Love the Second Time Around Chapter 68 by NovelsYou

Chapter 68 Good News

My heart pounded at the massive bouquet of fragrant lilies I had mindlessly accepted earlier.

It was a gift from the national heartthrob, Nicholas Scott himself; I would be remiss to reject his present.

“Thank you!” My smile could not get any wider then.

Nicholas still had his hand on the bouquet. He tugged me into his arms and whispered into my ear, “It’s great that you’re fine. You look beautiful.”

I froze the minute I was in his embrace. Cameras were flashing at me from all directions.

Nicholas released me a brief moment later. Still, a blush crept up my face.

Just then, a thought crossed my mind. I wonder if Nicholas’ fangirls will come after me.

I was still composing myself after Nicholas’ hug when Dominic suddenly shoved all the bouquets in his hand to me and kissed me on the cheek.

“I can’t believe you’re so happy after getting one bouquet. Here, you can have all of these. Are you over the moon now?”

The cameras began flashing furiously once more.

I stood stunned with the mountain of bouquets in my arms. Dominic had already straightened himself as if nothing was wrong.

My gaze traveled between the two men beside me. I felt like I was in a daze.

Dominic and Nicholas, on the other hand, were staring intently at each other.

It may have been a figment of my imagination, but I thought I sensed a hint of hostility in their gazes.

The journalists at the event pointed their microphones at us, directing their first question of the night to Dominic.

“Mr. Hartnell, have you known the model beside you for a long time?”


The journalist continued, “Mr. Hartnell, the theme of today’s fashion show has nothing to do with bridal wear. Yet, you’ve decided to use a wedding gown as your final piece. Is there a special meaning behind your decision? Did you prepare this gown specifically for the lady beside you?”

Even I could not help but be impressed by the journalist’s intuitiveness.

“Every outfit is designed with a person in mind.”

Dominic’s simple reply sent the journalists into a tizzy.

One of them hopped on the bandwagon in the hopes of wrangling a headline. “Mr. Hartnell, are you implying that we should be expecting good news soon?”

Dominic smiled cryptically and answered, “I’ll be sure to make a public statement when it comes to that.”

Interest flitted across the faces of every journalist as they turned their attention to me.

Bewildered, I did not know where to look and why they had taken an interest in me.

I’m not his partner. Ah, he must be hinting about Camille!

Bitterness seeped through every fiber of my being as I tightened my grip on the bouquets. So this is how it feels like when my ex is getting married to another woman.

The journalists began peppering Nicholas with questions after their interview with Dominic.

Instead of entertaining their inquiries, Nicholas merely stated that he was here to view the fashion show and that they should dedicate their attention to the fashion show itself.

His eloquent mannerisms and kind personality meant that the journalists did not feel slighted by his refusal for an interview. The perpetual smile on his face did not hurt matters as well.

It was all fine and well that they could not interview Nicholas, yet now they had turned their arrows on me.

My inexperience caused me to freeze up in the face of a sea of microphones.

Thankfully, Calvin arrived with some staff to hold off the journalists, announcing loudly that the interview segment was over.

With their help, I managed to leave uneventfully with Dominic.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nicholas’ manager Jake usher him away as well.

I had barely taken a few steps when I heard Louis calling my name.

Turning my head, I saw Louis trying to squeeze his way through the crowd to us.

I was about to walk to Louis when Dominic stopped me in my tracks. He called for someone. “Calvin.”

His assistant escorted Louis to us immediately.

“D**n, I could’ve gotten stampeded back there. Dom, I didn’t know you’re a fashion designer now. Good job, man!” The first thing that came out of Louis’ mouth was an expression of his adoration for Dominic.

When he turned to face me, there was no trace of admiration left in his tone. “Lili, you’re too much! You didn’t even tell me that you were going to be a model. Plus, if I didn’t call out to you earlier, you were planning to ditch me, right?”

“Model my *ss! I was an unwilling participant. And how dare you accuse me of ditching you! Who was the one who disappeared in the first place? You would’ve deserved it even if I ditched you,” I shot back.

If he had been with me, Dominic wouldn’t have dragged me into this mess, and I wouldn’t have had to face all those journalists.

After some thought, I said, “Wait for me outside. I need to remove my makeup and change. Don’t wander around again.”

The little j*rk had the nerve to chuckle as he replied, “All right, all right. Anything you say, my dear sister. But Lili, you should think about what to tell Dad. Things are going to get interesting once he finds out about this.”

I had not thought about how Dad would react to this until Louis’ reminder.

While Mom would be pretty okay with this, Dad, being as conservative as he is, would probably go on a tirade and have a telling-off waiting for me at home.

“Louis, don’t betray me, or I won’t help you again.” My gut instinct was to threaten Louis into submission.

He pouted and said, “I won’t say a peep about this, but there were a bunch of journalists earlier.”

Oh God, the journalists! How could I forget about them? Sh*t, I’m dead.

My only strategy was honesty. If all else failed, I could say I was doing Dominic a favor.

As I continued to ponder my dilemma, I realized I had wandered to the dressing room.

Calvin and Louis were both gone. Dominic told me that he had arranged for Calvin to send him back.

Annoyed, I asked, “Why did you let them leave first? How am I supposed to go back later?”

“You’re not.”

I was tongue-tied at his reply. Before I could make heads or tails of his comment, he had dragged me into the dressing room.

Dominic slammed the door shut and pinned me against it. A voracious kiss ensued.

What the h*ll is wrong with him? He’s obsessed with forceful kisses!

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