Love the Second Time Around Chapter 81 by NovelsYou

Chapter 81 Bail Him Out

My inspiration was all but gone after Dominic’s appearance. At the sight of the awful work on the tablet, I put the stylus down in despair

The moment I remembered that he was coming back to check on my work, I immediately shot to my feet and slipped out the door. Who said that his words were a royal decree? I’m not going to play along with him!

I had nowhere to go after leaving, so I decided to give myself the day off and went shopping.

Just when I was trying on a dress, my cell phone started ringing. I knew who was calling at this time without even thinking about it, so I simply ignored it. Instead, I scrutinized the reflection of the new dress in the mirror.

However, the other person was exceedingly persistent. My cell phone continued ringing time and again without any sign of stopping anytime soon. Despite wanting to ignore it, I could no longer do so. I could only unzip my handbag sullenly and fish out my cell phone.

Without even glancing at the caller ID, I answered the call right away.

“I don’t belong to you exclusively, you know! Do you know that you’re very annoying to phone me relentlessly just because I left for a moment?”

My voice reflected the depth of my resentment, for I was at the end of my patience when it came to Dominic.

I had long since braced myself for a tempest, but the person on the other end of the phone actually went silent. That had the courage I mustered dissipating bit by bit with every breath I took.

“Hello? Say something!” I muttered after a brief hesitation.

This time, however, my confidence was sorely lacking.

“I’m sorry to have bothered you. It… It wasn’t deliberate on my part.” The deep and lowered voice had my eyes almost popping out of my head.

I promptly moved my cell phone away to have a gander at the caller ID. When I saw the word “Nicholas” on the screen, stark regret assailed me.

“No, no! My words earlier weren’t directed at you, so please don’t misunderstand. I thought it was that irritating guy. Please don’t take offense at me, Nicholas! But why do you sound odd? Did something happen?”

Having my wits about me, I seized the opportunity to divert the subject. After all, I wouldn’t dare explain who exactly the “irritating guy” was.

“Yeah, I indeed ran into a spot of trouble. Are you free now?”

Fortunately, Nicholas didn’t take offense at me. When he asked whether I was free, I instantly patted myself on the chest and declared that I had absolutely nothing to do and was shopping aimlessly.

“In that case, do you mind coming to my rescue? I’m now in the restroom of a restaurant, and the entrance has been blocked by fans who recognized me. It’s all on me for thinking that everything will be fine with me in disguise and keeping a low profile. I told Jake that he didn’t need to accompany me and even asked him to collect some clothes from a sponsor. As such, I’m currently caught in a tight spot…”

Oh! No wonder his voice sounds muffled, as though he has his hand cupping the speaker. It turns out that he is in such huge trouble. I asked him for the location at once and reassured him that I would head over right away.

Nicholas swiftly gave me the location before apologizing and thanking me repeatedly. He was so effusive that I was embarrassed instead.

After hanging up the phone, I hurriedly changed out of the dress. Snagging my handbag, I went out and hailed a taxi to the restaurant in short order.

When I arrived, I had the shock of my life.

The restaurant was completely surrounded, befitting his popularity as Nicholas Scott, the award-winning actor. The fans were all clutching their cell phones in anticipation. As they snapped photos, they made calls and gushed that they had spotted Nicholas, telling the other person the location before urging them to come quickly.

D**n it! Judging from the packed crowd, I’ll only be able to get in if I were to grow a pair of wings. Well, what now? What should I do?

It was my first time encountering such a situation, so I didn’t quite know how to handle it either. Gritting my teeth, I desperately squeezed into the crowd, but I was jostled out by the excited fans before I had even made any headway.

In the process, I almost lost one of my shoes, and my hair became so messy that it resembled a bird’s nest.

Panic engulfed me. Nicholas is still waiting for me to bail him out, so I definitely can’t disappoint him! All of a sudden, an idea flashed across my mind. My mind whirring, I raced toward the restaurant across the street.

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