Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 13 by NovelsYou

Chapter 13

Shirley had completely forgotten the reason she had come to Sinclair Group after seeing Rachel alive and kicking. She didn’t stay a second longer after the little scuffle they had, where she immediately scrambled out of the reception room. Casper, on the other hand, had his eyes glued to Shirley’s retreating figure from the employee lounge. He recognized her as his mother’s sister who was born by a different woman and it was her who had forced his mother out of the country four years ago. Shirley Yates is the heiress to the Yates Family? “Ha!” Casper sneered at the ridiculous thought. He then walked toward a computer that was placed in the employee lounge. Olivia was clearly having the time of her life as she sat on the carpet and read her picture book. The young girl was so deep in her own world that she seemed to have forgotten about her older brother. Meanwhile, Casper went on to turn on the computer, and even though the poor configuration was not what he was used to, it should still get the job done. His slender fingers began to type furiously on the keyboard. It didn’t take long before the screen turned blue and sets of code began to appear on the screen. Rachel was a professional at creating codes, whereas he was a natural at breaking them. He was what most people call a hacker. It didn’t take long for him to successfully infiltrate Yates Corporation’s website, where he copied all the information from the company’s client list, and finally released the confidential document on a random website using a foreign country’s IP address. Right after that, he added an inconspicuous mark amongst the series of complicated-looking codes. Yates Corporation’s official website went crashing as soon as he did that. In the era of the Internet, a crash of the website, especially for a big company like Yates Corporation, was detrimental to the company’s reputation and image. They hadn’t even started fixing the problem before another incident came slapping them in the face. Immediately, there was news that Yates Corporation’s customer list had been leaked! Within the next half an hour, the company’s stock price had plummeted a staggering ten percent. Casper watched the news indifferently, but he couldn’t help the smirk that slowly appeared on his lips. This is just the appetizer, he mused. I’ll serve the Yates the whole meal if they mess with Mommy again. At that moment, a fluffy ball began to stick to Casper. He turned, only to find Olivia mysteriously appearing beside him out of nowhere. Her big, watery eyes were staring at the computer screen. Thinking that there was nothing interesting on the news for Olivia to see, he reached out to turn off the monitor, only for him to be stopped by his sister’s soft, yet firm grip. Olivia then leaned toward the screen after peeling Casper’s hand away from the monitor’s power button. It was only then did the young boy notice the cold and handsome face of a man as the news channel went on autoplay. The man looked like the one that they had come across on the road this morning… And Olivia seemed to be fascinated by him… “Olive, do you know him?” he finally asked. And as per usual, Olivia didn’t give much of a response to the question. She only kept clawing at the computer screen—it was as though she wanted to grab the man out of the screen if she could. Casper’s piercing eyes slightly squinted at that. He quickly downloaded the man’s photo and searched him up using the search engine. The information Casper was looking for soon began to pop out one by one. Jordan Ford. Twenty-eight years old. President of Ford Inc. Casper was so sure there was no way Olivia would know someone like Jordan, but why would Olivia ever voluntarily approach a man she didn’t know? In that split second, Casper recalled what the doctor who diagnosed Olive’s condition had told them before. “Children with autism will only accept those who are related to them by blood.” Could this man be… That… would be unbelievable! Casper didn’t know who their father was. It wasn’t like he never asked Rachel out of curiosity before, but it was just that his Mommy had changed the topic every time he brought it up. He soon stopped asking about anything that could remotely be about their father. He had always thought that Daddy was no longer alive, but now that he was comparing Olivia’s eyes and mouth to Jordan’s, he could definitely see the resemblance. If things turned out to be as he had suspected, they must do a paternity test to prove the bloodline. Meanwhile, Yates Corporation’s news of the website crash and leaked customer list had gotten worse. Trying his best to fix the issue, Francis began to bark at his employees, “It is obvious that someone is messing with us! You useless pigs, how is it that none of you have found who the culprit is? The company didn’t hire you to just sit around!” Everyone in the meeting room began to shake out of fear. No one dared to make a sound in the face of their enraged employer. “Dad, don’t get angry at them. Our priority now is to come up with a solution,” Shirley urged before delegating the tasks to each department. “Technical Department, work on fixing the website. As for the Customer Service Department, contact our important clients and reassure them that we are already on it. Public Relations, you are in charge of—” Hearing the commands, all the personnels then went off to carry out their responsibilities. Shirley turned to look at the fuming Francis, and asked slowly, “Dad. Do you know why all this is suddenly happening to Yates Corporation?” “Why?” Francis asked in return. Then, Shirley replied, “Rachel has returned.” “What?!” Francis jumped out of his seat in surprise. “Didn’t that walking bad luck die a long time ago?” “I met her when I went to Sinclair Group earlier today. She is very much alive.” Shirley stopped to chew on her lower lip. “She even told me that she will take back everything that belonged to her. It is possible that she was the one who leaked the information… Dad, what I’m most worried about is her finding out that her children are still alive… The kids will have to go back to their mother’s side then…” She then continued, “But the kids share the Ford blood, too. Dad, what do you think will happen to us if Jordan ever finds out that we have been lying to him for the past four years?” Upon hearing his daughter’s words, Francis sucked in a big breath. Using his reputation as the Ford boys’ grandfather, he had frequented Ford In. to strut around for no particular reason. All that while, however, Jordan had never welcomed his presence at the company. Not only Francis, but the whole of Yates Corporation would cease to exist if Jordan were to ever find out about the truth! Just then, Shirley suddenly spoke up, “Dad, I have an idea that should make everything fall back into place, but I’ll need your help…”

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