Love the Second Time Around Chapter 7 by NovelsYou

Chapter 7 Drag You Down To Hell

  • “You like this man, yes? He’s all yours then. However, be prepared to go to prison. Don’t think that having an affair is no big deal. I’m all battered and b****y today, so I can totally lodge a police report against the two of you for attempted murder to cover up the affair!”
  • Upon hearing that, the woman was so petrified that she shook her head profusely. “No, no, it was him who told me to come over so that you can witness your husband being intimate with another woman! I didn’t plan on doing anything at all! It was all him!”
  • “You want me to believe you? Well, there is a way. Let me go, and I’ll know whether you’re sincere!” I gritted through clenched teeth.
  • My murderous gaze blazed with fury, making the woman’s face blanch. Perhaps she had no qualms carrying on with a married man, but she was probably unwilling to go to prison just because of this.
  • Hesitating, she glanced at Julius, who was still howling on the ground with his hand over his eye. Gritting her teeth, she reached out and untied the knot on the covers. Having obtained my freedom, I wrapped the covers around myself and sauntered up to Julius.
  • Right away, Julius raised his head and glared at me furiously with his remaining eye as though he wanted to kill me. However, I noticed a stream of blood trickling down through the gap between his fingers.
  • Ah… it looks like I injured his eye quite badly with my bash just now that he’s actually bleeding. While this isn’t the result I wanted, I don’t regret it. Well, this is probably the so-called t*t for tat!
  • “Julius, everyone has a past. I didn’t know that you have such a strong virginity complex. If you’d told me frankly on our wedding night, I would’ve set you free. But since you did such a repugnant thing, I’ll see you in court!”
  • After saying that, I snagged my clothes that had been thrown to the floor and spun around to leave the room that had a nauseating sense hanging in the air. But just as I reached the door, Julius’ enraged voice rang out.
  • “Liliana Zanetti, you’d better pray that my eye is fine. Otherwise… I’ll make your life a living hell! So you want to be free of me, huh? Dream on! I’ll have you wishing for death!”
  • Good grief! Things have come to this, yet he’s still shamelessly threatening me in a booming voice. Where on earth did his confidence come from?
  • Slowly turning around, I flashed the stranger before me a cold smile. “Okay, then. At most, I’ll just drag you down to hell with me. Two can play at that game!”
  • I did nothing wrong, so I stood upright proudly, not at all afraid of his threat. To my surprise, Julius started laughing uproariously. He slowly climbed to his feet and ambled toward me.
  • I would be lying if I were to say that I wasn’t the least bit afraid. After all, I would really be doomed if he were to go crazy and kill me.
  • Therefore, I gradually backed away and inched to the door. Placing my hand on the doorknob, I geared up to rush out the door.
  • “Do you still remember a story you once told me? What was it that you did when you published your first comic?”
  • The moment I heard that, my mind caved in with a bang. At that time, I decided to be honest with him to demonstrate my sincere attitude toward the marriage. Never had I thought that it would now become a bargaining chip for him to threaten me.
  • “What do you want?” I muttered with quivering lips.
  • Clocking the apprehension in my eyes, Julius’ smile turned all the smugger. His grin grew so wide that he even tugged on his injury, the pain making him frown deeply.
  • “You’re finally afraid, huh? Do you think you can still publish comics if everyone were to know that you’re a thief?”
  • Argh! Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that my dearest husband would threaten me when even Dominic, the owner of the comic, didn’t do so. What a failure am I!
  • I stared at him impassively, doing my best to portray a dauntless front.
  • “It’s no big deal, for I can just clarify things. So, don’t think that I’ll be afraid.”
  • “Clarify things? You can clarify things before it comes to light, but it’ll be an excuse if you do so after you’ve been exposed. You know that very well, don’t you?”
  • Julius strolled up to me with a sneer, infuriating me so greatly that I was trembling all over.
  • He then reached out and grasped my chin, the force of his fingers piercing my skin and penetrating deep into my bones. The pain was so intense that my face contorted in agony.
  • “Do you know how filthy I find you? At the thought that you once slept with another man, I feel so d**n disgusted that I want to use bleach on you. A promiscuous woman like you doesn’t deserve happiness! As such… I’m going to bind you to me for the rest of your life so that you, too, can experience how it felt for me to have been deceived by you!”

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