Love the Second Time Around Chapter 90 by NovelsYou

Chapter 90 I Hate Being Belittled

The three of us were startled and I clearly saw Nicholas frowning.


Oh, no. Nicholas is frowning. Does it mean… the reporters are outside? My heart skipped a beat once the thought flashed through my mind.

“Should I open the door?” Shannon turned around and asked Nicholas and me.

“Don’t go!”

“Wait!” Nicholas and I stopped her simultaneously.

We’re doomed. Even Nicholas doesn’t agree with opening the door. The people outside must be terrifying!

“Liliana, open the door! Liliana!”

That familiar voice made me stay rooted to the floor. Is that… Dominic?

I hesitantly moved toward the door.

After listening to the voice for a while, I confirmed that it was Dominic’s.

Before I opened the door, I instinctively turned around to gaze at Nicholas. Deep down, I couldn’t help but feel that we would be in trouble soon.

As soon as the door opened, Dominic pushed me aside expressionlessly and entered.

“Mr. Hartnell, what a coincidence! We meet again,” Nicholas greeted Dominic with a grin.

However, Dominic acted like a statue and made no response.

Meanwhile, Shannon came up to me and winked, gesturing that it was time to watch a good show.

“Hey,” Then, she poked me and whispered, “what’s going on? I mean, both of your rumored boyfriends have gathered here. Liliana, I think you must have done something great in your past life to deserve this now.”

“Shut up!” I couldn’t believe she was in the mood to imagine such things.

Doesn’t she feel that the situation is about to go out of hand?

As Dominic came closer toward Nicholas, I immediately rushed toward Dominic and blocked his way. I warded off Dominic from Nicholas, thinking that I had to protect my friend.

Besides, if the two fought, I believed Nicholas was no match for Dominic.

Ever since I knew Nicholas, he had always been helping me and even said he would not let Dominic bully me.

“Dominic, don’t be impulsive.”

“Are you protecting him? Make way!” Dominic sounded terrifyingly cold.

Although I was frightened, I was still reluctant to go away. Besides, I was betting with myself that Dominic would not dare hit a woman.

“No way. You… Don’t you ever hurt Nicholas.” I mustered up my courage to yell at Dominic.

As Dominic walked closer to us menacingly, I subconsciously stepped back and bumped into Nicholas. At that moment, I knew that there was no way for us to escape.

“Don’t make me repeat myself for the third time. Make way!”

“I don’t…”

I refused to back down even though Dominic seemed threatening. The next moment, Nicholas grabbed my wrist and dragged me behind him.

I was nervous. “Nicholas, be careful!”

“It’s fine. I’m not that weak anyway. Besides, since Mr. Hartnell is a gentleman, I don’t think he’ll do anything to me.” Nicholas was as composed as usual.

However, I could not help but grip my shirt anxiously. Is Dominic considered a gentleman? He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

None of the things that he did to me was gentlemanly.

A few seconds later, Nicholas continued to ask Dominic, “Mr. Hartnell, why are you here so early? Is there something wrong?”

Dominic answered crossly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

“In that case, Liliana and I will get going. Please excuse us, Mr. Hartnell.” With that, Nicholas grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms to protect me as we walked toward the door.

Dominic dashed to the front to block our way. Fortunately, Nicholas intercepted Dominic when the latter wanted to grab my hand.

“Mr. Hartnell, this is too much.” I could sense Nicholas’ voice becoming more hostile.

The next moment, Dominic pushed Nicholas’ hand away and grabbed my arm with great precision, pulling me toward him. However, Nicholas also reacted quickly and grabbed Dominic’s arm in return.

Hence, the two six-foot-tall men glared at each other in a standoff. The situation was tense.

As I thought they would begin fighting, Dominic suddenly burst into laughter.

Then, as if to show off and humiliate Nicholas, Dominic said, “Nicholas, ask her how many times she’s slept with me. Besides, I’m sure a prominent figure like you can have as many women as you want. So, there’s no need for us to get ugly with each other.”

Although Nicholas had not responded to Dominic’s remark, I felt Dominic’s words just now were more hurtful than what he said to me yesterday.

Nevertheless, I told myself that I could not cry.

“Dominic, are you out of your mind? So what if I slept with you? Get with the times. Isn’t it normal to have one-night stands nowadays? And are you suggesting that I must stick with you just because I slept with you a few times?”

As I became emotional, I hugged Nicholas’ waist and sneered, “Nicholas and I did it with mutual consent yesterday. As far I could tell, you’re a lot worse than he!”

Although I seemed to be speaking freely, the truth was that my hand on Nicholas’ waist sweated profusely. I was also gripping his shirt tightly as I was very nervous.

Meanwhile, Dominic suddenly grabbed my wrist and applied greater pressure to his grip on me upon hearing what I said. It was painful but I remained composed and did not exhibit my emotions.

I would rather endure the pain than listen to Dominic’s belittling remarks.

“Mr. Hartnell, didn’t she make it clear? Why don’t you let go of your hand?” Nicholas said.

Dominic shot me a disdainful glance and slowly let go of me.

I would have lost my balance and fallen to the floor if I wasn’t hugging Nicholas’ waist.

“Liliana, remember what you said to me today,” Dominic warned while letting out a wry smile.

I bit my lips and did not reply; nevertheless, I felt bitter and heartbroken deep down.

“Mr. Hartnell, since you said so, I have something to tell you,” Nicholas suddenly added, “Regardless of your past relationship with Liliana, it’s all over now. If you’re a man, please act like one. Don’t hold onto things that don’t belong to you anymore.”

“Also,” Nicholas paused for a while and hugged my waist before he continued with a smile, “who hasn’t encountered scumbags before?”

I felt a lot better; I even almost giggled at Nicholas’ remark.

Dominic stared at me for a while without saying a word. A moment later, he slammed the door shut and left.

At that point, I finally could not hold back. I broke out into tears, which were hot and scorched my face.


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