Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 27 by NovelsYou

Chapter 27

Jordan stood up, wandering around the courtyard as his black suit made him give off a cold aura. Although spring had barely just begun, everyone else around somehow felt a strong chill and froze while some of the timid kids turned pale in their faces. After all, Jordan’s gesture obviously suggested how serious he meant with the words he just said.

Oh my godThe police are going to come and arrest usWhile they might come from a prestigious family, little did they know that they were totally outclassed by the Ford Family because all Jordan had to do was just say the word, and there would be no turning back anymore. In that instant, the few arrogant ladies, who were behaving unreasonably a few moments ago, took their cold gaze away from Damian and Olivia before begrudgingly shifting their eyes to Jordan.

“Mr. Ford, we were just messing with the kids. We don’t need to involve the cops, do we?”

“That’s right, Mr. Ford. Your family and ours still have deals to work out, so I don’t think it’s necessary to make things harder than they already are. Right?”

“Furthermore, my kids are injured too, so let’s consider this even.”

“So, you’re going to pretend as if nothing happened and move on like normal?” Jordan smiled glacially.

The few ladies looked at each other and forced a brittle smile. “What do you mean, Mr. Ford?”

“Apologize.” Jordan spoke indifferently. “Apologize to the person you just hurt.”

Monica was furious upon hearing Jordan’s words because she didn’t think she should apologize to the mute girl, considering the fact that Theodore also suffered injuries. At the same time, the other ladies felt the same way as Monica, thinking that Jordan was pushing his luck even though they were not going to hold Damian and Olivia for hurting their grandchildren. As their pride got in their way, they refused to apologize by showing their unwillingness with their long face and suppressed anger.

“Alright, let’s get the cops involved then,” Jordan shrugged his shoulders and said. When he mentioned the word ‘cops’, he quickly dominated the situation and held the ladies at his mercyAfter all, the matter would inevitably escalate and alert the press with the police’s involvement, which would put their families’ reputations at stake.

After three minutes of pondering and discussion, the ladies eventually came to a consensus and set their eyes on Olivia, who was covered in filth. “Sorry.”

In the meantime, Damian had never felt so gleeful before, watching his father giving

the feisty ladies a lesson with just a few mere words. Soon, he grunted coldly and said, “I can’t hear you at all. Come on. You need to show us a little more sincerity.”

Rendered speechless by the child’s reply, the ladies wished they could stuff Damian’s mouth with filth and dirt. At the same time, Monica was trying hard to calm herself down from her overwhelming exasperation while hugging the crying Theodore, nonchalantly replying, “Olive, your cousin Theodore, made a mistake today. He shouldn’t have laughed at you for being mute, and neither should he get physical with you. For that, I want to apologize on his behalf.”

Upon hearing Monica’s words, the ladies were stunned, wondering whether she really knew the girl who was standing before themTheodorecousin? Whose child is this little girlWhy havenher parents come and look for her yet after such big commotion

“Well, now that they have already apologized, I guess it’s time for all of us to make a move,” Jordan responded coldly, but his words came as music to the ears to the people with him because they were almost freezing to death. At the same time, the ladies carried their grandchildren and left the scene while Monica gave Olivia an evil stare.

When the crowd scattered, Jordan walked closer to Damian, who curled up like a frightened rabbit. After all, he sneaked away from home the day before and was grounded by his father for three days. Therefore, he didn’t dare to imagine how much more severe his punishment would get now that he was caught sneaking out again.

“What happened?” Jordan asked in a cold vpice. “Didn’t you see what happened when you were on the balcony?” Damian grunted.

Jordan kept his head slightly down because he didn’t see anything but only heard a child’s cry. By the time he showed up, he was greeted by the sight of a little girl who was covered in filth, which filled him with anger. Judging from the girl’s innocent and adorable appearance, he didn’t think Olivia would ever hit someone first, so he reckoned she was probably being bullied. His suspicion was confirmed when he managed to scare those unreasonable ladies off with his little trickery. Soon, he shifted his nonchalant gaze to Damian’s bodyguard.

The bodyguard then stepped up and politely replied, “Those kids were laughing at this little girl for being mute. When things escalated between them, Young Master Damian refused to stand by and decided to step in for her.”

Is she muteCanshe talkJordan paused, evident in his blank eyes. He then gazed at Olivia, his heart melting with sympathy. Crouching down, he leveled himself with the child and stretched out his hand. “Come here, girl. Let me see where you’re hurt.”

Fixing her gaze on Jordan, Olivia pursed her lips and slowly approached the man before she held his finger. Seeing that, Damian felt somewhat unhappy because he

was the one who saved Olivia. “Therefore, he was upset that the girl wasn’t willing to hold his hand. Imuch cuter and more handsome than my dadbut why doesnshe like me? Damian pouted, but no one seemed to notice the boy’s sulky mood.

Due to his excessively particular nature with hygiene, Jordan would normally back away from anything that seemed dirty to him, but at that moment, he surprisingly wrapped his arms around the filthy child. “Let’s go. We’re going to take you to a shower” How could little girl like her fall victim to bullying? Jordan soon carried Olivia and made his way to the lounge, with Damian unhappily following right behind him.

On the other hand, Rachel was going mad as she went to see Elizabeth with Casper. When she learned that Olivia had left in a fit of pique, she searched high and low for her around the mansion, whereupon she heard from the maids that a little girl was bullied in the courtyard.

Thus, she quickly dashed toward the place just when she happened to see Jordan carrying Olivia in his arms. Despite standing from a distance, she was able to make out the filthy silhouette and realized it was her daughter. So, she sprinted toward the man and snatched Olivia from his arms before he could react. When she gazed at the daughter in her arms, her anger instantly surged through her. Then, she glared at the man and the boy, questioning them about what she thought they might have done to Olivia. “What did you two do to my daughter?!”

“What do you mean, Miss Yates?” Jordan knitted his eyebrows.

While Rachel’s arms that were wrapped around the child were shaking, she took a deep breath to calm herself down. “I know my daughter rubbed you the wrong way a few days ago, but she is a child. So, don’t you think you went a little too far with a kid, Mr. Ford?”

In response, Jordan chuckled in amusement, thinking that the kindness he just showed Olivia was completely ignored and forgotten. With his head kept slightly down, he looked Rachel in the eye without saying a single word.

“This is a misunderstanding, Miss Rachel… | Damian seized Rachel’s sleeve and bitterly added, “We didn’t bully Olive…” The child bitterly tried to explain with tears welling up in his eyes,

No wonder she doesnlike me at alldidn‘t know she had such beautiful daughter and sonOf courseshe is not going to like me when shealready mother of two

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