Love the Second Time Around Chapter 92 by NovelsYou

Chapter 92 Complicated

I opened Twitter and realized that the previous headline of Dominic and Nicholas vying for the same girl had dropped to the second spot in terms of popularity.


The number one trending tweet was about the best actor who protected his crush and sincerely hoped that others would not disturb her.

I felt a headache upon reading the tweets. Why did the reporters twist the words that were said?

The tweets overwhelmed me and made me feel like drowning.

Nicholas made it clear that we were only friends and asked them not to disturb me because I was not an actress. However, the tweets insinuated that he was determined to court me. That was why he care for me and did not want me to be disturbed by the press.

Moreover, the pictures on Twitter were purposely chosen to show him gazing at me affectionately.

“How is it? How do you feel after reading the tweets?” Shannon teased me about it.

I threw the tablet onto the couch and said helplessly, “I feel like dying.”

“Liliana, to be honest, I think people are too nosy to pry into your relationship with Nicholas. But as far as I can tell, there seems to be something between you and Dominic.”

Shannon paused for a while and continued, “Were the things he said true? Did you sleep with him? Also, you were obviously with me last night; why did you lie to him?”

Shannon and I were close friends. Since she asked the questions and I did not want to lie to her, I answered calmly, “He’s my ex-boyfriend. We happened to bump into each other again recently.”

Shannon was unexpectedly superb at connecting the dots. After falling silent for ten seconds or so, she suddenly realized something important and yelled, “He was the one who popped your cherry!”

I messaged my throbbing temples and nodded, acquiescing to her speculation.

I had shared my past casually and mentioned Julius’ virginity complex to Shannon. I was shocked to know that she still remembered it.

“In that case, is he coming back to ask you to get back together?” Shannon touched her chin and asked curiously.

I cast a sideways glance at her and said coldly, “Didn’t you hear our conversation this morning? Did we sound like we wish to get back together? Besides, Dominic has a fiancée.”

“Oh…” Shannon dragged out the word for a while before she continued, “When you were in trouble last time, I could tell that he cared about you. That was why I thought something was going on between you two. But then you’re denying it. No matter what, I think you two are the perfect match.”

She then added, “However, after what happened today, I think he only has the looks but is mean-spirited. I mean, the things he said this morning proved that he is a jerk. He’s not like Nicholas, who is handsome, imposing, gentle, and all in all perfect.”

“Stop it. I know Nicholas is perfect!”

I could not stand to hear her compliments of Nicholas anymore. Although I had to admit that Shannon was right about Nicholas, I could see that she was lovestruck. Hence, I had to stop her from dwelling on it non-stop.

“Shannon, why don’t you join their photoshoot and take more pictures? I’ll stay here to sketch some drawings.”

Feeling delighted upon hearing my suggestion, Shannon left without further ado.

Deep down, I wished to come up with some quality drawings to forget the rumors.

Nonetheless, it was clear that I had overestimated myself, for I subconsciously thought about the past not long after I started drawing.

I remembered that one day when Dominic and I were dating each other, several hooligans blocked our way in a quiet alley.

After asking for money, they began to spew some disgusting words at us and even wanted to get a bit handsy with me.

At that moment, Dominic dashed toward them and fought without hesitation. I was so worried about him because he had to fight four men alone.

Although Dominic was wounded, he unexpectedly defeated all four of them. I remembered that I scolded him for being impulsive.

Dominic told me that in this lifetime, I could belong to no one else but him. As such, he would not allow anyone to bully or humiliate me. Even he himself could not do that to me.

Ironically, it was Dominic who bullied and humiliated me today, yesterday, and in the past.

As I recalled that Dominic used to be kind to me, I put my hand on my heart. Even though we had broken up, I could vividly remember our beautiful memories.

However, such memories were gradually being eroded by Dominic’s recent unpleasant behavior.

I pressed against my chest and felt heartbroken.

“Hey, are you lost in thought because you’re thinking about me?”

The voice that came out of nowhere startled me. I lifted my head and saw Dominic looking at me with a disdainful smile.

“Why are you here?” I recollected myself and asked coldly.

The next moment, Dominic grabbed my arm and pulled me into his arms tightly. I tried very hard to struggle away from him but failed.

“Dominic, what do you want?”

“I want you. Is that okay?”

As Dominic was speaking, he rested his head against my face. I could feel his warm breath by my ear.

“Not at all! Let go of me now! If you dare lay your hands on me, I’ll sue you for rape!”

I was furious and could not understand why he wanted to do this to me every time we met.

After what happened in the morning, I thought no one with a sense of shame would show up again. But Dominic did not seem bothered at all!

“Hehe, we’re only doing some aerobic exercises with mutual consent. How can you sue me for that?” Dominic teased me and did not sound afraid.

It’s impossible to make shameless people feel ashamed!

Before I could argue, he nudged me two steps forward and stopped in front of the drawing board. Then, he pointed at it and said, “What did you write? Well, it says ‘Dominic,’ which is my name. Do you think you can sue me since you miss me so much?”

Staring at the word embarrassingly, I was unsure when I had written it.

“Does it matter? Does it mean I miss you just because I wrote it?” I denied hastily. “Well, let me be frank with you. I wrote it down so I could curse you!”

Unperturbed, Dominic chuckled and replied, “Whether you were cursing or missing me, your body will tell me honestly.”

With that, he touched my chest and began groping me. I was shocked and almost screamed.

What a lustful pervert!

As I desperately wished to wriggle free from him, I repeated what I said in the morning to irritate him.


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