Love the Second Time Around Chapter 87 by NovelsYou

Chapter 87 Humiliation

I knew Dominic too well. He was a savage, violent, mentally ill, and unjust man. A gentleman such as Nicholas would not stand a chance against him.


I grew anxious and tried to tug my hand away from Nicholas.

Nicholas stopped walking and looked at me. Seeing that I did not appear disappointed, he smiled softly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

I looked at him with guilt and awkwardly smiled. “Um… I think I won’t be eating. Maybe next time. Thanks for the treat anyway.”


He looked at me so intensely that I didn’t know what to say. After all, I could not tell him that Dominic was about to break my wrist. I’m also worried he might cripple you!

As I hesitated, Dominic gave me an even more forceful tug, causing my hand to escape from Nicholas’ grasp as I fell into Dominic’s embrace.

Dominic replied, “There is no reason. She can only eat with me.”

D**n it. He’s so domineering!

I don’t get it. Who am I to him? Why should he care about who I eat with? If he can eat with Camille, why can’t I dine with someone else?

I became even angrier the more I thought about it. I stood steadily and pushed Dominic aside.

“Dominic, don’t get too full of yourself. Why do I need your approval to eat with anyone? You always eat with whoever you want; have you ever asked for my consent?”

We had only walked a few steps when Camille caught up to us. As soon as I saw her, I could not control myself and I shouted at Dominic.

“Liliana, I never knew that you don’t like me eating together with Dom. If I knew, I wouldn’t have come. I’m sorry.”

Before Dominic could speak, Camille was already apologizing and looking all guilty. By admitting that it was her fault, she made it look like I was the one bullying her.

F*ck, how shameless can she be?

Dominic frowned and glared at me upon hearing what Camille said.

“Liliana, don’t be rude. Camille did nothing wrong. Who do you think you are to me? Do we have to report to you that we’re having a meal together?”

I was shocked that he asked me who I was to him.

Indeed, he was my boss and I was only a caregiver. How dare I control who he eats with! Besides, there was nothing wrong with a couple eating together, yet I shamelessly criticized him for that.

I’m such an idiot!

“Dom, don’t say that to her. It is all my fault for returning after five years. She just hasn’t adapted to it.”

Camille pitifully grabbed Dominic’s sleeve and shook her head desperately. Had I not witnessed that scene back then, I might also be led to think that I had misunderstood her.

“You did nothing wrong. She’s the one who doesn’t know anything and still bullied you. Is this what you call a good friend? Liliana, do you know that Camille…”

“Dom, I feel dizzy. I don’t feel so good.”

Before I got to react to Dominic’s inexplicable accusations, he was interrupted by Camille. He quickly carried Camille in his arms and glared at me.

“Go back immediately. Look at you. He invited you to dinner only because he’s met too many beauties and wanted a change of taste to try something simpler. Yet, here you are, assuming he’s actually into you.”

Then he hurriedly brushed past me with Camille in his arms and left the restaurant.

Dominic’s leaving did not burn my eyes but his words hurt my feelings. He humiliated me in front of Camille like I was nothing but dirt on the ground.

If I am really so ugly, why did he treat me like that?

Was it because he also wanted a change of taste and try something simpler?

I didn’t utter a word. However, my body was trembling. Suddenly, I found myself in an embrace.

“He’s wrong. I only like simpler women. Complex and fancy women make me sick.”


I knew he was just comforting me but I needed the warmth badly. I held back my tears and buried my head in his arms.


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