Love the Second Time Around Chapter 67 by NovelsYou

Chapter 67 Pushed Into The Spotlight

Dominic slung an arm around my waist and pulled me into his embrace. He whispered, “The costume for the finale.”

I blinked dumbly, my brain stalling at his words.

About three seconds later, I asked, “You’re letting me wear the final design? What about the model? What’s she going to wear?”

He chuckled and replied, “Liliana, you really should be adding more brain foods to your diet. You’re taking forever as always to connect the dots. Since you’re wearing the costume, doesn’t that make you the model?”

I was about to retort his backhanded jibe when the word “model” struck me dumb.

And indeed, I was silent for a while before I fully understood the implications of his words.

“Dominic, are you making me take the runway? Now’s not the time for jokes. It’s fine if it’s only my reputation at stake, but I don’t want to ruin someone’s hard work and the entire fashion show to boot!”

I stared at Dominic like he was deranged, wondering if he was the one who should be checking out brain foods.

It was not a sense of misguided humility that had me denying his request but a fair assessment of my actual talents.

Walking a runway? That’s absurd.

“Do I look like I’m making a joke right now?” Dominic arched a brow and asked calmly.

I heaved a long sigh. “I can’t do this. If this is your way of pranking me, there are way more appropriate occasions for that. Modeling is beyond me.”

My brain was blank save for one thought – Dominic was definitely trying to embarrass me.

Soon enough, the staff who had left to retrieve the costume returned with a garment bag in hand.

Dominic took the garment bag from the staff and inspected the dress. Satisfied, he dropped the dress in my arms.

“Get changed.”

His tone left no room for argument, and I felt like I was about to dissolve into tears.

“I’m not getting changed! Like I said earlier, it’s not only my reputation at stake. I can’t be responsible for ruining other people’s hard work.” I draped the dress carefully over a nearby chair and stood my ground.

Dominic stared at me intently before saying, “I designed this costume, and this is my fashion show. You’re not messing things up for anyone else.”

It was a jaw-dropping revelation, and my mind was running wild. “Why on earth would you have me wear this, then? Are you drunk?”

I was perplexed. Really? He’s going to drag himself down for a chance to denigrate me?

Though I had already made up my mind to reject him, Dominic pulled out the big guns, threatening to undress me himself if I refused to get changed.

His stubborn insistence was befuddling.

I had never been to a fashion show in my life, let alone modeled on the runway.

“You have three seconds. Get changed, or I’ll do it for you.”

“You won’t regret sending me out there?” I asked.


I made a last-ditch attempt to dissuade him. “Dominic, you need to think things through. I could really damage your brand’s reputation-”


“Hey, you can’t turn around and blame me if-”

Before he could utter “three,” I grabbed the dress and dashed into the dressing room.

Just as I had gotten undressed, I heard a woman’s voice from outside the dressing room.

“Ms. Zanetti, may I come in to assist you with changing?”

“Oh, sure. Please come in.”

Changing in front of others was uncomfortable, but since this was Dominic’s creation, I wanted to take every precaution while putting it on.

He might come after my head if I ruin a zipper or something.

Under the female staff’s help, I managed to put on the masterpiece, which happened to be a wedding gown.

I could not help but sigh when I saw myself in the mirror. Dominic’s a pretty amazing bridal designer.

The dress fit me like a glove, so much so that I almost thought that he might have designed it especially for me.

To the female staff busy arranging my skirt, I asked, “Does he specialize in bridal wear?”

She seemed surprised by my question and smiled. “Do you mean Mr. Hartnell? He mainly designs casualwear for women.”

“Casualwear? Then why is the final piece a wedding gown?”

Before my curiosity could be satisfied, Dominic was yelling at us to hurry up from outside the door.

The staff held my skirt for me as we left the dressing room in a rush, leaving my question unanswered.

Outside, Dominic had changed into a tailored black tuxedo. It looked like he had styled his hair as well.

In our respective outfits, we looked like a couple ready to head to the altar.

The female staff who had been with me earlier had nothing but praise for how I looked in the gown. Under Dominic’s scrutiny, though, insecurity flooded my being.

What if he thinks it looks horrendous? Would he accuse me of ruining his design?

“I-is it nice?” I asked timidly.

Dominic continued to appraise me for a few more minutes before saying, “It’s all right. The gown is the true star, anyway.”

I fell silent. Internally, I cursed myself for asking such a stupid question.

“Come here.” He stretched a hand out to me.

Instead of arguing, I obeyed his orders and placed my hand in his.

He tucked my hand in the crook of his arm and led us to the end of the long line of models.

The models were all dressed in casual apparel, and I was the only one wearing a wedding gown.

“Dominic, why do I need to wear a wedding gown? Won’t I stick out like a sore thumb?” I asked quietly.

“It’s the finale. It has to be different from the others.” His explanation did make sense.

Ah well, he’s the boss. Whatever he says, goes.

I got more and more nervous as we approached the runway. Sweat beaded on my face and turned my hands clammy as well. Despite that, I dared not wipe the sweat for fear of ruining my makeup.

“Calm down; it’s almost our turn. Just follow my lead and smile. Keep staring ahead.”

“U-us?” My head twisted sharply to Dominic. “You’re going out there with me?”

Wordlessly, he looked at me like I was missing some brain cells.

He never said he was walking the runway with me! What’s wrong if I’m surprised?

I was still fuming when Dominic said, “Showtime.”

My body tensed up instantly.

I guess I was lucky to have Dominic beside me. My legs seemed to have forgotten how to walk.

Never in my life had I been under the scrutiny of so many people. The flashing spotlights were painfully blinding.

I made out Louis in the front row, sitting beside Nicholas.

The runway was barely ten meters long, but I felt like it was endless.

Finally, we reached the end of the runway. Applause and bouquets greeted Dominic.

Just then, a bouquet was thrust into my hands.

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