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Chapter 85 Actor

This scene was a repeat from five years ago. While I thought I was already numbed by it, I could feel jealousy creeping its way into me. Out of anger, I raised my voice. “Save your concern. Someone’s treating me to dinner.”


From where I was, I could see Dominic’s brows furrow.

“Who?” His voice was curt.

“None of your business!” I hung up the phone and entered the room. Once seated, Nicholas handed me the menu. “Don’t hold back. My treat!” While saying this, he smiled deviously at me.

If not for what I saw earlier, I would have savored his attractive smile. The call just now made me lose my appetite.

I handed the menu back to him while smiling. “It’s all right! I wouldn’t want to get hammered by your fans. You decide; I’m not a picky eater.”

Instead of receiving the menu, his deep-set eyes continued to stare intently at me. “What’s wrong? Don’t worry about the photos. I said I’ll protect you. I’ll call the company tomorrow and they’ll handle this.”

It seemed like my attempt to put up a normal front was a flop. Even so, there was no way I could let Nicholas know all of my messy issues.

I shook my head. “I’m not worried about that. In fact, this might be good publicity for my comic, which means I’m the one leeching off you here. I really just don’t know what to order. You choose.”

Nicholas was tactful enough not to insist and ordered a few dishes for us. Just as the waiter left, he leaned in closer. I flinched slightly as his hands approached my cheeks. Then he stopped midway and patted my head instead. A few specks of dust fell off.

“Just look at yourself. What’s with this mess on your head? Sometimes I really wonder whether you’re a woman. I’ve never seen anyone of the female race who cares so little about her appearance.”

All this while, I was holding my breath. Turns out he’s just getting the dust off my head.

In reality, his words hit the spot. I really was not one to care about my appearance. Nevertheless, I knew it was basic respect to look decent while hanging out with a superstar like him.

I smiled awkwardly in my seat. “It must’ve gotten into my hair while we were rushing just now. Excuse me while I head to the restroom.”

It was only when I saw myself in the mirror that I realized Nicholas was already being kind. Not only was my hair a complete mess, but my face was oily as well.

I hurriedly turned on the tap and started rinsing my face and hair. As I was drying myself, I saw an uninvited face reflecting in the mirror.

She must have come in to tidy her makeup. While walking to her station, our eyes met. She paused for a few moments and then broke into a surprised and gentle smile.

“Liliana? Is that really you? It’s been five years since we last saw each other! How are you doing now? Are you still drawing? By the way, who are you eating with?”

Her questions came non-stop as though we were close buddies.

I paid no heed to her questions. I threw my tissue into the bin and sauntered my way to the exit. I was not acting rude without a reason. How else could she expect me to treat my ex-best friend who had stolen my boyfriend?

Then, I felt a pair of hands grab onto my arm. “Liliana, do you not recognize me? I’m Camille Madison!”

I detested women like her to the core. Who is she acting innocent for? Only she and I were here. I shrugged her hands off, examined her from top to bottom, and asked sarcastically, “Do I know you?”

Not expecting such a hostile response, Camille was momentarily at a loss. She looked as though I had wronged her.

“Liliana, why are you acting this way? Weren’t we best friends in university?”

Seriously? Do you really expect me to behave all chummy with the person who stole my boyfriend?

“I don’t see any good reason to remember you. If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving.” I could not bear the thought of staying another second longer with her.

Camille hurriedly added, “What about Dominic? Have you forgotten him as well?”

Are you for real? I did not expect her to mention him so brazenly in front of me. I shot her a steely look before replying nonchalantly, “Do I need to remember a guy I dumped?”

I swore for a moment she looked smug, but that was quickly masked with a look of disbelief.

D**n. She really was an actress to the bone. But was there a need to act in front of me?

Lucky or not for me, the answer came running right after. I heard a bone-chilling voice from behind me. “Oh, really?”


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