Love the Second Time Around Chapter 83 by NovelsYou

Chapter 83 Eloping

I can continue stripping? What the hell?


Nicholas’ words sounded increasingly suggestive. With my face flushed bright red, I panicked so badly that my limbs became a tangled mess as I briskly tugged the chef’s outfit off.

With a smile playing on his lips, Nicholas took it from me and put it on deftly. Those who didn’t know any better would think that he truly had experience being a chef.

In no time, his appearance underwent a drastic change.

He appeared just like a professional chef.

However, his long and slender legs, as well as his alluring eyes, couldn’t be disguised. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I was too familiar with him, but I could still recognize him.

“What is it? Do I look awful?”

Nicholas’ eyes were curved, telling me that he was smiling beneath the mask.

“No, but I think fans who are familiar with you will still be able to recognize you. After all, your eyes are truly too conspicuous.”

I pursed my lips in worry as I racked my brains for a way to conceal his eyes.

To my surprise, Nicholas wasn’t the slightest bit worried. Taking the spatula from my hand, he waved it around like a playful child.

“It’s okay. I think it’s pretty good, so let’s just leave it at this. But… you’ve got to keep me company, okay? If my cover is blown, you’ve got to hold them back for me.”

Huh? My jaw dropped in shock. I’ll probably be trampled to death in seconds by those rabid fans, considering my petite stature. How am I supposed to hold them back?

“Haha, I was just teasing you. Look at your terrified expression!” Nicholas’ eyes danced with mirth once again.

In response, I shot him an indignant glare. Good Lord! He must have gotten h****d on teasing me to keep scaring me despite knowing that I’ve never experienced such a situation.

I huffily reached out to pull open the restroom door, but my arm was grabbed right that moment. Looking over my shoulder, I saw Nicholas gazing at me with a serious look in his jet-black eyes.

“Don’t worry, for I’ll protect you.”

I was stunned upon hearing that. While I was still dazed, Nicholas walked out of the restroom ahead of me. Nonetheless, he didn’t release his hold on my hand though he kept me concealed behind his tall figure.

As soon as we exited the restroom, a group of fans who came into the restaurant in wait of him swung their gazes to us. I was so panicked that my palms turned damp.

Nicholas seemed to have sensed it, for he gently brushed his finger across my palm. I knew that he was comforting me.

Inhaling deeply, I followed him and headed toward the entrance slowly. Scorching gazes surrounded us on all sides as though they wanted to stare a hole into us. Fortunately, Nicholas’ disguise held up. Those fans merely stared hesitantly without making a move.

But as we approached the door, the number of people increased significantly. The only way we could leave was to squeeze our way out. Before we knew it, our interlinked hands got separated.

Feigning calmness, I continued walking with my head held high. However, I then noticed the fans in the restaurant earlier whispering while staring at Nicholas’ back suspiciously. They even started wedging themselves through the crowd after us.

C**p! It looks like Nicholas has been made! See? Didn’t I say that his figure is too conspicuous? Chefs nowadays are plump, so it’ll take a miracle to remain under the radar with his long and slender legs as well as his height of over six feet!

“Nicholas Scott? You’re Nicholas Scott, aren’t you?”

The very thing I feared came to pass, for a fan called out to Nicholas. My mind instantly went blank, and I only remembered Nicholas telling me to keep him company and hold his frenzied fans at bay.

Thus, I spun around and spread my arms out without even thinking about it. “He’s not Nicholas Scott! You’ve got the wrong person!” I shouted loudly.

When my words rang out, a group of people charged at me. Right then, I could almost imagine my pitiful end—being trampled to death under their feet. In the blink of an eye, someone grabbed my hand. With a stumble, I then started running as a force hauled me forward.

When I finally snapped back to reality, I realized that it was Nicholas who was sprinting wildly while dragging me along. Behind us was a group of shrieking fans.

“Liliana, don’t you think we look like we’re eloping right now?”

Huh? Eloping?

I looked up in exasperation, only to see that Nicholas’ mask had already fallen off earlier, revealing his delighted smile in its entirety.

Good heavens! Why on earth is he so happy? Shouldn’t this be a sad moment?


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