Love the Second Time Around Chapter 76 by NovelsYou

Chapter 76 As long As He Does Not Violate Me

The sound seemed very close to me, and I wondered whether Julius was back.

Roughly discerning the direction in which the sound originated, I pinned my gaze there without even blinking once.

A few minutes passed, but still, no one came into sight despite the continual noise.

“Is that you, Julius?” I couldn’t help asking in a holler.

My voice reverberated around the space, yet there was no sign of anyone.

Subsequently, I felt something scurrying across my lap even as squeaks drifted into my ears.

Oh my God, it’s a rat! Fear struck me, and I shuddered violently.

I inexorably tucked my legs closer to my body

Ugh! I’m most terrified of rats! I’m not even afraid of whatever Julius might do to me now, be it hitting me or tearing into me. At least he’s a living person, and it’s way better than being here alone with those creatures!

At the thought of him, Coraline came to mind.

Jeez, how stupid am I that I was duped again? As the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy. Everyone knows that except me. Despite having been sabotaged by them both countless times on end, I was still dumbly eager to put myself in the line of fire. Gah! Oh well, Coraline’s acting skills were truly top-notch as well, even surpassing that of Nicholas and Scarlett’s.

I lifted my head and stared up at the infinite sea of pitch-black darkness above me. A sense of utter helplessness inundated me.

If only I’d known that things would come to this, I would’ve immediately told Dominic where I was when he phoned me. Why the hell did I act so childishly? I wonder if he would be able to find me when I only said Ho for Horington. Argh!

After an indeterminate amount of time, a sound snagged my attention again. This time, I could tell that it was the sound of footsteps.

Sure enough, Julius entered my line of sight with a bag in his hand after a few minutes.

Whipping out a tablet from the bag, he placed it before me.

“Tell your lover to prepare five million if he wants to see you again. Also, warn him that he’s not allowed to lodge a police report.”

Hearing that, my eyes instantly went wide. Five million? He must have really lost his mind! If he wants his initial five hundred thousand, Dominic will probably be willing to pay, but he has actually jacked it up tenfold! Putting aside the fact that Dominic might not have that much money, our relationship doesn’t warrant him paying that exorbitant sum. Who am I to him, after all?

“Julius, I really didn’t spend even a single penny of your five hundred thousand, so they can probably give you that much. But don’t you think five million is too much? How could he—”


A crisp smack interrupted me before I could finish. In the next moment, my cheek smarted once more.

Then, Julius grabbed my hair and yanked it backward, jerking my head up.

“Stop yakking! I’m not asking you for money! Why? Are you that distressed on behalf of your lover? Liliana, you should actually thank me. This is a test for him, you know?” he drawled.

Right on the heels of that, his tone abruptly changed. In a cold and ominous voice, he threatened, “Later, just repeat whatever I tell you. Don’t you dare utter a single word more, or I’ll break your leg!”

I could still feel my scalp stinging, and his threat echoed in my ears, so I truly didn’t dare say anything else.

“Okay, I’ll repeat whatever you say. S-So, how should I do it?”

When Julius saw that I was being all docile and meek, he finally released his grip on my hair.

Tapping the voice recorder software on the tablet, he brought it close to my mouth. “Go on.”

By then, the time had already started ticking. After casting him a glance, I began repeating everything he said earlier under his intent scrutiny, his gaze dark and chilly.

As soon as I uttered the final word, he yanked the tablet away.

He fiddled with it for a long moment before putting it away. Then, he took out a bottle of mineral water from the bag and unscrewed the cap. I saw him dropping a pill into the water before he brought it to my mouth.

Whoa! Is he kidding me? I saw him drugging the water, so why would I still drink it?

I bit my lip hard, refusing to open my mouth.

At that, he reached out and grasped my chin forcefully without a single word. Hauling me up, he then slammed his knee against my abdomen.

When excruciating pain assaulted me, my mouth instinctively opened from the agony. That was my downfall, for he instantly started pouring the water into my mouth.

Water went into my nostrils and down my throat while streaming down my neck, almost choking me.

“We’re going somewhere else now, so you’ve got to behave!” Julius declared glacially.

I sprawled on the floor, panting. All of a sudden, he untied the rope binding me.

While I felt much better without the rope restraining me, I didn’t think he would be so kind for no reason.

I wanted to prop my hand against the wall and stand up, but just after I got an inch off the floor, my knees went weak before I collapsed on my b**t again.

However, it didn’t feel as though my legs were numb after having sat motionless for a long time. Instead, they were truly sapped of all energy, leaving me too weak to even move.

“W-What did you do to me? The drug in the water earlier…” To my horror, I realized that it wasn’t just my legs, but even my hands could no longer work now.

Worse still, I felt wholly exhausted despite only having uttered those few words just now. It felt as though my tongue and lips weren’t working anymore either.

Julius, on the other hand, seemed pleased with my current condition. With a malevolent and creepy smile, he replied, “It won’t kill you. You just can’t move or talk. You’ll feel like your entire body was drained of energy.”

My eyes widened further, but my senses continued to dull. I opened my mouth, but only whimpers came out.

At that moment, Julius extended a hand toward my chest. Unexpectedly, he yanked my shirt open. All at once, I felt the cool air brushing against my skin.

Right then, I was entirely at his mercy, for I couldn’t even turn without his help.

He took off my clothes one after another, stripping me down to my underwear.

I could feel his hands sliding across my skin, disgusting me so greatly that I wanted to puke.

“You must have been getting it frequently these days, huh, Liliana? Look at how sensitive you are. What a sl*t, you b*tch!” As Julius said that, he slapped me several times again.

Having endured so many slaps at the same side in such a short time, my face is probably so swollen that it can rival a pufferfish.

Nevertheless, he didn’t grope me further after having smacked me. Next, he took out some bland clothes from the bag and put them on me.

Boy, am I glad that he has a virginity complex! I don’t mind him hitting me as long as he doesn’t violate me.

Subsequently, he put a cap and mask on me. Scooping me up, he then walked out.

Oh, no wonder he drugged me. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t dare carry me out like this.

The sky was still dark, and it seemed as though it was right before dawn.

I wonder if we’re still in Horington. And where is he planning to take me?

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