Love the Second Time Around Chapter 72 by NovelsYou

Chapter 72 A Pleasing Choice

I shot the police officer a perplexed look. My goodness! Who would have thought that they would question me about this? Could it be they suspect me of being involved in something illegal just because a large sum of money was transferred into my account out of a sudden?

I was about to explain that to him, yet Benjamin held me down abruptly to stop me. He then explained to the police officer the entire situation on my behalf.

After that, the police officer asked me some other questions. I was allowed to leave after a while.

Even so, the police officer mentioned that they might still need my co-operation on the investigation for the matter. Thus, I might receive calls from them to attend other rounds of interrogations. Other than that, they reminded me to keep them updated once I have any clue on Julius’ whereabouts.

Furthermore, my bank card was frozen temporarily. It only struck me then that something must have happened to Julius. There must be something wrong with the money he transferred to me!

I checked with Benjamin helplessly, yet he sounded relaxed. He eased my anxiety by asking me to stay at home and wait for the latest update. As for my bank card, the bank would automatically unfreeze it once the truth was revealed.

I had no idea how long the investigation would take. At that moment, I only had about a few hundred in cash. To my relief, I paid my rental quarterly. Thus, I estimated that my current funds should be sufficient for my daily meals for quite some time.

Julius is indeed a self-centered and manipulative man! He has the heart to put me in a tight spot under such circumstances! D**n it!

Since I had a tight budget, I made up my mind to prepare my meals from now on. After all, it was a lot more cost-saving than ordering food delivery.

I only prepared a simple dish which was just enough for myself.

Unexpectedly, Dominic dropped by. I let out a deep silent sigh. What now? It seems there’s no way to shrug him off but to entertain him today!

Making himself at home, he strode into my house, closed the door, and sat on my couch.

“Come over here.” He waved at me and patted the seat next to him.

Pursing my lips, I was hesitant for quite a while before heading toward him. No matter what, I knew that the domineering man would not be bothered even if I rejected him.

The moment I sat on the couch, he pinned me on it and pressed his lips onto mine in a swift motion. He only ended the kiss when my chest was starting to hurt due to a lack of air.

Even so, I remained silent while he had his way with me. When everything finally came to an end, I tried to push the man who was still pressing himself on me away. “You’re heavy,” I grumbled.

“Hmph! Why didn’t you grumble about that just now? So you’re thinking of casting me aside right after you’ve gotten your pleasure?” he mocked.

I clamped my lips tightly together without refuting. After all, he is really good at twisting my words.

Regardless, he still stood up and carried me to the bathroom. Once we were in the cramped space, we could barely turn around.

In a split second, our bodies were drenched due to the gushing warmth from the showerhead.

In the meantime, he placed both his hands on my waist and pressed me hard against his body.

I gritted my teeth and tried to push him away. “Dominic! Not again!”

He leaned closer and lifted my chin. As his lips curved into a seductive smile, he asked, “Shouldn’t you be excited when I’m treating you like this?”

Hmph! Excited? For what? This thick-skinned man doesn’t seem to have any limits!

Nonetheless, I could not go against his will at all. After a while, I was out of breath again as he teased and ran his fingers all over me.

Smugness was written all over his face. “Since you have made a choice that pleases me, I have to put in more effort to please you more.”

D**n it! If he puts in more effort, I bet my waist will break! What does he mean by a choice that pleases him? I didn’t opt for anything, did I? I had no choice but to give in and tolerate him all this while., a decision that I’m starting to regret now!

As expected, I drifted into unconsciousness again halfway through the passionate moments.

When I came to myself again, it was already the following afternoon. Once more, my entire body was feeling sore with the familiar aches.

D**n it! Dominic Hartnell is such a pervert! I bet his mind is preoccupied with that all the time!

Wrapping myself with the blanket, I was reluctant to get up from the bed. After a while, I dozed off again.

Later, my phone rang abruptly and woke me up. To my dismay, it was a call from Dominic. I felt like ignoring it, yet I was worried that he would do anything to vent his anger. Thus, I could only answer his call reluctantly with a grimace.

Dominic told me that he would be on a business trip and was not sure when he would be back again. On top of that, he had assigned someone to deliver something to me and reminded me to receive it.

I was over the moon the moment I heard his words and had to stifle a cheer from escaping my lips. How nice it would be if he doesn’t come back again forever!

Half an hour later, I heard someone knocking on the door. I opened the door curiously, and Calvin came into view. There was a suitcase next to him on the floor.

“Ms. Zanetti, Mr. Hartnell asked me to send this to you.”

I moved aside to let him bring in the suitcase. At the same time, I asked casually, “Do you know what’s inside?”

“These are all Mr. Hartnell’s clothes. He said that it would be more convenient for him to get changed in the future like this,” Calvin replied courteously.

After Calvin had left, I opened the suitcase right away. To my surprise, there were various types of Dominic’s clothes.

What does he mean by sending me this? Does he expect me to tidy up for him? Hmph! I won’t help him with that!

I pursed my lips and closed the suitcase.

Dominic had been on a business trip for more than one week, yet he had not contacted me at all. There were times when I thought of giving him a call, but I tended to hold myself back at the last moment.

It was rather awkward for me to call him and ask when he would be back since our current relationship was kind of ambiguous.

Just forget about it! After all, he will be back sooner or later.

In the meantime, I received a call from Flash, informing me to join the film crew on the last day of the month. The opening ceremony would be held on that day as well.

Since there was still one week left before I would have to join the film crew, I asked Shannon out for grocery shopping. While still pending for the bank to unfreeze my bank card, I could only rely on her for the time being.

It’s all Julius’ fault! I have landed myself in deep water because of him!

While I was preparing my meal at home after buying some groceries, my phone rang. At the sight of the unknown number blinking on the screen, I hung up instinctively.

After a while, it rang again, with the same number displayed on the screen. I knitted my brows and answered it doubtfully.

The man on the other end of the line claimed that he was a doctor from City Hospital and asked if I knew anyone by the name of Coraline Zelinsky.

It had been quite some time since I last heard this name. I was stunned and only regained my composure after a while. That’s the name of Julius’ mom, isn’t it?

“Yeah, I know her. What’s wrong with her?” Even though Coraline and I held a grudge against each other, I did not have the heart to pretend that I did not know her.

“Oh, well, she was involved in an accident and needs to undergo surgery. We need her family member to sign a consent form before that, yet we can’t reach her son. Thus, she asked us to contact you instead. Is it convenient for you to come over now?”

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