Love the Second Time Around Chapter 73 by NovelsYou

Chapter 74 Take Pity

Her words caused me to lash out in anger.

“Stop pushing the blame to me! Why would I be here if I wanted you dead? Don’t you feel any remorse for the way you and Julius treated me in the past? You should be grateful that I’m still here!”

My outburst caused Coraline to stiffen with shock. “I-I didn’t mean it that way. Lili, deep down, I know that you’re a good person. Can’t you take pity on me just once? I’m all alone here,” Coraline stuttered.

I massaged my temples to ease my pounding headache. I finally understand the meaning of shooting oneself in the foot.

“Coraline, let me cut to the chase. So far, I have been benevolent and understanding of your situation. Do you expect me to watch over you day and night? You can either ask one of your relatives to visit you or hire a caretaker to tend to your needs.” I frowned as I said this.

With that, I didn’t bother wasting my breath. I grabbed my purse and left the ward.

After exiting the hospital, I hailed a cab and made my way home.

I took a hot shower and sprawled across the bed before shooting a reply to Nicholas’ message. After chatting with him for a few moments, I fell into slumber.

The shrill ringtone of my phone roused me from my sleep early in the morning. I realized that the caller was none other than Dr. Morris.

He informed me that Coraline refused to cooperate when he tried to change her bandages and requested my presence at the hospital.

Just as I was about to decline his request, Coraline’s wails echoed through the phone. “Lili, I know that I’ve made mistakes in the past, but I’m all alone now! I have no one to rely upon. Can’t you please visit me?”

“Coraline, you are crossing the line!” I snapped irritably.

“Lili… please.” Coraline continued to sob before Dr. Morris raised his voice to speak over her cries.

“I think that it’d be best for you to visit her. She’s not young anymore. Elderly patients tend to get very miserable when they are left alone in the hospital. Your presence will help decrease the chances of an accident occurring.”

I heaved out a heavy sigh and agreed reluctantly. After all, Dr. Morris is speaking the truth.

“Lili, come here!” Coraline exclaimed with joy when she caught sight of me. “I knew that you wouldn’t disappoint me.”

“Please convince her to change her bandages,” Dr. Morris advised.

I heeded his words. “We’ll talk after you change your bandages,” I said to Coraline.

Immediately, Coraline ceased her fussing and agreed to my request.

Why on earth is she so insistent on asking me to keep her company? Even when Julius and I were still married, she never behaved in such a strange manner.

It didn’t take long for Dr. Morris to change her bandages. Before he left, he even advised me to talk things out with Coraline.

After his departure, I turned around to address Coraline. “What do you want? Didn’t I make myself clear yesterday?”

Tears began to well up in her eyes again. However, it didn’t look like she was going to burst into tears this time.

“Lili, I know that I don’t have the right to ask for your care. But I can’t stop panicking because Julius is in danger. I’m not trying to trouble you. However, I can’t be alone right now.” She paused for a moment before speaking again, “While I’m in the hospital, why don’t you keep me company in the daytime? I just need you to chat with me. Is that okay?”

Her words made me realize the reason behind her odd behavior.

In the past, Julius and his Mom relied on each other after the passing of his Dad.

He had relied heavily on his Mom when he was younger. Now that Julius was a grown man, it was natural for her to depend on him instead.

However, Coraline had lost Julius. She must be scared out of her wits. Even so, what am I supposed to do? I can’t be the person she relies on!

“Coraline, don’t you have any other relatives to keep you company? Julius and I are divorced. Don’t you think it is inappropriate to keep contacting me?” I sighed.

“Even if they are willing to visit me, I’d be wasting their time. I know that I’m in no position to make any demands, but can’t you keep me company for these few days? I promise to leave you alone once I’m discharged.”

After a few moments of turmoil, I found that I didn’t have the heart to deny her request. “All right, I’ll visit you when I’m free. However, you should stop going against the doctor’s orders. Stop bursting into tears for no reason too.”

Hearing my words, Coraline wiped her tears away and nodded in agreement.

I remained silent as I dragged a chair over to take a seat beside her bed.

Yet, we have always had a rocky relationship. Thus, an awkward silence filled the air between us.

After a while, the driver who ran into her arrived at the hospital. He carried an array of gifts and apologized profusely. Before Coraline could bring up the topic of compensation, he handed her a paper package.

With a single glance, I could decipher the contents of the package.

Initially, I thought that Coraline wouldn’t let this matter slide so easily. To my astonishment, she agreed readily to the driver’s request.

A look of relief painted the driver’s face when he heard Coraline’s promise as he thanked her repeatedly.

After all, this would be the best way to settle the incident smoothly.

After the driver left, I prepared to return home after staying for another ten more minutes.

Although Coraline looked reluctant to watch me leave, she did not cause a scene.

Just as I reached the exit, she called after me. A frown graced my forehead as I turned around. Did she change her mind?

Instead, she hesitantly asked if I could bring her something to eat tomorrow.

Since I already had plans to visit her tomorrow, it wouldn’t be a big hassle for me to bring her some food. Consequently, I agreed to her request.

In the following days, I took some time out to visit Coraline. I even brought her some chicken broth. Over the course of two days, Coraline’s mood and mental health improved immensely.

On the third day, Dr. Morris informed me that she could be discharged tomorrow.

The good news felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I hurried back to the ward in relief.

When I entered, I noticed Coraline on her phone.

After a few sentences, she hung up the call with a panicked look.

I took a seat on the chair and glanced at her suspiciously. It’s just a phone call. Why is she so worked up?

Suddenly, a thought flashed across my mind. Did Julius call her?

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