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Chapter 71 Five Hundred Thousand

From what I could see, Dominic’s profession as a fashion designer was simply irresistible for most women. As long as he was willing, he could effortlessly get any woman to fall head over heels for him.

After all, there’s still Camille by his side. In other words, he’s spoiled for choice when it comes to women. Why is he insisting on having me as his friend with benefits?

“Yeah, I love it. I just can’t resist your gorgeous and s**y body.” I was dumbfounded at his frankness.

After a moment of silence, I asked bluntly, “What about Camille? Both of you are getting married soon, aren’t you? You are not keen on her?”

“You’re different from her. There’s nothing to compare.”

I was momentarily stunned before realizing what he meant.

To him, Camille was the ideal candidate as his future wife. On the other hand, I was only a woman who could satisfy him in bed. Nevertheless, I was clueless about what was playing on Dominic’s mind.

If he really loves Camille, why is he still thinking of maintaining a friends-with-benefits relationship with me? If Camille finds out about it, she will surely cry her heart out!

Even so, when Dominic asked if I had come to a decision, I spontaneously requested him to give me a little time to think it through. I could not explain why I did not reject him on the spot.

Ah! What’s the matter with me? What more is there to consider? I must have lost my mind!

After we exited the restaurant, Dominic straight away sent me back to the hotel I was staying in with my parents. As such, I could only plan to buy the contraceptive pills after we checked out from the hotel later. Fortunately, the contraceptive pills were effective for up to seventy-two hours, so I was not really worried about that.

To my surprise, my parents were not the slightest bit suspicious of me for not going back the night before. They were even grateful to Dominic for keeping an eye on me and thanked him sincerely. Only Louis kept giving me meaningful looks.

While my parents were having small talk with Dominic, I pulled Louis aside and warned him not to say anything. He nodded and winked at me, emphasizing that he knew what to do. I was speechless at the sight of his subtle countenance.

When I was standing alongside my parents again, Mom told me that Dominic had offered to send us back to Dellmoor. At that very moment, I felt my temples start to throb. D**n it! This man should really become an actor!

On the way back, I leaned my head against the back of the car seat with my eyes closed and gradually drifted off to sleep. Even so, I was not sleeping soundly as the car was not moving consistently.

I finally woke up when I heard the faint sound of my mom calling me, telling me that we had reached home. The moment I opened my eyes, I realized that my throbbing headache had not disappeared. If I was not mistaken, I was actually starting to catch a cold.

It’s because of that troublesome man again! If not because of how he tortured me last night, I would not have ended up getting sick!

“Dad, Mom, I will go up first.” Since my parents were still chatting with Dominic, I did not feel like waiting for them anymore. The moment I turned and walked away, I could even hear my dad grumble that I had no manners.

Whatever. All I feel like doing now is to take a hot shower and fling myself on my bed at once.

By the time I woke up the next day, I found that my cold had worsened. Thinking about the contraceptive pills that I had not managed to buy the day before, I got out of bed.

“Mom, I’m going down to buy something,”

To prevent my parents from sensing something was awry, I walked further to the next street purposively to buy the flu medicine and contraceptive pills.

Initially, I only intended to buy the emergency type of contraceptive pills. However, for some reason, I took another box of the long-term ones at the payment counter.

Even though the medicine and pills were very light, I felt like a boulder was resting inside my pocket.

At this point, I could not overlook the indecipherable and mixed emotions in my heart anymore. What’s the matter with me? Why did I buy the long-term contraceptive pills? Could it be that deep down, I’m willing to be Dominic’s friend with benefits? I must be thinking irrationally because of the flu. Anyway, forget about it. After taking the medicine and having a good rest, I will surely be back to my old self and have different thoughts!

Once I reached home, I dashed into my bedroom like a bolt of lightning and put the box of long-term contraceptive pills into the inner compartment of my handbag.

Holding both the flu medicine and emergency contraceptive pill in my hands, I suddenly hesitated. Can I take both types of pills simultaneously?

To be safe, I ended up searching online for the answer. As it was advisable to take the different types of medicine with a time interval of at least two hours, I opted to take the contraceptive pills first. After putting the pills away, I flung myself on the bed and drifted off to sleep within minutes.

By the time Mom woke me up again, it was already noon. She nagged at me for a while after discovering that I was feeling under the weather. After that, she took the flu medicine hastily and urged me to swallow it at once.

A while later, Nicholas gave me a call and apologized to me. He even told me not to worry about the news report as my daily life would not be affected. In an instant, I felt pretty awkward. He didn’t do anything wrong. Why is he apologizing to me?

After our phone conversation ended, I checked the news online. Surprisingly, the photos posted online were focused on our side profiles and not that clear. Apart from that, my name and the reporters’ provocative questions were not mentioned at all. I heaved a sigh of relief after reading the news.

Two days later, I had gradually recovered from the flu.

To my surprise, Dominic did not look for me ever since I came back home after National Day. I was more than willing to sit idly at home without needing to entertain him. After sending Louis off at the airport, I left my parents’ house as well.

Returning to my own rented house, I was back to my previous daily routine again and spent most of my time drawing. Other than that, I grabbed the opportunity to go through the novel “The Wind And Cloud” so I could be prepared for the production later.

A few days later, I received a message from the bank notifying me that a sum of five hundred thousand was transferred into my account.

After rubbing my eyes and reading the message twice carefully, I was finally assured that it was real. It was unbelievable that Julius would pay me so soon, and in a lump sum too.

After checking my latest account balance, I was on cloud nine when I noticed that there was almost one million in my account at the moment! Ah! I’m a millionaire out of the blue!

I planned to keep the money in my account for a few more days, imagining myself as a millionaire. After that, I would donate half of it for charity and the other half to my parents.

I did not forget to ask Shannon out for a meal, telling her that I would treat her this round. After knowing that Julius had transferred me the money, she enjoyed a luxurious meal to her heart’s content.

I was in high spirits till two police officers appeared at my doorstep on the third day. They requested me to follow them back to the police station for interrogation.

I was baffled and exasperated. In my twenty-seven years of life, I have never once stepped into a police station. Yet in the span of less than two months, I have been in there three times!

I could not help but mock myself inwardly, Am I making up for lost time or something?

As I had experienced something similar when I was requested to go to the police station twice previously, I was quite calm this round.

Fortunately, Benjamin and the others had shared with me earlier on the tip to call a lawyer first when I was in this sort of situation. Apart from that, I had the right to remain silent before the arrival of my lawyer. I took their advice and gave Benjamin a call immediately.

It did not take long before Benjamin reached the police station. Even so, he looked at me with a hint of speechlessness in his eyes.

I could only squeeze out a smile and blink at him innocently.

Accompanied by Benjamin, I let the police officer take my statement. After asking me some basic questions, he proceeded with the main ones. He took out a copy of my bank statement and asked me, “Based on this copy of your bank statement, a sum of five hundred thousand was transferred into your account days ago. Are you aware of this?”

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