Love the Second Time Around Chapter 88 by NovelsYou

Chapter 88 Top Of The Charts

I lamented on Nicholas’ shoulder for a while before I calmed down.


I lifted my head and looked at his stunning face. It felt a little embarrassing.

“Um… Thanks for that. I’m really sorry; I must have embarrassed myself.”

Well, anyone would feel like giggling after witnessing such an embarrassing moment.

Nicholas tucked my hair aside and smiled brightly. “You don’t have to thank me. You helped me as well, didn’t you? From what I see, you’re not the embarrassing one.”

He continued, “Come. Let’s continue our meal together.”

I had already lost my appetite. However, seeing that he had comforted me for such a long time, it would be ungracious of me to leave just like that.

Whatever. I shouldn’t mistreat my stomach because of Dominic and Camille. I need to be nice to myself.

I stopped hesitating and followed Nicholas back to the private room. I channeled all of my grief and anger into my appetite and ate my fill.

After a gratifying meal, Nicholas did not take me anywhere but brought me back to the hotel.

After all, it had been a long day in which many unexpected things happened.

Flash Media arranged our hotel accommodation and prepared a car for us to conveniently travel back forth between the set and the hotel.

Meanwhile, Nicholas and the others stayed even closer to the filming location. After all, it would be troublesome to travel to and fro. Shannon and I were only staying for a month at most.

In front of my room, Nicholas said to me, “You must be tired so take some rest soon. We will be filming early in the morning; I will come and pick you up.”

How could I trouble him again early in the morning? I already knew the filming schedule after observing the crew for a few days. The team had to wake up a few hours earlier to prepare for filming.

No matter what I said, Nicholas insisted on picking me up the following morning. I did not know what to say.

After sending off Nicholas, I swiped my key card and saw Shannon snuggling in bed watching drama.

I leaped onto the bed, snatched the tablet away from her hands, and hugged her.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m at the climax,” Shannon mumbled. She reached out to take the tablet back from me.

“Don’t move. Hug me for five minutes. No, just one minute would do.” I hugged her as a koala would to a tree, reluctant to let go.

Shannon knew something had happened to me and stopped moving. She even patted my back and asked, “What happened? Don’t you want to focus on the film production?”

I shook my head without uttering a word. I didn’t know how to express myself.

I could not just say that I was hurt by my ex-boyfriend and his fiancée, who was also my best friend. After all, it was too much of a twist of events.

“I’m just a little tired. It’s okay; you just keep watching. I’ll take a shower.” I got out of bed, picked up my pajamas, and went into the bathroom.

That night, Shannon went on to watch her drama series while my thoughts were in shambles.

I was worried that this cooperation with Flash would not go smoothly.

Didn’t Dominic say he also invested in it? Based on his numerous attempts to trouble me in the past, I’m afraid it will the same case this time.

My goodness! What crimes have I committed in my past life to deserve this?

Suddenly, my thoughts were scattered by a sudden ring of my phone.

I picked it up and saw Dominic’s name on the screen. I gathered my courage and hung up on him without hesitation.

That b*****d still dares to call me.

But I immediately regretted it. I was afraid that my determination might provoke him to get back at me later.

Conveniently, the phone rang again. It was still Dominic.

I bit my lip, reluctant to answer the phone. Somehow, my finger moved by itself and pressed the “answer” button.

“Where are you? Who are you with?” Dominic asked in a bone-chilling tone.

He still has time to care about me despite being with his fiancée—what a joke.

Intending to provoke him, I said, “I just had a meal with a handsome guy. We’re about to chat and talk about our ideals in life. Mr. Hartnell, you have a beauty by your side as well. Since we’re both busy, let’s not bother each other.”

I entered battle mode right after that and prepared for Dominic to strike back at me.

Surprisingly, I heard a beeping tone on the line. He hung up on me!

I tossed my phone aside and cursed silently, “What a psycho.”

Shannon, who was quiet in her bed, suddenly shrieked as if she saw a ghost. I was startled and almost sprang out of my bed.

I sat up straight and shouted, “Shannon! What are you doing screaming in the night?”

“No… Liliana, you’re trending on Twitter!”

“Why the hell am I trending?”

I’m just a measly little cartoonist; how could I be trending?

She must be seeing things.

Shannon wriggled her way over to my bed with her tablet in hand.

She pointed on the sub-heading and eagerly said, “Look. You, Nicholas, and Dominic are trending. It says the three of you are entangled in a passionate love triangle!”

The more I listened, the more sinister it sounded. What is this all about?

I was bewildered as I took the tablet. After reading the news, I finally understood what it meant to be dumbfounded.

These… When were these photos taken?

There were photos of Nicholas holding hands with me as we were running. Other than that, there were also photos of me, Nicholas, and Dominic confronting each other at the restaurant.

The last photo was of Nicholas sending me back to the hotel.

What the hell? Was I being followed with my pictures being taken the whole time?

It’s only ten o’clock at night, but the news is already trending on Twitter. It’s even at the top of the charts.

It had an exceptionally eye-catching title as well. Sensational Designer CEO VS Superstar: Vying for the Same Girl.

I nearly fainted. This is crazy…

“Come on, Liliana. Tell me, who will you choose?” Meanwhile, Shannon was chattering around asking me stupid questions. I instantly had the urge to stab her with a knife.

“Choose, my a*s! Can’t you see it’s all nonsense? Do you think things will work out between Nicholas and me? And Dominic, he already has a fiancée!”

I turned my focus back to the tablet again. Hmm, why are there only the three of us on the news?

Camille was there, too. Why isn’t she on the news?


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