Love the Second Time Around Chapter 94 by NovelsYou

Chapter 94 Enjoyment Or Pain

“Does it even matter?” I threw the question back at him.


After pausing for a few seconds, he suddenly hastened his actions again as he replied indifferently, “Actually, it doesn’t matter.”

Right after, we both fell into silence. As he ramped up the speed of his actions, the discomfort I had before gradually disappeared. I could not help but let out a few screams.

To be honest, I did not want to hold myself back, either. I reckoned I should just play along with him since we were already in such a situation.

Nevertheless, Dominic suddenly stopped. With blurred vision, I tried to look at him while panting. “Why?”

He raised his hands and groped my chest. “Your screams; I guess you’re enjoying it, huh?”

I could not answer that question of his. After all, I could never be as thick-skinned as he.

With Dominic exerting greater force in his grip all of a sudden, I instinctively reached out to push his hand away as I uttered, “It hurts!”

“So do you want to be in enjoyment or in pain?”

My eyes widened at once. Since when did he become a sicko?

As much as I did not want to make a choice, that increasing pain was becoming intolerable and I had no choice but to grit my teeth and let out the word “enjoyment.”

Given my answer, Dominic lifted the corners of his lips into a smile which I found terrifying.

As usual, accidents tended to occur at such a time. As Dominic and I were having a rough time, a scream that did not being to either of us sounded in the room.

Reacting quickly, he pulled the blanket beside me and covered me up.

Looking over Dominic’s shoulder, I saw Camille standing near the door with her mouth covered; she was trembling.

I was stunned. The arousal I felt moments ago instantly dissipated.

“Get out!” Dominic sounded extremely cold.

“Dom…” Camille choked up as she said in a mellow tone that would easily make anyone sympathize with her.

“Camille, go out first,” Dominic said once again but in a much softer and gentler tone this time.

I suddenly was in the mood to watch what was about to transpire. I thought it was interesting that Camille was going through what I had once experienced in the past.

Besides, it was probably a much more mind-blowing scene with me and Dominic in that state.

With the situation he was facing – new sweetheart versus old love – how would he explain himself?

After Camille left the room, Dominic got up from me and walked into the bathroom naked.

Next, sounds of water gushing out could be heard. But soon enough, the sounds stopped and I saw him walking out. He was still naked.

He then put on his clothes and said, “Come out once you get dressed.”

After he left the room, I let out a sigh of relief. It was bizarre how he was the one who forced me here but he was also the one getting angry after his fiancée walked in on us.

I took my time in the bathroom and had a quick shower before wearing back my clothes—all except the silk stockings because Dominic had torn them.

Walking out of the room, I saw Camille sitting on the living room’s couch alone. Dominic, surprisingly, was not around.

Her eyes were bloodshot. She must have been so upset and cried so badly.

Seeing that sight, I lost all my interest in watching the drama unfold and quietly walked toward the door instead.

When I almost got to the door, I felt a force on my wrist. After turning around, I realized it was Camille.

“I know you were on good terms with Dominic, but you’ve already broken up. Liliana, I beg you. Please don’t steal Dominic from me!”

I was slightly startled yet extremely speechless as well. I shook her hand off and said, “Don’t worry; I don’t have such an intention.”

Nevertheless, Camille did not buy my words and pulled my hand again. “But you two… Dominic and I are getting married soon, Liliana. C-Can you promise me not to meet him again in the future?”

I felt so repulsed by her mention of them getting married that I pried her fingers off me and pushed her away.

The funny thing was while I did not exert much force on her, she fell on the floor as though she had no bones.

Thump! Her head hit the floor.

Seeing that her forehead started to bleed, I was shocked and hurriedly crouched down to help her up.

But before I could touch her, Dominic’s hand appeared out of nowhere and pushed mine away.

I landed sitting on the floor. I stared blankly at him as he carried Camille in his arms, looking anxious.

“Camille, are you all right?”

Lifting her hand and grabbing onto Dominic’s arm, Camille whimpered, “I’m fine. I lost my balance and Liliana was only trying to help me. Don’t blame her.”

How I wished I could slap her right at that moment! Those words she said were as good as her not saying anything.

Dominic threw a cold glare at me. “Camille’s health isn’t that good. Don’t you think you’ve gone overboard?”

I pushed myself off the floor and sized up Camille before putting forth my honest words. “When did I go overboard? I don’t see a problem.”

The ones who had gone overboard were the two of them. I did not do anything wrong.

Dominic’s face fell instantly and started to look intimidating.

“Dominic, don’t be angry. I don’t blame Liliana.”

Seeing Camille being so hypocritical as she tried to put in good words for me, I felt nothing but disgust.

“Hurry and bring your precious darling to the hospital. She’s so weak she can’t afford a delay. I’m leaving now.”

I waved my hand gracefully and prepared to stride out when I remembered I had no money with me.

“Oh yeah. Since you two aren’t short of money, care to spare me some cab fares?”

Without waiting for them to react, I reached for Camille’s bag, took out a few notes, and left Dominic’s mansion.

When I was Dominic’s caregiver, I had to book a cab in advance as no car would normally come to such a place.

And as if God was deliberately against me that day, the bright and sunny sky suddenly turned dark and it started to rain.

Holding out against the rain, I walked to a spot that had greater traffic and waited for quite a long time before I managed to get a cab.

Seeing that I was soaked, the driver handed me a tissue.

I thanked him for his kind gesture and used the tissue to wipe off the water droplets on my face and body.

Drenched from head to toe just like a drowned rat, I did not have to worry about being recognized so I got the driver to let me off right at the hotel entrance.

As I got off the car, I passed the driver some notes generously and told him to keep the change.

Heading back to my room, I remembered that my key card was not with me, which meant I could not enter my room.

As such, I had to head back downstairs to the hotel front desk, only to be informed that I would have to present my ID card as proof before they could open the door for me.

With no choice left, I borrowed the front desk phone to call Shannon.

“Liliana!” The call had yet to go through when I heard someone calling out my name. I turned around and realized it was Nicholas.

“Shannon said you’ve disappeared. Where did you go? Why are you drenched?”


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