Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 21 by NovelsYou

Chapter 21

Bitter resentment filled Tiana when she saw the hard look of disappointment in Elizabeth’s eyes. She was Elizabeth’s biological daughter and a true member of the Sinclair Family, and yet Elizabeth had always favored and defended an outsider like Rachel. Why should be the one escorted out of here when this is my family home?

Gritting her teeth, Tiana protested, “If you’re going to take Rachel’s side, Grandma, then don’t ever call me your granddaughter again!”

Elizabeth was apathetic. “Now that you’re married into the Ashe Family, you will be known as Madam Ashe. You don’t have to drop by the Sinclair Residence so frequently.” Then, she called out to the household staff, “Can someone please drop Madam Ashe and Young Master Theodore home?”

Tiana thought her lungs might explode from the sheer rage coursing through her body. She had said those things in hopes of emotionally blackmailing her grandmother, but Elizabeth treated her with the same indifference. In the end, she had as good as humiliated herself in front of Rachel.

Just then, she saw John’s car pull up outside the yard. As though beholding her saving grace, Tiana hauled Theodore along with her as she barreled out of the house, crying, “Dad, Grandma’s kicking me out of the house, and she even asked that I stop coming over so frequently from now on…”|

As she said this, tears spilled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

John frowned at her waterworks and pointed out, “You’re twenty-eight. Pull yourself together and start acting your age. Besides, your grandmother is right; you’re part of the Ashe Family now, and with all that’s going on there, you should stay with them instead of dropping by unnecessarily.”

Tiana nearly choked. She could hardly believe that her own father would say such things to her, but before she could whine any further, John brushed past her into the living room 

When he saw Rachel sitting on the couch, he hastened over and asked, “Rae, would you like tcome by the company and take a look at the prototype we made based on the microchip you developed?”

The prototype was far superior to any marketable product that the company had before this, John was not the only one who was stunned by it; everyone else at the company was equally in awe.

The product had yet to go into mass production, but everyone could already tell how it was going to blow up the market once it was launched.

Rachel looked up at him and smiled. “It’s alright, Uncle John. Caleb has already sent me a video of it.”

John tried to keep his cool as he went on to say, “Speaking of this, Rae, Caleb and I were wondering if you’d be interested in taking up a position in Sinclair Group.”

“Thank you for the kind offer, Uncle John, but I don’t think that will be necessary. I plan on setting up my own workshop, you see,” she answered with a polite smile. “When the workshop is established, I hope that you’d look out for me in the industry as well.”

John was evidently disappointed. He didn’t think there was any other software engineer in Seaview City as talented and adept as Rachel. Having her in Sinclair Group would definitely be a boon to the company’s future progression, not to mention it could help the company reach new heights in the next half of the year.

That said, he couldn’t force her into taking up the job offer. If she had set her mind on starting her own business, then he, as her uncle, would naturally support her all the way.

At the sight of how famously her own father was getting along with Rachel, Tiana was sure she would collapse out of fury. She vowed to oust Rachel from the Sinclair Family no matter what it took, but before she could get any bright ideas, she was duly escorted out of the house and back to the Ashe Residence by Elizabeth’s staff.

When she had gone, the house resumed its previous serenity.

Elizabeth rubbed her temple tiredly as she said, “Please excuse your cousin Tiana, Rae. She’s been spoiled from a young age, and she’s incorrigibly unreasonable.”

Rachel pursed her lips into a thin line and said nothing.

She didn’t care if Tiana lashed out at her and called her names, but to constantly refer to Casper and Olivia as ‘mongrels’ was crossing the line. After all, the kids were growing up and picking up on new terms, not to mention they were already making sense of the world around them. Being called ‘mongrels’ would only hurt their budding self-esteem, and the last thing Rachel wanted was for them to be wounded,

With a sigh, Elizabeth summoned one of her maids and asked that she bring over a box. The box was an ornate one, and when Elizabeth opened it, the emerald jewelry set nestled within dazzled under the lights. They were breathtaking

“Rae, this jewelry set was originally meant for your mother, but it’s a shame that she passed on before her time. Now, there are yours,” the old woman said kindly as she caressed Rachel’s hair. “Wear these for the banquet tomorrow, and I’ve already had a dress laid out for you. Il was made according to your measurements.”

Rachel gazed at the emerald pieces in her hand. The stones were beautifully carved

and glimmered under the lights. It didn’t take a keen eye to tell that this was an old family heirloom.

These emeralds were worth more than she could imagine; they were a symbol of old money and probably so precious that they could not be procured through modern wealth. It was surreal that Elizabeth would hand these over to her without condition. Moved by the old woman’s generosity, Rachel said, “Thank you, Grandma.” She carefully closed the box and set it aside. After a pause, she asked, “Will the Yates attend the banquet tomorrow evening, Grandma?”

“Those riff-raff don’t belong past our threshold, Rae. They’ll only ruin the evening with their tasteless style and scintillating behavior,” Elizabeth said scornfully. There was no hiding the rage in her eyes as she added, “They did everything in their power to get rid of you back in the day. You ought to live your life vibrantly and fearlessly. That’ll show them!”

Rachel gripped Elizabeth’s hand tightly, and a sense of peace overcame her.

The lights shone ever brighter now that it was nightfall.

A long line of cars was pulling up outside the Sinclair Residence, and the clock hadn’t even struck 8.00PM yet.

The Sinclairs were one of the most prominent families in Seaview City, and all the socialites and ladies of nobility were invited to this lavish affair.

However, given how tight-lipped the Sinclairs had been about the banquet, none of the guests knew the reason behind such an elaborate soiree.

Presently, the guests gathered in groups of three or four in the yard, exchanging warm pleasantries as they sipped on their wines and champagne. Meanwhile, the star of the party was upstairs in the dressing room, getting ready.

The dress she wore was cinched at the waist and flared out into voluminous skirts.

The sagecolored skirts were dotted all over with floral motifs, and little rhinestones lined the hem like stardust. When she came into the light, she dazzled, and so did her dress

She wore a pair of delicate emerald earrings, and on her neck rested an emerald necklace that accentuated her collarbones. She looked stunning in her dress and jewelry, All in all, she was a walking work of art,

Tiana walked into the room then, just in time to see Rachel in all her glorious beauty,

Jealousy rose within her, and she was seized with the urge to lunge toward Rachel to

tear her dress into shreds. However, she dared not act on her thoughts. If Elizabeth were to catch her, then she would be thrown out of the house altogether, and that would be humiliating.

A lightbulb went off in her head as Tiana shuntered up to Rachel with a glass of champagne in hand. Smiling, she drawled, “You really are Seaview City’s Aphrodite, Rae. Look at how gorgeous you are in that kress. Oh, no-”

The glass in her hand tipped forward before she could finish her sentence, and the champagne sloshed and splattered all over Rachel’s teal dress.

“Oh, no, Rae! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to” Tiana apologized without much sincerity as a vicious look shone in her eyesNow thal the dress is ruinedshell have nothing to weato thbanquetDoneven think about trying to stun everyone with your beauty the moment you return to Seaview CityRachel

She wanted everyone in society to look upon Rachel in disgust and scorn, like how they had four years ago!

Much to her surprise, however, Rachel let out a tinkling laugh as she said breezily, “Don’t worry about it, Tiana. Back when I was Seaview City’s Aphrodite, I’ve had plenty of people splash wine on me on purpose during banquets and parties just to embarrass me, which is why today,

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