Love the Second Time Around Chapter 64 by NovelsYou

Chapter 64 A Coincidence

I had thought that he escaped. Who knew that he was actually waiting for me? He was just like a ghost who refused to move on.

Actually, this is great. I’m still angry anyway.

Before Dominic could say anything, Dad shouted at me, “Dom is kind enough to drive us, Lili. What’s with the attitude?”

“Where are we going, Dad? We’ll hail a cab ourselves. We don’t need him.”

This man was evil, and it was impossible to guard against him.

“Lili!” Dad shouted again.

“I won’t want him to drive me, Dad,” I said in a panic.

Why is this happening? What’s so good about Dominic? They only met him again yesterday, so why are they standing on his side now?

He even pretended to act like a kind and generous man as he said, “Don’t blame Lili, David. There’s just some misunderstanding between us. Sit tight; I’m going to start driving now.”

Misunderstanding? Nonsense. There was only hate between us.

I reached out to try and open the door even when I saw that he was starting to drive. Naturally, it was already locked.

I turned toward Dominic angrily, but he remained calm as he looked in front. “Fasten your seatbelt and sit tight. Stop messing around.”

“Lili, Dom is driving already. Just forget about whatever misunderstanding there is for now and stop throwing a tantrum. Your safety comes first,” Mom said.

Everyone was nagging at me, and I felt so aggrieved at that moment.

I shifted my body and turned toward the window. At least I wouldn’t be able to see Dominic’s face like that.

Mom told me to eat a little something. They had bought some food to eat on the way since they were worried that there wouldn’t be enough time.

However, I had no appetite, so I pretended to be asleep. She stopped trying to talk to me after that.

Throughout the journey, my family was chatting away happily and Dominic would contribute to the topic from time to time.

I was only pretending to sleep at first but fell asleep for real eventually.

Mom woke me up afterward and said that we had arrived.

After getting down from the car, I instantly kept my distance from Dominic.

I was studying the place we were at when I saw the words “Lightspring” at the entrance. It was an infamous ancient town.

“Your Dad’s students are having a class gathering here today, and they invited him,” Mom said.

Dad knew that the place was an ancient town. Since it was National Day, he wanted us to spend the holiday here together as a family.

Coincidentally, the student who gifted him with the Bordeaux was one of the students. Dad had brought this up casually, and Dominic said that there was some work he needed to attend to here so he could drive us.

And that was why whatever happened this morning, happened.

I was puzzled when I heard what Mom had said. I had dinner with them yesterday, so why didn’t I know anything about it?

Dad came to attend a student gathering while Dominic was here for work. How could it be so coincidental?

I pouted and started to grumble inwardly. I was afraid that if I said anything out loud, Mom would start talking for that man again.

After we entered the town, Dominic really did go off on his own.

Well, it was better this way. He would only be an eyesore if he stayed.

After he left, Dad led us to a hotel. There was a bulletin board near the entrance that proclaimed it to be a five-star hotel.

Seems like the students who invited Dad are quite well-off.

A five-star hotel in a landmark like this wouldn’t be cheap.

Someone came to welcome us just as we stepped through the entrance. “Mr. Zanetti, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for ages.”

Our family glanced at the person, and after thinking for a moment, Dad finally recognized him. “Jonathan! I haven’t seen you since you graduated. I almost didn’t recognize you.”

When he finally recognized Jonathan, the latter walked up to him and hugged Dad emotionally. “I know. But I’ve always remembered you, Mr. Zanetti.”

Both of them chatted for a while before we made our way into the hotel together.

Louis and I were about to book our own rooms, but Jonathan insisted on booking a room for each of us when he found out that we were family.

He even told us that he didn’t want Dad to spend a single cent during this trip.

Later on, Mom and Dad followed Jonathan to meet up with the other students and catch up with them. Louis found something to do on his own too.

I didn’t want to stay in the hotel myself, so I took my bag and decided to go walk around the area.

I really liked ancient towns like this as they gave off a really calm energy.

However, since it was National Day, there were a lot of people visiting as well. I really hated crowded places.

I followed the stone path and tried my best to go somewhere with fewer people.

Suddenly, someone tapped my back, trying to get my attention. I instinctively clutched my bag as thieves and scammers were the most abundant at a time like this.

I turned around and saw a man in a baseball cap, a mask, and a pair of sunglasses behind me.

I blinked my eyes several times but was not able to recognize who it was.

He didn’t wait for me to ask. Instead, he pulled down his mask and lowered his sunglasses slightly before saying in a low voice, “It’s me, Liliana.”

I almost screamed upon hearing his voice. Luckily I reacted soon enough and had slapped a palm over my mouth.

The man tilted his head and motioned for me to follow him.

I obediently trailed behind him. After taking lots of twists and turns, we arrived at an old and rustic-looking house.

He only removed his disguise once he entered the house.

“I thought I had made a mistake when I saw you from afar, but it really is you! Why are you here at Lightspring?”

I was just as shocked. I had never expected to see the national heartthrob at such a place.

“Dad’s students invited him here for a gathering so I followed along. What about you, Nicholas? Are you shooting a movie here?”

I had taken a quick glance around earlier and saw that there was a lot of shooting equipment.

“I’m here to shoot for an advertisement. They wanted an ancient vibe to it, which was why we chose this place. Besides, there’s an event I need to attend tonight,” Nicholas said with a smile.

“Well, it’s quite gutsy of you to bring me over here. Aren’t you afraid that I would sell you to your Darlings? That huge fanbase of yours is really something,” I joked while laughing.

I had followed Nicholas on his Twitter ever since I got to know him. All his fans called themselves his Darling on the platform.

“I trust that you won’t do that.”

I excused myself after having a brief chat with Nicholas as I was worried that I would delay his shoot.

“The shoot’s almost over. I’m just waiting for the event tonight,” he said.

He also told me that I would be working in the film crew soon and wanted me to get ready for it.

I took a look at the time and realized that I really needed to head back soon. Our family was supposed to be having dinner with Dad’s students.

Nicholas didn’t try to get me to stay when he saw that I was going to leave. All he did was ask if I was interested in checking out the event with him later.

“I’m allowed to go? Will there be a lot of celebrities?” I asked excitedly.

“There should be. It’s a fashion show. I can bring you in if you’re free tonight.”

I had never attended a legit fashion show in my life.

That was why I was quite intrigued but also hesitant at the same time.

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