Love the Second Time Around Chapter 65 by NovelsYou

Chapter 65 To Gain An Experience

I was mostly afraid of causing trouble for Nicholas. After all, the fashion show had to be swarming with journalists.

He assured me that it was fine and even told me to give him a call the moment I arrived. That way, he could arrange for someone to escort me in.

I thought about it for a while. In the end, my curiosity prevailed.

I used to watch male and female models walk the runway on television, so it would definitely be a thrill to have a chance to watch it live.

After we reached an agreement, I left.

When I returned to the hotel, it suddenly occurred to me that I never told Nicholas that I wanted to be at the set. So how did he know about it?

I figured he must have heard it from Flash and thought nothing more of it.

After dinner, while my father was chatting jovially with his students, I waved at Mom and stole softly out of the room.

Dad never saw me leave, but someone else sure did. Louis followed behind me and came running after me.

I told him to go back, but he refused. He said that if I didn’t take him along with me, he would go back and report to Dad. If that were to happen, neither of us would be able to leave.

I was speechless for a moment. In the end, I decided to give Nicholas a call.

I can’t bring my brother along without asking Nicholas.

I spoke with Nicholas on the phone, and without another second of delay, he agreed to have my brother tag along. He asked me to wait at the hotel entrance, and he was going to come and pick us up.

After the phone call, I glared at my brother fiercely and said, “Someone will be here to pick us up. Once we’re there, stay close to me and don’t wander around. I’ll skin you alive if you cause any trouble.”

Louis replied nonchalantly, “How old do you think I am, Lili? Why do you think I want to follow you? I don’t want to stick around with Dad, and it’s boring to be alone. Why are you acting so mysterious anyway? Are you going on a date with a celebrity? Or are you meeting up with country leaders?”

I ignored him. I’m sure he’ll be star-struck when he sees Nicholas and the other celebrities later.

Louis and I waited at the hotel’s entrance for twenty minutes before a black SUV stopped in front of us.

I glanced at the car, but I couldn’t see inside it. The car had curtains tightly drawn over each of its windows.

At that moment, the rear door was pulled open from the inside, and I saw Nicholas’ face.

He beckoned to me, and I quickly pulled Louis into the car.

“Thank you for picking us up, Nicholas. And thank you for letting my brother tag along,” I said, somewhat abashed.

“Don’t mention it. Hello there,” Nicholas greeted Louis.

Just then, Louis looked like a complete fool. He was staring intently at Nicholas with his mouth agape.

I called it! Star-struck indeed.

“Ahem! Earth to Louis. Say hi.” I feigned a cough and nudged him.

After more than ten seconds, Louis suddenly jumped up in his seat violently, enough to knock his head on the car roof.

Louis clutched the top of his head, his face scrunched up with pain.

He shook my arm and kept mumbling, “Lili, it’s Nicholas! Am I dreaming? Pinch me so that I know it’s real!”

I lifted my hand and rubbed the top of his head. “Doesn’t your head hurt? You still can’t tell that you’re not dreaming?”

Such a silly boy.

I wanted to remind him to be a little more courteous, but he pushed my hand away and turned to Nicholas. “Are you really Nicholas Scott? The real deal?”

“Louis, that’s a silly thing to say.” I couldn’t help but pinch him.

What’s gotten into him?

Nicholas chuckled and replied, “In the flesh.”

Nicholas’ reply caused Louis to grin from ear to ear.

I never thought that Louis would still be a huge fan of Nicholas. To see him all tongue-tied and starstruck was quite a jarring sight.

I smiled awkwardly and said to Nicholas, “Ignore him. He’ll get over it in a while.”

Nicholas beamed with delight and even gave Louis an autographed photo of himself.

After a short drive, the car finally came to a halt.

As soon as we got out of the car, a man with a pair of black round glasses, a pink shirt, and checkered overalls came rushing over to us.

Only when he was near did I realize his bow-tie was the same pattern as his overalls.

“Where have you been, Nic? I’ve been looking all over for you. The journalists are asking for you.”

When the man in bow-tie spoke, I couldn’t help but shudder.

“I’m back now, aren’t I? Let’s go in then,” Nicholas said to the man. He then turned around to beckon at Louis and me.

Once inside, Nicholas said to the man in a bow-tie, “Stay with them for a while, Jake. I’ll be back shortly.”

“Liliana, the show will begin in half an hour. You may walk around the set to have a look. If you need anything, just tell Jake. He’s my manager.”

With that, he turned and left.

As soon as he left, Jake scrutinized us from head to toe before asking warily about the relationship between Nicholas and me.

Looking at how overprotective he was, I wouldn’t tell him even if Nicholas and I were truly in a relationship. However, we were not.

I told him that Nicholas and I were just friends, and I came here today to gain an experience.

Jake’s expression finally eased up after hearing what I said.

At that moment, a few staff came up to Jake.

I quickly said to him, “Go ahead. Louis and I will be fine by ourselves.”

“Don’t get yourself into trouble. I’ll be back soon. Why don’t you guys have a seat over there? Right there, behind the row of chairs.”

My eyes darted in the direction he was pointing before I nodded at him.

I led Louis to the back of the row of chairs and sat down at the farthest seat.

At first, Louis sat quietly beside me. But after he caught sight of a few celebrities, he became extremely excited, especially after he spotted Scarlett.

He insisted on approaching her for an autograph, and I couldn’t even stop him.

I got up and decided to follow him. Yet after a few steps, I accidentally bumped into someone.

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