Love the Second Time Around Chapter 82 by NovelsYou

Chapter 82 You Can Continue Stripping

A moment later, I stepped out in a chef’s outfit with a mask that obscured my face. With a spatula in hand, I boldly strode up to those rabid fans.

“Make way! Scram! This is a place of business, so get out of my way!”

After I confidently roared at them, they finally noticed my presence. However, the hostile looks they sent me almost killed me on the spot.

I hastily coughed a few times and wedged myself into the gap while brandishing the spatula in my hand. Then, I sprinted toward the restroom.

“Nicholas? Nicholas? Are you here?” I called out softly as I pinched my nose, terrified that I would attract other people’s attention.

I was poking my head into the men’s restroom, so I appeared extremely bizarre, especially when I was also holding a spatula in hand.

While I was apprehensively glancing over my shoulder, a hand abruptly yanked me into the bathroom. It scared me so much that I opened my mouth to scream, but a hand clamped over my mouth before I could do so.

“Calm down. It’s me.”

Raising my eyes, I was greeted by Nicholas’ fiery gaze and his slightly tilted lips.


Huh? He’s actually smiling? What the heck? I’m absolutely terrified, yet he’s amused? As expected of a superstar who has seen plenty in his life. But… I’ve got to admit that he’s just too handsome!

It was the first time I had seen him at such a close distance. His perfect countenance was flawless, and his alluring eyes were currently half-squinted since he was smiling. On the whole, he was both captivating and riveting.

On top of that, I could even feel his long and slender fingers through the mask.

“What kind of getup is this? If you hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have recognized you.”

His voice was music to my ears now that it was no longer suppressed. However, I could only blink while making muffled sounds with no way of answering him.

Upon seeing that, Nicholas promptly dropped his hand. Nonetheless, he didn’t put any distance between us. His hand remained propped against the wall as he stared at me with his head lowered and mouth pursed.

Oh my God, I’m dying! I’m really going to die! With him gazing at me, my heartbeat pounded wildly, and my face flushed bright red. Luckily, I had the mask to conceal it, or I would truly be so mortified that I would rather crawl into a hole and die.

“How could you laugh at me? I’ve gone all out just to rescue you and only got this outfit after leaving everything I own as collateral. Hurry up and put it on!”

As I said that, I urgently took off the chef hat before unbuttoning the shirt. While I was frantically stripping, I looked up, only to notice that the man’s expression seemed a touch strange. It was as though he was amused.

“Hey, what kind of expression is that?” I glared at him with the shirt half-undone.

Pressing his lips into a thin line, he dipped his head and gave a light cough. “I didn’t expect you to strip before a man so openly. Or… do you not regard me as a man?”

Good God!

The moment I heard that, my face seemed to burst into flames. I wanted to explain myself, but the words that escaped my mouth sounded suggestive instead.

“I’m not naked. I’ve still got my outerwear on top of my underwear!”

I almost bit off my own tongue after saying that. D**n it all to hell! Why did I mention my underwear? What on earth was I saying?

“Oh… I get it. I totally understand. Outerwear and underwear, huh? Okay, go on.”

Nicholas’ stifled mirth had me on the verge of crying.

Where’s the cold and aloof idol? Why is he so flirty in private? Also, he’s such an ingrate! Isn’t it because of him that I’m wearing layer upon layer here? Yet, he’s actually teasing me!

Just when I was inwardly berating him, Nicholas suddenly grabbed my hand. His smile earlier had disappeared, and he stared at me with a scorching gaze. “Thank you. I’m not an ingrate, so I’ll remember the favor you did me today.”

Thump, thump, thump! My heart just about pounded out of my chest. Can he read minds? And most importantly, his serious expression is too mesmerizing!

“But well… What kind of thanks do you want? For instance, giving myself to you…”

As soon as I heard those four words, I lost all composure. In my shock, I jerked my head back, slamming it hard against the door. The agony was so excruciating that I grimaced in pain without any care for my image.

“I mean, that’s impossible. Don’t you think you’re being a bit too excited?”


At the sight of my bewildered expression, Nicholas burst into laughter. He extended a long arm and steadied me.

“You’re too adorable, Liliana! All right, I’ll stop teasing you. Now… you can continue stripping.”

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