Love the Second Time Around Chapter 93 by NovelsYou

Chapter 93 It Cannot Be Heartache

“Dominic, can you not find yourself other women? I’ve said that you’re incomparable to Nicholas, so why are you still pestering me?”

I was anxious. I thought those words would be enough to make Dominic let go of me.

And indeed, he stopped moving his hand on my chest and loosened the arm he used to lock me in place.

But before I could heave a breath of relief, he turned me around and tightly tucked my hands behind my back.

Looking grim, he locked his ferocious gaze on me so intently that I felt a chill down my spine.

“Am I right to say that you and Nicholas have already slept together? Since you say I can’t compare to him, I don’t mind getting into action and proving to you whether he’s good or I’m better. You’ll know how grave your mistake is in a minute, Liliana. Calvin, come in.”

Following that, Dominic loosened his grip on my hands. I hurriedly retreated to stay away from him as far as possible.

The room’s door was pushed open and in came Calvin, whom I had not seen for a long time.

I started to really panic when I heard Dominic instructing Calvin to render me unconscious.

Make me unconscious? What is he gonna do after that?

Flustered, my lips were trembling as I stammered, “Y-you’ve gone too far, Dominic! We’re at the filming location and there are people everywhere!”

“C-Calvin… Don’t blindly follow what he says. It’s illegal to do that!”

I was unsure if Calvin heeded my words or if he still had a little sympathy for me. He was riveted to the spot and did not do anything.

But that was only for a few seconds or so. When Dominic coldly called Calvin’s name again, the latter walked toward me.

“Calvin, please don’t…”

I had yet to finish my sentence when Calvin quietly came close to me. I blacked out after I felt a blow at the back of my neck.

By the time I regained consciousness I was already in a car, though it seemed like it was only a short while after I fainted.

“You’re awake? That’s fast,” Dominic uttered as he swept a grim glance at me.

I leaned toward the car door in a panic and tried to pull it open, only to find it locked.

Dominic’s behavior only left me feeling annoyed and flabbergasted.

There was no difference between him and a kidnapper.

I could not escape with the door locked and I had no belongings with me, so I could not use my phone to call for help even if I wanted to.

I was in such a situation where I could only try to get as close to the door as possible. In fact, wished I could merge into the door just so that I could escape from this grim situation.

Clack! I heard the noise and turned to look at Dominic while shivering, only to find that he had lit a cigarette.

He took a deep puff and spat out white smoke before he indifferently said, “I guess you can try to get through the door if you can do it.”

Instantly, I clenched my fists tightly. Dominic must be very sure that I could not escape.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing right now?”

I told myself I had to stay calm and not go head to head with him, but I could not hold back the fury in me as I spoke.

When he came closer to me, I quickly struggled to push myself backward until I was stopped by the cold car door behind me.

Dominic then gripped me on my chin before dragging me closer to him.

“I’ve told you what I wanted to do. Did you forget about it after losing your consciousness?”

That was equivalent to him trying to say, “I’ll refresh your memory just a little bit.”

The next moment, my lips were corked and a faint scent of tobacco soon filled my mouth.

My hands, which were still free, kept pushing him away with all my might; I even hammered and pinched him.

However, Dominic did not seem to feel any pain and his lips remained locked to mine.

That persisted till I was almost out of breath. He finally let go of me when I felt a wave of ripping pain on my lips.

Lifting my hand to touch my lips, I felt nothing other than a burning sensation on it. Meanwhile, bloodstains left behind on my fingers told the rest of the story.

Similarly, Dominic’s lips were stained with my blood as well, making him much more callous and brutal.

“You remember now? About what I wanted to do?”

I did not make any noise and neither did I know what there was for me to say. But my silence did not seem to garner any sympathy points from Dominic.

He lifted his finger and rubbed my lips so roughly that the spots he had bitten earlier hurt even more.

As much as I tried enduring the pain, it eventually became unbearable. I wanted to pull his hand away, yet I accidentally bumped into the cigarette he was holding in between his fingers.

The ash from the cigarette fell onto my hand, so I instinctively gave it a flick without further thoughts.

Even so, there was already a burn mark on the back of my hand. Though it did not look serious, it was still visible and made me wonder if it would leave behind a scar.

Dominic grabbed my scalded hand with a seemingly worried expression.

I was amused to see that. What kind of expression is that? Is he showing concern?

Thanks to Dominic, my chapped lips were still in throbbing pain and my hand was scalded as well. Because I also had no idea where he would bring me and what kind of torturous plan he had in mind, I could not understand why he even needed to feign concern.

“Liliana, we have lots of interesting things to do later. Are you trying to ruin my day with these ugly scars?”

I was spot on. I knew his heart would not ache for me.

At this point, I knew I could not escape. Instead of crying over spilled milk, I decided to go ahead and speak without restraint. “If that could prevent you from touching me, I’d rather you light another cigarette and scald me a few more times.”

As I finished speaking, I noticed Dominic’s expression turning darker than before.

Watching the changing scenery outside the window, I soon recognized that we had reached his mansion.

When the car came to a stop, Dominic dragged me out.

Throughout our journey here, Calvin acted like a wooden stake while driving and showed no reaction at all.

What I was curious about was how Dominic had found himself a loyal right-hand man who paid no heed to the law.

Before we entered the house, I turned to look and found that Calvin had already driven the car off.

Without any delay, Dominic dragged me into the bedroom where I used to stay.

He then flung me onto the bed and pressed himself onto me without giving me any chance to escape.

Before I could react to what was happening, Dominic had already pulled off my knee-length pleated dress and black silk stockings.

He spread my legs open and got inside me without any foreplay whatsoever.

It hurt so much that I took in a deep breath. I bit my lips tightly, totally forgetting about the earlier wounds on my lips.

“Tell me. What’s so good about Nicholas?”

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