Love the Second Time Around Chapter 61 by NovelsYou

Chapter 61 I Am Not A Guest

I glanced at my hand that was still in Dominic’s clutch. Without a second thought, I reached out my other hand and pinched him hard, twice.

What is it with him? Why is he still holding my hand when we’re already at the door? How many times do I have to make it clear to him?

I actually pinched him quite hard, but he didn’t react whatsoever.

At that time, the front door swung open, and my heart began to beat frantically.

Fortunately, Dominic and I were standing behind the others. But it didn’t stop me from trying to pull my hand away from him.

Louis had actually called home earlier to inform my parents of our arrival. My mother was delighted to have guests, and she was quick to welcome them into the house.

When I was about to pinch Dominic again, he suddenly let go of my hand and walked up to my mother.

“Do you still remember me, Mrs. Zanetti? I’m Dominic.

My head spun immediately. Why is he so upfront?

Instantly, my mother remembered who he was and exclaimed happily, “Dom? It’s you? What brings you here? I haven’t seen you for ages.”

Obviously, you haven’t seen him! We broke up ages ago!

Back then, when my parents knew I had broken up with Dominic, they had questioned me incessantly about it for a long time.

And I always used the popular phrase —graduation season is breakup season — to brush them off.

“You do remember me, Mrs. Zanetti. I went abroad after graduation, and I just got back not long ago. Since it’s National Day and it’s the holiday, I took the opportunity to come and see you and Mr. Zanetti.”

I rolled my eyes as I listened to him sweet-talk my mother.

Despite me feeling exasperated, I had to admit that him doing this saved me the trouble. I wouldn’t have to crack my head for an explanation.

Fortunately, Dominic did not blabber. Otherwise, I would have sealed his mouth shut.

But even so, I would rather prefer my mother and Dominic not to chat for too long. I was afraid he might slip his tongue.

At the moment, he was unpredictable.

“Mom, let’s go in. Are you going to keep them waiting outside?” I reminded my mother as I lightly squeezed her arm.

With that in mind, she stepped aside and welcomed Dominic and the others into the house.

As soon as she entered the house, she called out to my father, “Dear, look who’s here!”

Do you have to be so happy? It’s just Dominic.

I thought my father would be more steadfast, but in the end, he too was allured by Dominic’s sweet words.

With the addition of the eloquent Benjamin and Mitch, my parents were simply ecstatic.

At that moment, Louis pulled me into the study room and closed the door.

“Lili, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for a long time. Are you back together with Dom? What about Julius? Are you cheating—”

Before he could finish his sentence, I covered his mouth with my hand.

I glared at him and said, “Nonsense! Julius and I are divorced. He’s the one who cheated, not me.”

I had become overly sensitive to that topic. Just hearing that word itself made me jumpy.

Louis pried off my hand and asked in astonishment, “Are you serious? Do Mom and Dad know about it?”

“I’ve already explained things to them. So your sister’s single and ready to mingle.”

To be honest, I’m loving my freedom.

“Then did Julius really cheat on you? That b*stard! It’s good that you left him. Besides, you still have Dom. Julius is no match to Dom.”

I was quite happy to hear the first part, but the second part had several meanings to it.

Is Dominic really that good of a man? And by the sound of that, it’s as if Dominic and I have gotten back together.

Other than that regretful night, there was nothing going on between us.

I lifted my hand and knocked on my brother’s forehead with my middle finger’s knuckle. Then, I told him matter-of-factly that I had nothing to do with Dominic.

Louis cut me off and said, “I’m not blind. If there’s nothing between the both of you, then what about the incident in Jadeborough? I saw everything, Lili. Not just me, but Benjamin and Mitch saw it too!”

That rendered me speechless. Instantly, I was filled with an indescribable sense of embarrassment.

“You’re talking rubbish. Get out, go on.” I said, all flustered.

As I pushed Louis out of the study room, I saw Dominic, my father, and the other two men chatting on the couch.

I had no idea what their conversation was about, but there was a big smile on my father’s face.

I felt my face burning with embarrassment as I thought back to what Louis had said just now.

Not wanting to join in their conversation, I turned and headed into the kitchen.

“What are you preparing, Mom? Let me help you.”

My mother pointed to the vegetables in a colander and instructed me to de-stem them.

I had come into the kitchen because I wanted to avoid Dominic. However, for some reason, he entered the kitchen as well.

And he even promised to help my mother with cooking.

I tried my best to hold in my laughter at his words. In my stint as his caregiver, I had never once seen him c**k.

“You can’t c**k. You’d better go out before you burn down the kitchen.”

Even though I was telling the truth, my mother smacked me lightly. She seemed to be afraid that Dominic would be offended by what I said.

Not wanting to argue with her, I pursed my lips and said no more.

It was the same as before. Whenever Dominic came over to my house, my parents would always take his side.

They acted like he was their son and I was their daughter-in-law.

With my mother around, Dominic didn’t dare speak to me in a sarcastic tone.

“How would you know? You haven’t tried my cooking yet. Leave it to me, Mrs. Zanetti. I’ll get Lili to help me in the kitchen.”

He sounded sincere, but I knew better when I saw a hint of mischief flash in his eyes.

He was definitely a devilish man. I wasn’t going to wait around and watch him weasel his way.

Before my mother could answer, I said, “I’m sorry. But you’re the guest, and we can’t have you cooking in the kitchen.”

“Based on our relationship, am I still counted as a guest? I came here to see your parents today, and I’d be happy to c**k them a meal.”

My eyes bulged so much that it seemed like they were about to pop out of my sockets. Our relationship?

He was not in any way related to my family, so why didn’t he think he was a guest?

My mother watched us bantered back and forth for quite some time before she finally took off her apron.

Before she left the kitchen, she reminded me to lend him a helping hand.

Once my mother retreated from the kitchen, I puffed my cheeks angrily and turned to scowl at the smirking Dominic.

“Stop with the nonsense. What if my mother misunderstood what you said?”

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