Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 24 by NovelsYou

Chapter 24

Immediately, Kelly’s face flushed red.

Kelly was wealthy and quite beautiful but a little overweight, so the fat around her tummy was especially obvious. Even though she wore the baggiest dress, it still couldn’t cover her flaws.

Thus, she was envious of Rachel’s beauty and wonderful body, but before she could even embarrass Rachel, she was humiliated.

With clenched teeth, Kelly retorted, “How can I be pregnant when I’m not even married? Young Master Howard, please be cautious with your remarks. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand.”

“So you’re afraid of being misunderstood? Why did you ask Miss Yates something like that on purpose, then?” Howard burst out laughing. “How could Miss Yates have had children before when even someone looking like you has never been pregnant?”

Having been insulted again, all Kelly wanted to do was disappear. She stomped her feet and strode away into the crowd.

Rachel had not expected that someone would defend her, let alone Howard, whom she had beaten up the day before.

“Thank you. Let’s have a drink.” She smiled at Howard.

The latter instantly clinked glasses with her and asked, “Miss Yates, do you remember that we met five years ago?”

Rachel nodded calmly.

Five years ago, Howard was a well-known playboy in Seaview City. Naturally, she had crossed paths with him, and she even remembered her father and stepmother had wanted her to marry him.

Just then, Jordan and Quentin walked over to them. The moment Jordan arrived, it felt as if the temperature had dropped a few degrees, so it was difficult for Rachel not to notice him

“I’m sorry, but I neeto gover there,” she said.

“Let me come with you.” Howard followed her,

Seeing that, Jordan suddenly felt frustrated,

“Howard, are you that excited to be her child’s stepfather?” he asked coldly

The minute he said those words, he knew he had messed upHave lost my mindWhy did say something like thatHowever, he could do nothing about it, as the words had – lonleft his mouth. In the end, he could only put on a cold facade.

Howard scratched his chin puzzledly and muttered, “I don’t think Miss Yates has a child…”

Rachel’s figure looked perfect, so Howard could not believe she had given birth. Even if she did, it was reported on the news that the babies had died. Howard had been with several girls in the past, but he had never been with a woman with children. After all, women like that were quite bothersome.

Meanwhile, Rachel froze on the spot. She did not let her kids attend the banquet, since she knew they’d be called a lot of derogatory names.

She would never let such things happen, so there was no way she would expose her children to the public before things were settled.

However, Jordan already knew about Olivia, and he didn’t have a reason to help keep her secret.

Rachel gazed at his icy expression and said lightly, “Mr. Ford, do you mind if we step outside for a while?”

Jordan nodded coldly and walked to the balcony. Immediately, Rachel followed after him.

“Wait, what the hell?” Howard was dumbfounded. “Why does Jordan get to spend time with her when I was the one who helped her earlier?”

Quentin sympathetically patted him on the shoulder. “You’re not as attractive or wealthy as Jordan. Any woman would prefer him over you.”

As he was talking, Layla walked by, and Howard instantly noticed her. Approaching her, he praised, “You look stunning today.”

Quentin was left speechless when he saw thatI shouldnhave sympathized with Howard 

On the other hand, Rachel followed Jordan to the balcony. As the two attractive people were walking side by side, it attracted many people’s attention,

“Oh my gosh, did she just s****h Jordan away right after coming back?”

“Why would Jordan talk to Rachel alone? I thought he wasn’t interested in women.”

“Were doomed. Now that Rachel’s back, there’s no chance for us anymore.”

The ladies all sighed, as they knew they didn’t stand a chance against Rachel.

They still remembered how things were five years ago-Rachel was the center of attention wherever she went. Even if she was barefaced and wearing the most simple attire, she still looked stunning:

They were so jealous of her, yet there was nothing they could do about it. The only thing they could do was complain about it on the internet.

The chilly night wind swept over the balcony, fluttering Rachel’s dark hair. “Mr. Ford, let’s make a deal,” she whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

A smirk appeared on Jordan’s face as he asked, “What deal?”

“I noticed that there is nothing about your son on the internet, so it must mean that you don’t want him to be exposed. I am willing to keep this secret for you. At the same time, I hope you can understand me as a fellow parent and keep my secret as well.”

Jordan felt a sting in his heart as he recalled the nasty insults flung at Rachel by the people earlier. If the little girl knew that people were being disrespectful to her mother, she would most likely cry.

Jordan didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt compelled to see the girl. However, he swiftly dismissed the weird idea.

“I can help you, but what do I gain?” he asked gently.

Rachel was taken aback for a moment, since she had not expected him to agree so quickly. “What do you want?”

“You can’t reject me if I need your help,” he said solemnly.

Rachel was astonished for a while before nodding. She didn’t think she could help him with anything, but she had no right to turn him down. With that, she lifted her

glass and said, “Thank you, Mr. Ford.”

Her lipstick had stained the glass, and as Jordan stared at it, he felt his mouth drying up.

“Did you actually give birth to a set of stillborn twins four years ago?” he asked slowly, looking away. He wasn’t purposely hurting her, and he simply wanted to know the truth.

Ithe newsthe twins were said thave diedbut if that was the casewhere did her daughter come from

Instantly, Rachel clenched her fists tightly because she hated it the most when people

mentioned her two children.

Every time they were mentioned, the sight of their bruised bodies emerged before her eyes.

She took a long breath and calmed herself. “The news is fake. Mr. Ford, don’t trust anything you hear. Excuse me. I still need to greet the guests.”

Right after, she lifted her dress and walked away quickly.

Jordan’s brows tightened as he was left there alone.

So the two children didndieor maybe only one of them didIn any caseshe still has daughter who is alive and well

As soon as Rachel walked away, someone poked his head out of the corridor’s corner. It was Casper, who had been hiding behind the curtain.

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