Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 15 by NovelsYou

Chapter 15

Shirley would never have expected Rachel to suddenly whip her body around, and she was definitely caught by surprise when Rachel started choking her. “You! Wha—What are you doing?! Let go of me!” Shirley shouted while her face was losing its color by the second. Rachel then tightened her grip and coldly mocked, “I didn’t think you would bring backup.” “I didn’t!” Shirley hurriedly denied. However, upon seeing the young miss of the Yates Family being held by her neck, the bodyguards that had come along with Shirley immediately showed themselves before surrounding the ladies with their strong bodies. Rachel’s eyes quickly swept across the crowd, and she could tell there were about twenty of them there. She was somehow flattered that the Yates had readied so many people just to get rid of her. She might have spent four years overseas equipping herself with the knowledge of Taekwondo, but never once was she faced to fight against twenty trained bodyguards at the same time. Seeing the crowd, Rachel took another step closer to Shirley, and this time, she had Shirley in a headlock. “I have only returned for a few days, and you’re already so eager to kill me. Are you that afraid of me taking away your position as the successor?” she coldly asked in Shirley’s ear. Despite the grip being so painful and suffocating that Shirley almost passed out, she managed to hiss back at her older sister, “Have you gone insane, Rachel?! How dare you try to choke me! Do you want to die?!” Rachel only replied in a chilling voice at that, “I did die by your hands four years ago. Did you think you could get away with it unscathed? Since you want that position so badly, I’ll let you have a taste of how it feels to lose the one thing you cherish the most!” Shirley’s heart began to race when she heard the promises underlying Rachel’s threat. At that moment, she was hit by the sudden realization that Rachel was a completely different person from the younger Rachel who grew up sheltered and naive to the world. The Rachel now indeed seemed like someone who was capable of snatching the Yates Family successor position if she wanted to. If this b*tch ever finds out that her children are still alive… She started to sink into her myriad of thoughts, but before she could imagine what Rachel might do to her, she was dragged by the neck toward the east of the cemetery. It really felt like she could pass out any time now from the lack of oxygen in her brain. The bodyguards didn’t dare make any sudden movements and only followed along whilst being in a circle. “Rachel, don’t do this…” Shirley gasped. “There is nothing you can benefit from this. Why don’t you let me go first and talk about this when we are both calm?” “Sure, but this is between you and me. Have your men stand down,” Rachel said. Shirley unconsciously began to grind her teeth at Rachel’s attempt to negotiate with her. Rachel would definitely kill her if the bodyguards were to leave them both alone. I was the one who caused the fire that almost killed Rachel four years ago. I’m sure she is back to do the same thing to me! Shirley thought as she panicked. What Shirley didn’t know was that Rachel had no intention to get her hands stained and dirtied with blood. She did return for revenge, but killing people off was not a part of her plan as she thought the best punishment was to make her enemies wish they were dead. She then continued to drag Shirley ahead where they soon reached a river. It was a long river that extended across the whole of Seaview City. Standing by the river, an emotionless smile gradually appeared on Rachel’s beautiful face. “Shirley, have your men stand down. Or else I’ll push you into this river here.” Her words were so frightening that Shirley let out a shudder. It was something that she herself would do if she had to, and that was why she believed what Rachel uttered weren’t simply empty words. Her teeth were tightly clenched as she challenged Rachel with false bravado. “Yo—You dare—” “Why wouldn’t I?” Rachel cut her off. “You have so many bodyguards waiting to pounce on me in the cemetery. Isn’t that because you intend to have me disposed of quietly? I don’t mind giving up my life if that means I can drag you down with me.” As soon as she finished her words, she released the hold on her sister’s neck and gave her a hard shove from behind. Shirley was so frightened that she let out a shrill scream with her eyes shut. However, she was stopped halfway through her fall when a hand grabbed her by the back of her neck, leaving her hovering over the strong currents of the river. Immediately, she opened her eyes and saw how close she was to falling face-first into the water. “All of you! Stand down! Go!” she commanded with her hands tightly balled into fists. I’ll fall and drown if you don’t stand down! she inwardly screamed. The bodyguards began to exchange looks before obediently taking small steps backward. They would be dead too if anything were to happen to Shirley when she was under their protection. At that very moment, Rachel suddenly pulled Shirley into the water with her. The cold was so piercingly cold that Shirley broke down and immediately started shouting for help. Even if the bodyguards heard her screams, they had to take some time getting to her from the distance they were at. By the time they reached her, she had almost drowned. Rachel, on the other hand, had mysteriously vanished. Like a witch crawling out of hell, Shirley got out of the water while shaking all over. Her face was twisted as she howled, “Find her! Find me that b*tch! I’m going to skin and drain her blood alive!” Hearing the command, the bodyguards had to jump back into the freezing cold river again… However, their efforts were to no avail as Rachel had taken a deep plunge into the water and swam at least a hundred meters away from the people of the Yates Family already. In order to strengthen her body, she had consistently taken part in the annual winter swimming training camp for the past four years. The coldness now was nothing compared to the frozen waters during the winters. Soon, she reached a shore, where she heard an unexpected chatter going on from somewhere nearby…

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