Love the Second Time Around Chapter 78 by NovelsYou

Chapter 78 Being A Good Samaritan Is No Cakewalk

Unexpectedly, Shannon arrived before Dominic and my father returned.


When my mother saw that I had Shannon keeping me company, she took the jug out to get some hot water.

After seeing that I had awakened when she stepped in, Shannon was so excited that a grin split her face. However, the smile only lasted for two seconds before tears streamed down her face like a faucet.

“What are you doing, Shannon, crying and laughing at the same time?” I stared at her in exasperation. Good heavens! I’ve finally gotten Mom to stop crying, yet it’s now her turn to turn on the waterworks!

Dashing the tears off her face, Shannon sniffled. “I’m just happy. Why didn’t you inform me when you woke up, girl? Do you know how worried I was?”

“All right, all right, I’m fine now, no?” I consoled her with a smile. “Wipe your face properly. You’re looking ghastly with your makeup all smeared.”

“I was concerned about you, but you ridicule me for being ghastly? I’ll punch you!” Shannon screeched indignantly.

“Can you bring yourself to do so when I’m a patient now?” I countered with a wink.

Upon hearing that, Shannon grew nervous. Sitting down beside the bed, she solemnly inquired, “So, how are you doing? What did the doctor say?”

“I don’t know either. My father and Dominic left with the doctor. Anyway, I’m probably fine since I’m awake. Don’t worry.”

In truth, I was still rather perturbed about the drug Julius gave me. I had no idea whether it would have any side effects, especially when I was still feeling weak and listless.

Thus, that remark was both for Shannon and me. In a way, I was trying to soothe myself.

“Liliana, tell me honestly—what’s your relationship with Dominic?” Out of the blue, Shannon leaned close to me with curiosity written all over her face.

I was startled for a moment before I averted my gaze and fibbed, “I don’t have a relationship with him. He’s just a friend of Benjamin’s.”

“Yeah, right.” Shannon wore an expression of disbelief as though she had just heard that the earth was flat. “The two of you have no relationship, you say? Then, why did he keep watch here every day? Did he have nothing better to do? Furthermore, he was almost feral when he stormed up to my house the other day.”

“He went to your house? Why on earth did he do so?” Puzzlement swamped me.

Huffily rolling her eyes at me, Shannon then related the incident that day to me.

“To inquire about your whereabouts. I said I had no idea, but he pressed me for an answer, knocking me for a six. I asked him why he was looking for you, but he refused to answer. And when he left, he almost broke my door. His aggressiveness seemed off to me, but I couldn’t get through to you either. In the end, I only knew that you’d been kidnapped when I sought Benjamin out. Later, when we found you, you were unconscious. You know, Dominic’s reaction then was so intense that I shudder even at the mere recollection of it now.” Shannon pierced me with her penetrating eyes. “Do you still dare say that there’s nothing between you both now? Are you two dating?”

From what she said, it seems that he has been exceedingly worried about me?

Admittedly, a spark of delight ignited within me, followed by an inappropriate sense of anticipation. Nonetheless, I would never admit it.

It’s the truth anyway. What kind of relationship do I have with him? If I’ve got to describe it, we’re probably friends with benefits right now. I haven’t forgotten that he still has Camille.

Shannon, however, refused to believe me. I was just racking my brains to convince her when Dad and Dominic came back. Mom was also with them, making it evident that she had gone in search of them earlier.

“Mom, Dad, what did the doctor say?” Frankly speaking, I was still feeling a tad uneasy.

Before my parents could say anything, Dominic interjected, “You’re fine and can be discharged in a few days.”

“Yeah, the doctor said that you can be discharged in no time, so don’t worry,” my father echoed.

I looked at Dominic suspiciously before turning my gaze on my father, finding the entire exchange rather strange.

At that turn of events, Shannon stopped pursuing the subject. She then chimed in, “In that case, why don’t you both go home and have a rest, Mr. and Mrs. Zanetti? You haven’t been resting well these few days. I’ll stay and keep Liliana company.”

When I heard that, I no longer bothered to contemplate the perceived oddness earlier. Following her lead, I persuaded my parents to go home and rest.

I had long since noticed the obvious exhaustion on my mother’s face, after all. They must have been tormented when I remained unconscious.

Initially, my parents refused to leave. They only relented in the end when I threatened not to rest either if they didn’t do so.

Later, it was Dominic who drove them home. While leaving, he even coerced Shannon to leave despite her wanting to stay, claiming that I needed to rest quietly.

Shannon almost burst a blood vessel at his underhanded snub. Nevertheless, I didn’t insist on her staying either, lest she continued asking about my relationship with Dominic.

It was only after she had left that I remembered I forgot to ask her about Flash. Considering my current condition, I certainly couldn’t join the film crew. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even start drawing the comic as scheduled.

Anyway, she’ll still handle everything well, even if I don’t mention anything. I just wonder whether Flash will consider it a breach of contract. I don’t have any money for the compensation!

I was energetic earlier with someone to talk to me, but the fact remained that I had just regained consciousness. Hence, now that I was alone, I dozed off again in no time.

When I next woke up, the sky outside was dark. The only source of light in the hospital room was the lit lamp at the door.

“You’re awake?”

It wasn’t until I heard the voice did I realize that Dominic was sitting right beside my bed. I never expected him to return after having driven my parents home to rest.

There were dark circles under his eyes, making it clear as day that he hadn’t rested much. “Why didn’t you go home to sleep?”

“Your parents were worried about you being alone,” he answered nonchalantly.

“Oh, I see.” Mild disappointment hit me upon learning that he only came back because of my parents.

Thereafter, he started admonishing me, “I’ve never seen someone as stupid as you! Have you never heard of the saying, ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me?’ Don’t you know your ex-husband and his mother’s character? They simply feigned pitifulness, and you eagerly rushed over to be a kind Samaritan. You’re quite the expert at repaying evil with good.”

Although his words were cutting, I didn’t refute them. I knew that I had indeed been too foolish this time.

When he was done castigating me, I slowly murmured, “I won’t do it again. Thank you for saving me this time.”

“I really hope so,” he asserted coldly. “Stop being so sympathetic every single time. Tell you what, being a good Samaritan is no cakewalk.”

Knowing that his words made sense, I silently listened to him.

After some time, I queried, “By the way, how did you find me? Also, Julius said he wanted five million from you. You didn’t give him the money, right?”

Casting me a sidelong glance, Dominic drawled, “He was delusional, and you were infected as well? You’re not worth five million. As for how I found you, it was naturally the police who did so. How else did you think I found you? Mainly, it was because that ex-husband of yours is brainless. Anyway, just stay out of this. With your intellect, you won’t understand even if you ask so many questions. In a nutshell, he’s not going to see the day of light for the rest of his life.”

I choked at his words. Argh! How many times does he have to insult me in a single breath

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