Love’s Cruel Stroke Chapter 10 by NovelsYou

Chapter 10

Rachel’s purpose in visiting Sinclair Group this time was to integrate the chip she had developed into the manufacturing process of the company’s existing product. Sitting in the backseat of the car with her children while the driver drove the vehicle, Rachel said, “Casper, have fun with your sister in the employee lounge. I will bring you both home once I’m done with my work, alright?” Casper nodded in return. “I won’t allow anyone to bully Olive, Mommy. Don’t worry and have fun at work too!” “Good boy.” She gently patted him on the head before turning to Olivia to kiss her on the cheek. Her beautiful cheeks that resembled cotton candy were so soft and bouncy that Rachel couldn’t help but give them another light pinch. Seeing that, Casper immediately reached out to stop her. “Mommy! You can’t bully Olive!” he reproached. “Cough!” Rachel let out a dry cough in guilt. “Olive is just too cute. I couldn’t help—” Suddenly, her words were interrupted as the car came to an abrupt stop and their bodies were thrown forward. What followed thereafter was the sound of a loud bang from somewhere. The driver turned to look at Rachel and apologetically sputtered, “I’m sorry, Miss Rachel. I might have knocked into the car in front of us. I’ll go down and handle it right this instant.” Then, he pushed his door open and alighted from the car. Rachel whipped her head around to check on her children, and much to her relief, they were both unscathed. However, the absent-minded Olivia suddenly held the car door handle beside her and pushed the door open. Her feeble arms managed to open a slit that was wide enough to let the faintest ray of sunlight spill inside the vehicle. “Olive, we are on the road. You can’t open the car door!” Casper patiently told his sister while he closed the door. Yet, Olivia rebelliously pushed it open again. She then dashed out of the car before Rachel even realized she was gone. Meanwhile, a man of overwhelming presence slowly stepped out of the car in front. The black suit he wore had highlighted his tall and well-built stature perfectly, but his most prominent feature was definitely his ice-cold gaze. The driver, an employee of the Yates, might not have recognized the man, but he could feel the unadulterated pressure from the man’s presence. John might have been the head of the Sinclair Family, but this stranger definitely felt a hundred times more terrifying than him. At that, the driver began to stammer, “We—we’ll bear all the responsibilities for this. You—” Having that said, Jordan merely stood there with a tight expression. He always had a driver to send him to places, but the driver had fallen sick today, so Jordan could only drive himself. However, he didn’t expect to be hit on the back of his car not long after he started his drive. This was a hassle to handle, but he had to endure the process and handle it. As he was about to say something, a plump and soft thing with the texture of dumplings charged in Jordan’s direction before plopping itself on his chest. Unbeknownst to the ‘dumpling’, Jordan was instantly annoyed by the hug. As someone who had a serious case of mysophobia, the thing that he despised the most was coming into contact with strangers. He hastily took a step back to avoid the ‘dumpling’, only for the child to take a step forward toward him. And just like a koala, the child glued itself onto his long leg. “Let go,” he demanded as his face dimmed. With just two words, the atmosphere seemed to have dipped to a teeth-chattering temperature. At that moment, the driver almost felt his heart stop as he looked on. Then, he quickly approached them and tried to persuade the ‘dumpling’, “Miss Olivia, please let go—” However, his attempt to peel Olivia away from Jordan was an utter failure. Olivia, who didn’t want to be touched at all, sank her teeth into the driver’s outstretched hand. Blood soon started to pour from the teeth marks. Jordan’s expression immediately darkened further as he was shocked that this stray child would have such strength in her amazing attack! Looking at the child, he grabbed her by the back of her collar and carried her up. At that moment, both Olivia and Jordan peered into each other’s eyes at the same eye level. The young girl’s round eyes were dark yet extremely bright. One could have easily mistaken the twinkles in her eyes as bright stars in the night sky. Her fluffy hair, on the other hand, was just like a kitten’s soft, fine coat. Immediately, Jordan’s cold heart began to melt at the sight of the adorable child. “Who are you?” he asked in a low voice. The tone that he spoke in was probably too frigid for the young lady that she immediately retreated in fear. In that instant, he was hit by a pang of guilt for talking that way to her. However, before he could even make sense of his troubled feelings, a pale and slender hand suddenly reached over and took the dangling ‘dumpling’ away. At that moment, his chest also mysteriously felt as empty as his hand was. Rachel tucked Olivia safely in her embrace and slowly apologized, “Sir, please accept my apology on my daughter’s behalf. I hope you’ll forgive her if she has done anything to offend you. She is just a child.” The man was not the only one surprised by Olivia’s sudden attack. Even Rachel was astonished by how forward her daughter was. She was curious to know why her daughter, who always avoided strangers as if they were poisonous snakes, would voluntarily cling to this man’s thigh. However, she had to behave more carefully in front of the man as she could tell that the stern man wasn’t someone to be trifled with. As she looked at the man, she started to recall memories from the past. It almost felt like she knew him… Hold up! Rachel seemed to have remembered something when she suddenly asked, “Could you be Mr. Ford?” Jordan let out a sneer as soon as he heard what she asked, or rather, feigned to probe. All this while, women always had lucrative ways to throw themselves at him. This one, however, was pretty interesting since she actually used a child to approach him! “No,” he replied curtly. After throwing that out, he returned to his car and soon drove away. Rachel began to squint her eyes as she looked on. She might have been away from Seaview City for four years, but there was no way she could have falsely remembered that man. While she was the well-known Seaview City’s Aphrodite and from what she remembered, Jordan was her male counterpart as Seaview City’s Adonis. There were plenty of photos of them being edited into the same copy on the Internet in the past. At one point, these two were even called The Golden Couple of the Elites by the people of the web. Even though they had never met in real life, it was hard for her not to recognize him after seeing many photos of him…

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