Love the Second Time Around Chapter 91 by NovelsYou

Chapter 91 Just Friends

I lowered my head and stood still for quite some time until someone tugged at my hand.


Slowly, I turned around. It was Shannon.

Meanwhile, Nicholas was also standing beside me. I looked at both of them and said, “Please wait for me. I’ll wash my face and join the crew.”

“Liliana, I think you shouldn’t go out today. Stay here; I can keep you company.” Shannon was reluctant to let go of me as she was so worried.

I shook my head and replied, “It’s okay. I’m fine.”

With that, I gently pulled my hand away from hers and turned around to head toward the restroom.

The water was cold but it could cover up the traces of tears on my face.

After washing up, I stared at myself in the mirror and grinned in self-deprecation.

It’s not a big deal. After all, Dominic is just one of those scumbags.

And it doesn’t matter that I have slept with him because I’ve been married before anyway.

After wiping away the water off my face, I left the restroom.

“Let’s go. Nicholas, I remember you have to shoot a scene this morning. Don’t be late because of me.” I paused for a while and said apologetically, “Also, I’m sorry for using you just now. When everything dies down, I’ll treat you to dinner to compensate you.”

I felt my face burning with embarrassment once I recalled the things I had said earlier on.

“It’s okay. Since I’m a man, I guess I was the one who took advantage of you. Nonetheless, I’ve jotted down your promise to treat me to dinner, so don’t go back on your word.”

Since I owed Nicholas a lot, I thought I was the one who took advantage of him by only treating him to dinner.

As such, I guaranteed to him once again that I wouldn’t go back on my word.

After that, Nicholas brought Shannon and me out of the hotel via a special passageway.

Once we exited the hotel, we saw Nicholas’ manager, Jake, waiting outside. Jake sneered with resentment as soon as he saw me.

“Jake, bring Shannon to the minivan. I’ll drive myself and give Liliana a lift,” Nicholas said.

I looked at Nicholas in bewilderment and asked, “Why must we leave separately? Can’t we sit in the same car?”

Nicholas pursed his lips and said with a smile, “Since the reporters recognize my minivan, I’m afraid they might block our way the moment we show up. In that case, I think we can avoid them by driving another car.”

Oh, so that’s how it is. How thoughtful of him!

“No way.” Jake was reluctant to follow Nicholas’ order. He raised his voice and objected impatiently, “Nic, why must you stick with her? If the reporters take pictures of you two, your reputation will go down the drain because of her!”

I touched my nose awkwardly upon hearing this. As much as I hated it, I had to admit that he was right.

I’ll ruin his reputation.

“Do as I say. Let’s go. We’re running out of time,” Nicholas instructed with determination.

In the end, Jake had no choice but to leave with Shannon as told, whereas Nicholas and I got into another car.

The journey was smooth and we arrived at the destination soon.

Nonetheless, Nicholas and I were surrounded by a crowd of reporters the moment we hopped out.

Since I was shocked, I stammered, “Th-they… Why are there so many people here?”

I could not help but look up at Nicholas, who remained calm and quickly shielded me from the crowd.

Nicholas had been in the entertainment industry for many years. He did not flinch when faced with such a situation.

On the contrary, I was still panicking even though I had encountered a similar situation during the fashion show.

“Nic, may I know if you two are lovers?”

“May I know how long you two have been together? Are you planning to get married?”

“Miss, have you chosen Nicholas over Mr. Hartnell?”

The series of questions almost drove me mad. Although a lot of questions were asked, they always revolved around Dominic, Nicholas, and me.

As the reporters kept pushing their mics, cameras, and recorders toward me, I had the urge to deny all of the gossips and speculations. However, I found myself rooted to the ground without the ability to utter a word.

“My friends, please be gentle when you’re asking a pretty lady. See, my friend is frightened.”

Nicholas’ appropriate and timely remark saved me without annoying the crowd.

With that, the crowd stopped pushing me. Some of the reporters even gave a hearty chuckle upon Nicholas’ reply.

After a while, Nicholas explained in a charming voice, “I know that everyone is curious about my relationship with this beauty. Well, I can tell you that it’s not like what netizens said on Twitter. She is my friend and I admire her very much.”

Once Nicholas finished, I felt that something was wrong but could not tell what was amiss.

After all, he made it clear that we were only friends.

Nicholas added slowly and with a smile, “And of course, I’ll tell you when I’ve found a girlfriend one day.”

He paused for a while and continued, “Lastly, I hope that you can stop disturbing my friend because she’s not a public figure. Thank you.”

The experienced actor handled the embarrassing questions tactfully.

As he shielded me to leave, the reporters didn’t stop us; they only kept taking pictures.

I hoped that what Nicholas told the reporters would help take the heat off the situation. Although I could bear with the gossips, I was worried that my parents and Lou would be affected somehow.

Since I had turned off my phone for the whole night, I was not sure if they knew or called me about it.

As we arrived at the filming location, all of the staff shifted their gazes toward us.

I felt uncomfortable and thanked Nicholas hastily before rushing into the room reserved for the film crew.

Deep down, I hoped the fiasco could end as soon as possible.

Not long afterward, Shannon came in and handed over her tablet to me. “Were you surrounded by the reporters again? The latest news is already on Twitter. Besides, they’re now using even more suggestive words to describe your relationship with him. Take a look.”

I was astounded. It only happened less than half an hour ago. How could the reporters release the news so soon?

Besides, why are they using suggestive words? Didn’t Nicholas explain that we are just friends?


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