Love the Second Time Around Chapter 66 by NovelsYou

Chapter 66 What Is Going On

“I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional,” I apologized before taking a look at that someone.

Other than Louis and I, the rest of the people here were big shots. It was only right to apologize.

“What are you doing in here? Did you miss me that much?”

I know that voice. That annoying and self-righteous tone belongs to none other than Dominic.

I looked up at that person. It’s really him.

J*rk! What terrible luck I have today.

“Nobody missed you. Nicholas invited me over,” I said impatiently.

After I said that, I felt a chill run down my spine.

“Oh, seems like you’ve been in close contact with Nicholas.”

I glanced at Dominic and ignored him. His voice was dripping with sarcasm, and it was making me uncomfortable.

“Do what you have to do. Get out of my way,” I snapped as I pushed him away.

To my surprise, this lunatic grabbed my arm and refused to let me walk away.

I would have kicked him if this wasn’t a public place. It would not do for me to act so violently here.

“What are you trying to do, Dominic? Let go of me.” I reached out my other hand to pry his away from mine.

“If I let you go, will you go and look for Nicholas?” Dominic stared at me as he asked.

I was actually a little embarrassed by the way he was staring at me. Despite that, I didn’t want to show my weakness in front of him either. Partially out of anger, I retorted, “That’s right. I was just about to look for Nicholas. He went off quite a while ago…”

My mouth snapped shut abruptly. The hairs at the back of my neck stood up.

Dominic didn’t speak or move. He just stood there looking at me.

“You… you’d better let go of me,” I shouted at him. I felt guilty under his stare.

There was an awkward silence hanging in the air.

Although I could hear the voices of other people around us and the soothing music that was playing on the set, my brain tuned out those sounds automatically as Dominic and I stared at each other silently.

At that time, a familiar voice rang out and broke the awkward silence.

“Mr. Hartnell, we have a problem,” Calvin said as he approached us.

“Ms. Zanetti? You’re here too,” Calvin greeted me, and he seemed a little surprised to see me.

I smiled at him and replied, “It’s been a long time, Calvin. Didn’t you say there’s a problem? Carry on then with Mr. Hartnell.”

Please take him and leave. He’s making me nervous.

Instead of letting me go, Dominic asked, “What’s the problem?”

Calvin glanced at me and said, “The model who’s supposed to walk the show’s finale is having acute gastroenteritis. She can’t make it to the show, and I can’t find anyone to replace her at the last minute.”

No model for the finale? That sounds like a serious problem.

I nudged Dominic and said, “That’s not good. You should handle it quickly. Otherwise, the show will be ruined.”

Although I couldn’t fathom why not having a model was Dominic’s problem, all I cared for was for him to go away.

To my embarrassment, neither Dominic nor Calvin reacted to my remark.

Argh! Say something, please. What are you guys thinking?

“Dominic, you’d better…”

“Get everyone ready, Calvin. I’ll be right there with a replacement,” Dominic interrupted me.

“Got it, Mr. Hartnell.” Calvin left upon receiving the order, leaving Dominic and myself behind.

“Let’s go,” Dominic said to me.

“Huh?” I was confused. Go where?

Dominic didn’t even bother to explain to me. He took my hand and pulled me along the runway before going around the back.

When we stopped at the back, I realized that we were backstage.

“Isn’t this the backstage? Why did you bring me here? Aren’t you supposed to look for a replacement model?” I was scratching my head in confusion.

Without bothering to say a word, Dominic continued ahead with his hand still holding mine.

I became angry. What’s he trying to do? Why isn’t he saying anything?

“I’m talking to you, Dominic!”

“You talk too much. Can you be quiet for a while?” He glanced at me indifferently.

“Hey, how could you be so unreasonable! I didn’t want to come here. If you think that I talk too much, then let me go.”

He’s such a pain in the b**t.

Not bothering to respond to my complaint, he took me into a small room.

When he swung open the door, I noticed that there were already two people in there. Calvin was also in the room.

Calvin quickly approached us and said, “Everything’s ready, Mr. Hartnell.”

Dominic nodded. Then he sat me in front of a dressing table and beckoned to a long-haired woman on his right.

I heard him say to her, “Keep the makeup light and natural, and style her hair in loose curls.”

I sat there and listened silently when I was actually rather confused.

The woman shot me a look when she heard Dominic, then she looked at him and asked, “She’s the one?”

Dominic hummed in response.

At that moment, I was stumped. I didn’t even resist when the woman started to apply makeup on my face.

It wasn’t until the makeup was done and she started to curl my hair that I suddenly asked, “This isn’t right, Dominic. Why did you ask her to do my makeup?”

All I got in response was Dominic yelling at me to stop moving to avoid accidentally burning my face with the hot rollers.

I glared at Dominic’s reflection in the mirror.

When my hair and makeup were done, I studied my reflection in the mirror.

Truthfully, I was not one to wear makeup daily. Therefore, I was not quite used to seeing myself made up.

I look pretty good, if I do say so myself.

At that moment, another person walked up to Dominic with a bag and asked, “Mr. Hartnell, shall we get her to try on the clothes now?”

Dominic took the bag from that person and looked inside. “Not this one. Bring the other one.”

Astonishment flashed across that person’s face before he turned quickly to leave.

I was listening to their conversation, and I couldn’t help but ask Dominic in bewilderment, “Try on what clothes?”

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