming the inheritor, turning into the greatest joke in Seaview City. During this, the person who benefitted the most was the second young lady of the Yates Family,

Shirley Yates. However, Shirley Yates and Rachel Yates aren’t biologically related. With that said, Miranda Porter and Shirley Yates definitely have enough motive to try to harm Rachel Yates. However, Rachel Yates refused to give up on her shares, even after her accident. Thus, Miranda Porter and Shirley Yates continued going after her until they took her life and robbed all of her shares for Yates Corporation, allowing Shirley Yates to be the Yates Family’s inheritor!

‘Sill, who would have thought that Rachel Yates didn’t actually die and came back unscathed?’

“Regardless of anything, the fåmily members of the Yates Family are horrible. Miranda Porter, the manipulated one; Shirley Yates, the malicious one who feigns innocent; and Francis Yates, who acts dumb as if he had been tricked all along… How dare any of these three have the audacity to s****h Rachel Yates’ shares?’

‘Persistent in evil will surely bring about self-destruction. Yates Corporation is definitely going down after this!

After that, the netizens started a series of movements to boycott Yates Corporation’s products. Due to these movements, Yates Corporation’s shares had plummeted, and they had lost 200 million in revenue within two hours.

Francis could feel his chest aching before he snapped, “Why didn’t that banshee die when she left?! How dare she smear Yates Corporation with her own misfortunes? I can’t believe this!”

“Dad, now’s not the time for that. We need to think of an idea fast.” Shirley clenched her fists before saying, “Although I am Yates Corporation’s inheritor now, it is true that I snatched it from Rachel in the first place. Maybe, the attacks online would stop if I returned the place to her.”

“No way!” Miranda gritted her teeth before exclaiming, “You’re the person who has the ability to lead Yates Corporation to its success, so why should you give your position to that b*tch?!”

“Your mom is right.” Francis harrumphed coldly. “I’ll have to make a public announcement regarding this issue. Contact the reporters. I have a press conference to go to.”

Upon hearing that, Shirley sighed in relief. She didn’t want to be involved in all of these, as she still wanted to marry the Fords in the future.

Since Francis was willing to settle things on his own, it was better if she steered away from this mess.

The Yates Family moved fast, and they had already arranged a press conference at 600PM tomorrow

Francis had a fatherly look on his face when he showed up in front of the cameras, and his pale face from not having enough sleep had gained sympathy from a portion of people before he even said anything.

“Rae is my biological daughter as well as my first child, and my love for her is not something that can be explained with just words… Five years ago, she made a huge mistake, and I was really furious, so I locked her up for a few months so that she would reflect on herself. I’ll admit that it was my fault for doing so, but you guys will understand why I did what I did if you think from the perspective of a father. Then, Rachel burned down the Yates Residence and caused Yates Corporation to lose a few billion in revenue… Still, all of these were nothing in front of her death. During these four years, I really thought that she had passed away, and I’ve even erected a tombstone for her as well as tidying it up annually. However, I wasn’t informed that she was alive all along. If I had known earlier that Rae was still alive, I would have held a bigger welcome banquet for her. Rae, I know that you have some misunderstandings about me, but I really love you… Why don’t you come home? Come home, and all of the things that belonged to you will be transferred back to

At the end of his speech, Francis was already in tears. Immediately, all of the comments online got split into two.

Rachel was once again painted as a stubborn, rebellious, and naive young lady, while Francis was painted as a good father who constantly worried about his daughter.

Right then, Casper stared at the computer screen in front of him before smirking.

Thaold fart can really lower himself down to say such shameless words. 

“Casper, can you find a way to get your hands on the surveillance footage at the suburban cemetery?” Rachel sat next to Casper and asked subtly, while Casper turned to her. “Mommy, why do you want to see the surveillance footage at the cemetery?”

“Just get it for me. I have my own use for it)”

Casper nodded before his slender fingers started tapping away on the keyboard. In no time, he was able to lock in on the cemetery’s surveillance footage.

Upon tapping into the footage, Casper felt the color draining from his face when the footage started playing.

Mommy almost got assassinated and jumped into the river?Sothatwhy she came home drenched in water the other day

Right then, Casper clenched his fists.

must grow up fasterI won‘t allow anyone to put Mommy in danger ever again

“It’s fine, Casper.” Rachel pulled him into her arms. “I’ve learned taekwondo in the past, and no one will be able to harm me. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Casper had been having it harder than all the other kids around his age due to his single-parent family as well as Olivia’s autism.

Knowing that he was a sensitive child, Rachel made sure to explain herself clearly to him before patting his back to console him gently. “You don’t have to worry about me because I’m an adult, and I’ll be sure to protect myself well.”

After hearing that, Casper nodded furiously and didn’t dare to behave differently.

Then, he saved the footage into a hard disk before giving it to Rachel while Rachel’s gaze turned cold.

Since Francis dared to make such shameless claims, she was going to use the footage to refute his claims.

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