Love the Second Time Around Chapter 63 by NovelsYou

Chapter 63 I Will Give You What You Want

“Cough… Cough… You… Cough…” I choked and was struggling to recover.

“There’s no rush. Take your time. Here, wipe your mouth first.” I took the tissue he gave me and quickly wiped off the water around my mouth and on my hands.

After a moment, I finally shouted, “What are you doing here, Dominic!”

What is wrong with him? Seeing such a horrifying thing in the morning isn’t good for my heart!

“Helen let me in.”

I didn’t care about who let him in. All I wanted to know was the reason he came.

Besides, where were my parents? And where was Louis? I had looked around earlier but saw no one.

Just how much trust do they have in Dominic that they were willing to do this?

As if he knew what I was thinking, Dominic informed me that my parents had gone out to get breakfast and that Louis was still sleeping.

All right, then. These weren’t as important right now. I really wanted to know the reason he came again so early in the morning.

“Why are you here so early in the morning?”

A long moment passed since I asked the question, but he still wasn’t answering. He continued to stare at me, causing me to start getting goosebumps from his gaze.

“Hey! I asked you a question. Why are you staring at me like that?” Is he crazy?

Right then, Dominic smiled and asked in a low voice, “Is it possible that you knew that I was going to come, and that’s why you’re trying to seduce me?”

I was left confused as I didn’t understand what he was saying.

How I wished to chase him away. Why would I waste my time seducing him?

“You’re not admitting to it? Why did you come out wearing that then?”

Before I could process what he said, I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my chest.

Right at that moment, I finally understood what he meant.

I was wearing nothing but a thin, cotton nightdress. Even though it wasn’t see-through, one could still see something if they got close enough.

I was just planning to get a cup of water and go back to sleep after that. Naturally, I wouldn’t get changed for it.

However, I was taken advantage of by Dominic instead.

My face flushed red as I covered up my chest. “You pervert!” I cried out in shocked anger.

He blinked a few times before saying in surprise, “You’re the one who’s wearing that and isn’t shying away. Aren’t you the one giving out an invitation?”

I- I… Invitation my a*s!

I reached out and pushed him away before dashing into my room.

I was about to lock the door, but Dominic followed me and forced his way into the room.

He then closed the door behind him.

Seeing that, I quickly pulled my collar close and backed away into a corner. I glared at him in alarm and said, “Get out now, Dominic! This is my room.”

With his hands in his pockets, he slowly made his way toward me. A subtle smile hung on his lips the whole time.

My room wasn’t big. Besides the bed, there was also a desk and a wardrobe, so I had nowhere to hide anymore.

Well, there was one place I could get to. I could get on the bed, but I didn’t want to.

“Lou is still home, Dominic. Mom and Dad are coming home soon too. Don’t you dare do anything crazy!” He was getting out of hand. I thought about the time when we were in Jadeborough. He dared to do such a thing even when we were in the corridor. That was why I couldn’t be sure what he would do the next second.

“Then you should come here. I probably won’t do anything if you come here.” Dominic crooked his finger at me as though he was playing with a puppy.

I puffed out my cheeks, feeling uncomfortable. Besides, I wasn’t that stupid. Why would I go to him voluntarily?

“If you don’t come here, don’t regret it when I get to you,” he added.

My body shuddered at his threat.

Seeing that he was coming closer and closer, I blurted in panic, “Don’t move! I’ll go to you.”

Dominic stopped and was looking at me with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

Why was I getting bullied like that in my own home? I was about to burst into tears at that moment.

I took small steps toward him, feeling as though my legs weighed a ton.

How heartless of Mom and Dad to leave such a cunning fox at home.

Louis, you jerk! I’m about to be bullied to death. Why can’t you sense that I’m in a crisis and come save me?

So many thoughts filled my mind in the short moment it took to get to him.

Dominic stood before me, and I swallowed. I pretended to sound tough as I shouted, “I-I’m here now. You have to keep your word! Ah!”

Before I could get everything I wanted to say out, he suddenly reached out and pulled me toward him.

My forehead slammed into his chest the next second.

“Look at me.”

I lifted my head instinctively after hearing his words, and my lips happened to touch his.

S***. This angle… This height… He definitely did it on purpose!

And he said that he wouldn’t do anything. What a liar.

The worst thing was that he spoke first before I could even get a word out.

“You’re still going to deny that you’re trying to seduce me? Look how eager you were.”

“No, I’m not!” I denied while blushing.

Dominic put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Then, he pressed his lips against mine.

“I’ll give you what you want.”

I wanted to scold him, but he took the chance to stick his tongue in my mouth. He was even holding my head from behind, making me unable to escape from him.

Just as I was about to kick him in his shins, Dominic finally let go of me.

He ran his fingertips over my lips and mumbled, “You’ll have to wait for next time if you want more. Your parents are going to be back soon.”

With that said, he left my bedroom and closed the door.

I was so angry that I couldn’t get anything out, so I grabbed something blindly and flung it at the door.

You b*****d, Dominic! Ever since that night, how many times have you kissed me forcefully already?

He even suggested that I wanted more. Even if it was true, I wouldn’t have gone to him for it.

S***! This makes me so mad!

I quickly got changed and went to the living room. I wanted to kick the b*****d Dominic to death.

However, he wasn’t around anymore. I went to look in Louis’s room, but he wasn’t there either.

I sat down on the couch unhappily. Did he escape already?

Right at that moment, the phone rang. It was Dad calling. He wanted Louis and me to get changed, saying that we needed to head out.

Since I couldn’t find Dominic, I took out my anger on Louis and threw a pillow at him to wake him up.

By the time we were done and were finally downstairs, I saw Mom getting down from a black MPV while waving at us.

I walked over quizzically. What is she up to?

With a smile, Mom opened the door of the passenger’s side and pushed me into the car before getting into the backseat herself.

“Where are we going – Dominic? Why are you still here?”

I fastened my seatbelt and turned to ask Mom but instantly saw Dominic’s face.

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