Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 25 by NovelsYou

Chapter 2

Casper slowly walked out from behind the curtains, and he kept his eyes on Jordan’s figure as he silently followed the latter.

Olivia treated this man very differently. The only plausible reason he could think of to explain her behavior was that this man was probably their father. Thus, he needed to obtain his DNA sample for a paternity test.

His hair, saliva, blood, and nails all carried his DNA, and Casper was determined to lay his hands on one of them. Pursing his thin lips, he continued following Jordan from a distance.

Meanwhile, Jordan had a wineglass in his hand. He took a small sip before walking into the hall where the banquet was held. However, before he could take more than a few steps, he felt someone tailing him.

Huhcanbelieve someone would be following me on such an occasion

He casually put his wineglass on a table before continuing to walk. After a few steps, he abruptly turned around, and his action scared Casper so much that the latter’s heart skipped a beat.

With that, he quickly turned around and acted as if he was merely passing by. When Jordan saw his figure, the derisive smile on his lips grew even colder.

Damian FordhuhHow dare he sneak out to come to this eventAre those guards at the Ford Family so incapable that they caneven keep watch on child

Then, he barked coldly, “Stand right there.”

Those words sounded so frosty that Casper, who had never been intimidated by anyone, instantly felt his palms sweating when he heard them.

Nonetheless, he acted as if he hadn’t heard it and continued walking forward.

“Damian Ford, take one more step, and I’m getting someone to send you out of the country tonight.”

Jordan’s voice sounded threatening. This time, he successfully made Casper stop in his steps,

A moment later, Casper turned around with a look of confusion on his young and boyish face. “Sir, are you sure you haven’t gotten the wrong person?”

When Jordan caught sight of the unfamiliar face before him, he suddenly felt rather embarrassed.

Condro’ I’ve gotten the wrong boy‘ But thenthy does this child look so much like Damian 

Jordan pursed his lips slightly before asking, “Why were you following me earlier?”

“I wasn’t following you.* Casper blinked, “My toy car went missing. Have you seen it?”

Jordan shook his head and turned to leave, and only then did Casper heave a deep sich of relief

When he was sure that Jordan was truly out of sight, he hastily walked toward the table and took the wineglass the latter had drank from earlier.

Then he took out a piece of sampling paper from his pocket and pressed it on the spot where Jordan’s lips had been.

The moment he was about to put the piece of paper into his pocket, he heard Rachel’s voice behind him

*Casper, what are you doing here?”

That was enough to make Casper freeze on the spot. He knew very clearly how much his mother hated his father, so he knew he couldn’t mention him at all.

If his mother were to know that he was investigating his father’s matter in secret, she would surely be upset.

Thus, he took a deep breath and let his hand that was holding the piece of sampling paper tightly hang by his side. Then, he looked up and smiled at the woman. *Mommy, I’m here to get some cake for Olivia. She likes black forest cake the most.”

Rachel rubbed his head affectionately before saying, “Let’s go. We’ll look for Olivia together.”

She had already shown her face at the banquet, so there was no need for her to stay mingling with those scheming folks anymore. She would rather spend more time with her children

Hence, the two of them went upstairs and headed to the lounge together.

Elizabeth was advanced in age, so she didn’t like to join parties. That was why she was absent throughout the entire night, for she had been staying in the lounge with Olivia

Rachel’s two aunts, Monica and Linda, had enough of watching Rachel being all proud and impressive, so they stayed in the lounge to keep Elizabeth company.

Olivi was sitting on the balcony, reading a book. Her skin was smooth and fair, and

she had thick eyelashes that looked like tiny fans on her eyelids, casting a faint shadow on her porcelain skin.

Even though she was simply sitting there, she looked like a dazzlingly beautiful child actor. When she grew up, she’d surely be an incredibly gorgeous woman.

Monica grew extremely envious as she stared at the little girl. She sighed and commented, “Olivia really is pretty. She’s definitely even more outstanding than Rae. It’s a shame that she’s mute and her background is unknown, not to be,”

Before she could even finish her sentence with something even nastier, Monica felt a chilling glare being directed at her.

Elizabeth then said coldly, “Olivia isn’t mute. She just doesn’t want to speak.”

Monica pursed her lips, clearly disagreeing with Elizabeth. Is there even difference between the twodoncareShe‘s mute to me

Linda tried to ease the tension between the two. “There’s also an autistic child like Olivia in my family. I heard from the doctor that it’s difficult to cure autism. However, as long as the child’s parents stay with them, it would take less time for the child’s condition to improve. Nonetheless, who on earth is Olivia’s father? Why wouldn’t Rae say anything about it?”

She was obviously trying to weasel out some information about Olivia’s father.

Elizabeth grew upset when she heard that, but before she could even drive them out of the room, Olivia threw the book in her hands to the ground and ran out of the room.

“Follow her! Hurry! If something bad happens to Olivia, I want the two of you out of this family!”

Both Monica and Linda knew Elizabeth cared a lot about this child who belonged to Rachel, so they rushed out of the room to get some men to go after Olivia.

Meanwhile, Olivia was running down the stairs. There were a lot of people in the hall, which made her feel slightly afraid, sq she turned around and ran into the backyard of the Sinclair Residence.

“Look! Little Mute Girl is here!”

Theodore was playing with a bunch of other children in the backyard when he saw Olivia running out of the house. He hurried toward her to block her way.

Shemessed with me twiceand she even messed with my mom! Ill make sure she learns her lesson this time

Theodore was the leader of the children, so when he rushed toward Olivia, the rest of the children followed as well.

“Wow! She’s pretty! I’ve never seen such a pretty girl before!”

“Yeah! She’s even prettier than my sister!”

When Theodore heard the way his friends were complimenting Olivia’s looks, he grew furious. Hence, he grabbed a handful of mud from the flowerbed and threw it straight at Olivia’s face.

Olivia glared at Theodore with her beautiful eyes. Then, without warning, she opened her mouth and bit Theodore’s arm.

“Argh! She’s biting me again! Get her off me!”

At Theodore’s command, the five boys, who were all around the age of seven, rushed forward to pull Olivia away from Theodore.

Olivia struggled intensely. Her sudden burst of strength was so great that the two boys could barely keep her under control.

At the same time, Theodore was so furious that he clenched his teeth and pushed Olivia forcefully. As a result, Olivia fell right into the flowerbed. The sharp branches of the plants scratched her fair and tender skin, causing a number of b****y scratches to appear on her arms.

“You little mute! Don’t you dare mess with my mom again!”

Theodore grabbed another pile of mud to throw at Olivia. The other children thought it looked fun, so they joined in as well.

In just a moment, dirty mud covered the little girl’s pretty face, hair, and white dress,

They were in the backyard of the Sinclair Residence, which was a place that people would rarely enter. However, someone took an unusual path.

Climbing over the fence, Damian sneaked into the Sinclair Residence.

He had had someone investigate it, so he was very sure that that woman would join the banquet at the Sinclair Residence. That was why he had rushed to the venue without regard for anything else.

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