Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 26 by NovelsYou

Chapter 26

Damian made his way into the banquet hall with the intention of looking for someone. However, he was met with the merry noises of children.

“Hahaha! Little Mute Girl has turned into an ugly monster!”

“Pull her up and take a picture! With this picture, we will mock her and see if she still dares to bite us!”

With that, a few kids pulled Olivia out of the flower bed. What they did not expect was Olivia to bite them upon contact. She bit the back of one boy’s hand, and his hand was instantly bloodied.

“Get her! Teach her a lesson!”

Theodore was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Mom gets angry wheneveshe sees this freakIf finish heram sure Mom will praise me

With that thought, he found a large stone and was going to throw it at Olivia.

As soon as Damian turned his head, he met Olivia’s beautiful and emotionless pupils. He froze for a brief moment before shouting, “Guards, stop them!”

Immediately, a bodyguard appeared, ran to Theodore, and stopped the boy before he could throw the stone in his hands.

Without wasting another second, Damian rushed over to Olivia and pulled her behind himself to protect her. Staring at the young boy in front of him, Damian yelled, “Return what they did to this girl tenfold.” His voice was laced with authority as he spoke.


The bodyguard cracked his knuckles and started off with Theodore.


In the blink of an eye, the boy was thrown into the flower bed.

Theodore was so startled that he wet his pants. “Mom, help me! Someone is trying to hurt me!”

Then, the bodyguard placed a rag in his mouth to silence him. The other children were also scared out of their wits, and they too, were thrown into the flower bed…

Immediately, the cries of the children lilled the air, and only then did Damian feel satisfied,

He looked at the little girl, who was covered in dirt, and asked softly, “Are you hurt?”

Olivia looked at him warily and pursed her lips without saying a word,

Damian intended to hold her hand, “You’re too dirty. I’ll find a place where you can take a bath.”

However, Olivia merely withdrew her hand and wore a defensive look on her face, causing Damian to feel slightly dejected by her response.

sarred herso she should at least thank meWhy didny she say anythingWaitthose kids seemeto call her Little Mute GirlSheso beautifulCould it be that she canspeak

Damian felt sympathetic toward the little girl. Ile whispered, “Don’t worry, I will not bully you, and I’ll take you somewhere you can take a bath. Okay?”

Once again, Damian tried to hold her hand, but Olivia turned around and walked away. However, she did not manage to leave the hall. The weeping over at the flower bed had long alerted the crowd in the banquet hall.

Many upper-class ladies attending the party had brought their children with them. As soon as they heard the screams, they immediately panicked and followed the commotion to find their children.

The one who ran at the head of the crowd was Monica. She was following after Olivia, but she lost sight of the little girl.

As soon as Monica heard the cries, a bad feeling arose within her. She walked over and saw seven or eight children lying on the ground. The kids were all crying and weeping in the flower bed.

At first glance, Monica saw her grandson and rushed forward to hug him. “Theodore, what’s wrong? Did someone bully you?”

Theodore whimpered and shouted, “Grandma, it’s Little Mute Girl! She’s bullying met”

Upon seeing Monica, Theodore immediately mustered up his courage and pinned the blame on Olivia.

The elderly lady raised her head and saw Olivia standing behind Damian, whose face was filled with indifference and hostility.

Immediately, Monica was furiousThis is not the first time that little imbecile has bullied my grandson

She was so angry that she rushed over to Olivia, intending to reprimand the little girl.

However, Damian pushed her away before she could lay a finger on Olivia. “It was me who made him cry. Do you have any complaints?”

He was only four years old. Although he was not tall, he exuded a powerful aura. Staring at Monica, his eyes resembled that of his father’s, causing Monica to feel slightly taken aback.

“Grandma, he’s the one who ordered his bodyguard to scare us!” exclaimed Theodore.

The other children replied, “Yes, that’s him! His bodyguard was the one who threw us into the flower bed!”

“He even let his guard gag me! Mom, you have to take revenge for me.”

Following Theodore’s lead, the other children immediately began tattling to their mothers, who were all angered upon hearing what Damian’s bodyguard had done to their precious kids.

Those who attended the Sinclair Family’s banquet belonged to powerful and prestigious families. Naturally, those kids were incredibly doted on since birth.

Now that their precious kids were all covered in dirt, there was no way the mothers would not be furious over the situation.

“Mrs. Larson, I don’t care who this child is. I have to make him pay for what he did! If you dare lay a finger on my child, I will return it tenfold!” said Mrs. Wand angrily.

“These kids can’t be spared, and neither can this bodyguard!” Mrs. Lewis was equally furious.

Monica was glad to see the others denouncing Olivia and Damian and chuckled to herselfdidnmean to make things difficult for herWho knew she would end up offending so many people herself

Just as she was about to ask the guards to come over, Monica felt a chill running down her spine. Shortly after, Jordan appeared in the backyard, accompanied by an air of dominance, One of his hands was in his pocket as his cold gaze swept past his son.

Damian was so startled that he shivered, but he gritted his teeth anyway and stood in front of Olivia.

“Mr. Ford, what brings you here?” As the hostess, Monica took the initiative to ask.

Jordan replied coldly, “Ten minutes ago, I was on the balcony getting some fresh air

and noticed some kids were getting into an argument. The situation seems rather serious, so you should alert the police.”

Mrs. Wand gritted her teeth and said, “Mr. Ford is right. We need to call the police. He’s so aggressive at his young age, and we need to let the police educate him for a few days before we let him go.”

Mrs. Lewis chimed in, “How can a few days be enough? He needs to be sent away for at least three months!”

“Since you ladies have no objection, I’ll consider this matter settled.” Jordan clapped his hand softly. “Someone, send their children to the police station and tell the chief to educate them for three months before releasing them.”

Jordan’s words shocked everyone present.

Monica opened her mouth and said, “Mr. Ford, did you make a mistake? It should be these two suspicious children who should be locked up!” “Those two kids were just defending themselves. What’s wrong with that?” Jordan’s

voice was cold and hostile. “On the contrary, this child of the Ashe Family and a couple of boys were bullying a little girl. Tell me, who should be locked up and educated?”

His words left everyone dumbfounded.

The ladies knew their own grandchildren well. It was not the first time they had bullied others, so it was likely they bullied the little girl.

So whatWe hail from prestigious familiesso why canwe allow our own grandchildren to bully a suspicious little girl whose background is unknown

However, the other party standing against them was Jordan. They dared not offend him and thus did not utter a word.

Jordan raised his wrist and took a glance at his watch. “We still have ten minutes before the police arrive.”

Upon hearing that, the women immediately panicked. No matter whatwe canlet ougrandsons go to jailIf word gets outwe will be the laughingstock of the town

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