Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 2 by NovelsYou

Chapter 2

Gasping in pain, Rachel lowered her head to look at the bottom part of her body before she lifted the blood-soaked dress to see two babies. Covered in blood, the two infants bawled their eyes out with their clenched fists. These are my children! I actually gave birth to twins! Before Rachel could indulge in her joy, the babies stopped crying all of a sudden as their tiny faces turned blue due to the lack of oxygen. “Don’t be afraid, sweethearts. Mommy is here…” Feeling a twist in her heart, Rachel crawled over and was about to carry the two infants when a foot appeared out of the blue to fiercely step on the back of her hand. “You’re really something, Rae. You actually gave birth to twins.” Shirley’s eyes were filled with menace as she glanced toward the infants. “Alas, these two illegitimate brats seem to have a short life and they only survived for a few seconds before passing on.” “Don’t talk c**p! My children are not dead!” Rachel felt like her heart was going to explode. She stretched out with her hand, wanting to reach the infants as she desired to touch their faces and pat their buttocks. However, before she could touch the babies’ jelly-like body, a maid walked into the room and carried the two infants from the floor with a cold face. “Miss Shirley, how should we settle these two dead infants?” In fact, Shirley couldn’t care less whether the infants survived or not. If they were dead, she would be extremely glad to see Rachel mourn. Of course it would not be a big deal even if the two babies survived because Rachel would never be able to turn the corner with these two illegitimate kids with an unknown father. At this moment, Shirley was stunned when her gaze accidentally fell on the two babies. The twins had resembled each other to a great extent. Due to prolonged malnutrition, their faces were so scrawny that their jawlines became extremely obvious. For some reason, these two faces reminded her of the big devil who shrouded Seaview City—Jordan Ford. Following that, she recalled that the Ford Family happened to be searching for a woman throughout the entire day the next day after Rachel’s incident. Could it be that the man who had one-night stand with Rachel the b*tch is actually Jordan Ford? Oh my goodness… Shirley’s eyes widened in shock as she was dumbfounded. “Shir, we’re sisters! Please send my children to the hospital. They are not dead yet. They are still alive… I’m sure the doctors can save them!” Rachel grasped the hem of Shirley’s dress and implored hysterically, “I can give you whatever you want—the shares, the identity of the Yates family’s heir—as long as you can save my children’s lives, Shir…” Shirley regained her composure and lifted her foot to kick Rachel aside. Then, she blurted coldly, “The two brats are already dead. Nothing would change even if they are sent to the hospital. Someone, come and take these two brats out and find a place to bury them!” “No—” A devastated Rachel quickly dragged herself on the floor as she attempted to catch up with the maid. However, Shirley booted her and hissed, “Rae, you have just given birth, so you better stay here and rest well. Look at your body—it’s still bleeding. I doubt Dad will agree to send you to the hospital if it continues bleeding. Good luck!” With that, she slammed the door shut with a loud bang. “No! Shir! Shirley Yates, you can’t do this! Give my children back to me!!” Rachel bawled hysterically while grasping the grill on the steel door. Her bloodshot eyes were filled with anguish. At the same time, endless hatred surfaced in her frosty eyes. If her children actually died, Shirley would be the murderer! Meanwhile, Rachel’s glare toward Shirley was so petrifying that a shiver actually ran down Shirley’s spine. Even animals would seek revenge for their dead cubs. If Rachel had somehow survived by a fluke, she would surely become one of Shirley’s deadly enemies in the future. Moreover, the shares of Yates Corporation is still in the b*tch’s hand. If she hooks up with Jordan Ford later on, all my plans will be screwed… Shirley turned to look at the doorkeeper gloomily. “Mr. Zane, we’re expecting an important guest in these few days. You may leave here and help out in the front yard.” Ha! Your children are dead the moment they are born. Having suffered such a blow mentally and physically, I bet you will begin hemorrhaging again! Women with postpartum hemorrhage are unlikely to survive. Rae, I originally didn’t intend to take your life, but you’re the insensible one who went to sleep with the most influential man in Seaview City… Since that’s the case, I can only let you die. With that, Shirley took a huge lock and locked the steel door. Just as she walked to the entrance, the maid came to her in a hurry and gasped, “Miss Shirley, the two brats are not dead and they started crying again. Should I still bury them…” Shirley was startled. How lucky are these brats to actually survive… If these twins are indeed Jordan Ford’s sons, then they will become the only grandchildren of the Ford Family for this generation. As the mother of the Ford’s offspring, Rachel might become the most honorable woman in Seaview City… At this thought, she was even more determined that she could never allow Rachel to live, and she decided to add fuel to the fire! Shirley reached out with her hands to receive the two infants on the verge of death before she ordered coldly, “What happened tonight must not be made known to the others.” The maid nodded in a fluster. Meanwhile, the odor of blood was becoming increasingly powerful in the storehouse.

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