Love the Second Time Around Chapter 70 by NovelsYou

Chapter 70 The Relationship

Upon hearing his words, I struggled to get down immediately, yet it was in vain. I could not even break free from him when I was at full strength, let alone when my whole body was aching badly.

I ended up tugging at the collar of his shirt and gritting out, “Send me back now. If not, I don’t know how to explain to my dad!”

At that moment, I was still racking my brain for ways to explain to Dad about the fashion show. If he found out that I did not go back to my hotel room and spent the night together with Dominic, he would surely blow a blood vessel!

Turning a deaf ear to my request, Dominic carried me into the elevator right away. A while later, he carried me straight into the room, placed me on the bed, and got on top of me.

As his chest pressed down slowly, I struggled and muttered feebly, “Dominic, I have to go back now. I’m exhausted.”

He lifted my chin and bit lightly on it. Next, he whipped out my phone from my handbag.

“What are you doing?” I looked at him quizzically.

“Shhh…” he whispered, placing his index finger in front of his lips.

In an instant, there was a big question mark on my mind. What is he up to again?

“Hello, David. Dominic here…” I gaped at him instantaneously. He has the guts to call Dad!

I did not dare to utter any words so as not to trigger Dad’s suspicion. At the same time, I hinted at Dominic to hold his tongue by glaring at him.

As I heard what he told my dad, I rolled my eyes. He not only helped to clear my dad’s doubt on the fashion show earlier but also effortlessly had my dad’s consent. Thus, I did not have to rush back to the hotel. My goodness, my dad did not doubt his c**k and bull story at all!

After hanging up, he raised his brows and gave me a smug smile. “I have helped you to get the matters resolved. It’s time for you to pay back my kindness now.”

I was at a loss of words and could only fume, “You’re shameless!”

Turning a blind eye to my irritation, he started to indulge himself in another round of steamy sessions. He seemed to have unlimited energy, and I ended up being tortured by him the entire night.

The next day, my growling stomach woke me up. In that moment, I felt that I could swallow anything to fill my stomach.

I placed my arms on the bed and sat up. In an instant, the blanket slipped off, exposing the hickeys all over my body.

“D**n it! He’s really a pervert!” I cussed in exasperation.

I looked around and noticed that there was no sign of him in the room. When I was wondering if he had left, I heard the sound of the door opening. Within seconds, Dominic, who was well dressed, emerged and strode into the room.

He chuckled and commented cheekily, “Looks like you haven’t had enough last night, have you?”

I pulled the blanket up immediately to cover myself and snapped at him, “Do you think that everyone thinks about that all the time like you? I’m not surprised if you collapse due to debauchery one day!”

He smirked at me and mocked, “Don’t worry. I will make sure to satisfy you before that!”

I puffed up my cheeks and remained silent. Even so, I felt like asking why he could speak so shamelessly.

Dominic tossed the paper bag in his hand onto the bed. “Get changed.”

I took out the things from the paper bag curiously. A set of new clothes and underwear came into view.

I glared at him again and scoffed inwardly. Hmph! He looks like he has no intention of leaving. Does he plan to let me get changed in front of him?

My guess was proven right when he crossed his arms over his chest and smiled subtly at me.

This man is really becoming more shameless! Anyway, there is nothing to hide from him anymore. After all, compared to those steamy sessions, getting changed in front of him is no big deal.

Mustering up my courage, I put on the underwear and clothes one by one in front of him.

Dominic leaned closer to me and planted a light kiss on my lips. “Well done. You’ve improved a lot!”

I felt like throwing him a punch, yet I was so hungry now that I did not have any energy left.

“Let’s go for a meal now. You foot the bill.” Recalling how he had tortured me the whole night, I told myself that I should get him to buy me at least one hundred meals to pacify me.

Dominic led me to the restaurant in the hotel without any objection. I deliberately ordered almost all the food listed on the menu.

I’m not the one footing the bill anyway!

“Madam, are you sure you want to order all these?” The waiter was stunned and asked me hesitantly.

“I’m very sure! Just send my orders to the kitchen now and serve me the food soon.” After sending the waiter away, I picked up the glass of lemonade and gulped down a mouthful. However, the sourness of the lemonade triggered my hunger even more.

Out of a sudden, something crossed my mind. I must buy contraceptive pills later. D**n it! This selfish man did not spare any thoughts on contraception last night! Ah! I forgot bout it previously as well. It was indeed a close shave for me as nothing happened. I must take precautions this round!

A while ago, Dominic’s phone rang. He went out to answer the call as though he was preventing me from eavesdropping on his phone call.

When the food was served, I started eating without waiting for him. Probably because I was starving, but the dishes tasted exceptionally delicious.

“My goodness! Look at how you are gulping down the food. What an eyesore! Where are your table manners?”

Glancing obliquely at Dominic, who was back from answering his call, I put another piece of pork rib into my mouth and chewed exaggeratively.

I don’t have good table manners, so what?

After munching and gulping down the food for quite a while, I finally let out a burp. I put down the cutlery and patted my tummy in contentment.

“Liliana, let’s talk about our relationship.”

I was stupefied when he blurted out the words. Coincidentally, that was exactly what was floating in my mind at the moment.

“All right, let’s talk about it,” I agreed without hesitation, hoping that he would not beat around the bush as I was tired of bickering with him.

“How about we just carry on with what we’ve been doing?” Dominic asked me solemnly, with his fingers interlocked beneath his chin.

In an instant, my face turned grim. “Have you gone nuts? Get out of my way!”

Hmph! Has he lost his mind even before he collapses because of debauchery?

“We fit each other perfectly in bed, don’t we?” Dominic refuted casually as if he was oblivious to my frustration.

In a split second, fury welled up within me. I retorted, “Fit perfectly? What nonsense! Every time we do it, you’re the one forcing me!”

“I only started moving last night when you said you wanted it,” Dominic replied nonchalantly.

“You forced me into that!”

“Do you think I can force you if you really didn’t want it?” he mocked.

By this point, I was so furious that I gave up bickering with him.

In contrast to my exasperation, Dominic was still laid-back as ever. He even poured me a cup of tea. “You must be thirsty. Drink some.”

At the sight of the cup of hot tea, I had to hold myself back from pouring it onto his head impulsively. Tamping down my anger, I hissed, “You really love to be in bed with me, huh?”

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