Love the Second Time Around Chapter 69 by NovelsYou

Chapter 69 Temptation

Dominic’s kiss was the perfect trigger for the resentment and anger that had been piling up in my body at him.

I immediately kneed him in response.

His groan reached my ears as he released me, placing his hands on a rather compromising body part.

“Liliana!” Dominic gritted out in pain.

I was taken aback at the sight of the bulging nerves and angry flush on his face.

“I-I… Are you okay?” I had not meant to knee him in the groin.

He did not reply to me as his face was twisted into a pained grimace.

Oh God! I might’ve ruined his thing for good.

Alarmed, I ran to his side and supported his elbow. I stuttered through my apology. “I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. I-I… Let me send you to the hospital. I’m sure there’s something they can do.”

Dominic remained silent. Instead, his face reddened further, his forehead drenched in sweat.

I was this close to a meltdown at that sight; I would never be able to make it up to him if he became unable to have kids.

“Dominic. I’ll send you to the hospital right now. Just hang on for a bit longer, okay?”

Slinging his arm around my shoulder, I wrapped an arm around his waist and began leading him to the door.

“Hold up,” Dominic said suddenly.

Worried that I had caused him pain, I stopped immediately in my tracks.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

He pointed at a nearby chair instead. “Let’s sit for a while.”

His request for a seat convinced me that I must have hurt him when I tried to help him to the door.

The thought to call 911 only crossed my mind then. I helped him take a seat and muttered, “Take a rest. I’ll call for an ambulance.”

Just as I was about to turn to the dressing table and grab my phone, Dominic’s hand shot out and locked around my wrist.

“Hey, don’t pull me. What’s wrong? Aren’t you still hurting?”

He had pulled me such that I fell straight into his lap. I frantically tried to get back on my feet.

He might’ve stood a chance if I didn’t land in his lap. Oh God, have I completely ruined his chances at recovery?

Dominic, however, was grinning mischievously at me. Not a hint of his earlier suffering could be seen on his features.

“I didn’t think you’d be this worried about me.”

“Y-you-” I stuttered in disbelief and anger.

His smile widened into a chuckle. “Can’t you feel it?”

Two seconds later, I caught his innuendo and blushed furiously. Rage, however, soon flooded my entire being.

This stupid j*rk’s pranking me! And I almost started crying over him!

“Dominic, you’ve got a screw loose in your head! Were you that amused by my concern?”

Deep down, I knew I had my ignorance to blame as well. A man’s family jewels might be fragile, but a knee to the groin would not render them useless either.

It was infuriating to have been played for a fool by Dominic.

The man in question continued grinning as he said, “I may be all right now, but you did hit me earlier. Shouldn’t you bear responsibility for my injury?”

Jack*ss, I can’t believe he has the gall to ask me to take responsibility! He’ll be dreaming for a long time, then.

I roared, “Fine, let me take another shot, and then I’ll take responsibility!”

I swore silently to myself that I would never pity him ever again. Not even if he was hemorrhaging blood; I would not put it past him to be using colored sugar syrup for such a prank.

And thus, I mustered all my energy to shove Dominic away, storming toward the door even though I had not changed out of the wedding gown.

I might destroy him for good if I had to remain in this room with him for one second longer.

My hand had just made contact with the doorknob when Dominic pounced on me and pinned me against the door.

At the same time, he grabbed both of my wrists and lifted my arms above my head. Now that my back was facing him, there was no chance of me kneeing him again.

Before I could yell b****y murder at him, I felt an unusual sensation near the base of my neck.

My body tensed involuntarily at his action.

“Dominic, you’re a pervert!”

“Seems like you’re enjoying yourself, though.”

He had lowered the zipper on my gown in the meantime.

“D-Dominic, s-stop moving.” Already, I could feel my resolve crumbling.

He ignored me and lowered my hands to hang by my sides.

Consequently, the gown slid off my body easily, leaving me nude before him.

I could not help but shiver as the cold air swept across my body.

“You’re insane! What if someone comes along?”

We’re in a dressing room, for heaven’s sake; this is hardly a private setting!

Dominic seemed nonplussed as he continued, single-minded, in his seduction operation.

He lifted my arms above my head once more and lavished his attention on my back. A hand snuck around to my front and landed on one of my b*****s.

“Your body’s telling me that you’re enjoying this. You were like this the last time, too; telling lies to deny your body the pleasure it desires.”

My body temperature shot up at his provocative words.

“Dominic, you forced me once. Are you going to force me again?” I gritted out, trying desperately to resist the temptation of his actions.

He chuckled instead and placed his hands in front of me. Bending down, he whispered into my ear, “You call this forcing?”

His question rendered me speechless. I no longer felt like I had any control over my body and its carnal desires.

Dominic carried me toward the dressing table, and I shuddered when the coldness of the table seeped into my bare skin.

“Do you want this?”

His gruff, alluring tone reached my ears, while the hand he kept on my waist felt like it was burning my skin.

I had sworn up and down that I would not dignify him with a reply.

Yet, my mouth seemed to have a mind of its own. “Y-yes.”

Before l**t had taken over my mind, I thought that Dominic was the mad one. I guess I was the mad one in the end.

My body turned to jelly after our impromptu session. Not doing it on a soft surface like a bed made me feel exceptionally sore.

Dominic helped me to get dressed in the wedding gown and carried me out of the dressing room. I did not forget to grab my purse before leaving.

It was only after we exited the room that I realized we were the only ones left.

“Send me back,” I muttered in exhaustion.

“Back?” A captivating smile appeared on Dominic’s face as he murmured, “The night is still young. I’m not done with you yet.”

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