Love the Second Time Around Chapter 56 by NovelsYou

Chapter 56 Freeing Louis

“These are my legs, and I can go wherever I please. It’s none of your business.” Dominic’s greeting sounded about as friendly as a bullet.

I was taken aback by his aggressive reply. I was just curious.

Too tired to bicker with him, I ignored Dominic and turned to Benjamin to ask, “My brother’s in the police station nearby. Do you want to go over now? They wouldn’t let me bail him out.”

To my surprise, Mitch spoke up instead.

“Let’s go, then. I have a few questions myself.”

I did not know why Mitch had come along, but anything was fine as long as they got my brother out.

We set off for the police station.

I was just here a couple of hours ago. This visit marked my third time meeting Xavier that day.

The policemen looked at the line of men behind me in shock.

“They’re my friends, and they’re lawyers. Could you let us in to meet my brother again? Just them is fine too.”

Xavier was easily convinced and let us in without further questions.

Outside the interrogation room, Mitch pushed the door open and went in. I had planned to join the discussion, but I was stopped by Benjamin.

“Let Mitch go in alone. You might hinder his interrogation.”

I clenched my fists in concern, though I reluctantly took Benjamin’s advice.

Xavier brought Dominic, Benjamin, and me to an adjacent waiting room and served us three cups of water.

I paced the room in worry.

Though I was well aware of Benjamin’s capabilities, I knew next to nothing about Mitch. I did not doubt his ability; I merely trusted Benjamin more.

My incessant pacing must have annoyed Dominic, who pulled me down onto the seat next to his.

“Stop walking around. You may not be tired from pacing, but you’re making my head spin.”

His manhandling ways, coupled with his rudeness from earlier, pissed me off.

I didn’t ask him to fly all the way here. He came without informing me, and now he’s complaining? He needs to get his head checked.

I tossed his earlier words back at him angrily. “These are my legs, and I can pace around as much as I want to. Leave me alone.”

Benjamin, who had been standing beside Dominic, burst into laughter. Both of us turned to glare at him.

I guessed that Dominic was glaring at him out of embarrassment.

Meanwhile, I was glaring at him for his audacity to laugh in such a nerve-wracking situation.

Why couldn’t he have gone in with Mitch to talk to my brother?

My anxiety was making my brain go haywire. It completely skipped my mind that having two lawyers question him at once could lead to more confusion down the road.

Our twin glares sent Benjamin into a placating gesture. “Please, carry on. Just pretend I’m not here.”

I glared daggers at him again. Continue what? Continue bickering?

Sitting still was beyond me. I stood up barely a couple of minutes later and began pacing around the room again.

“What on earth can you achieve by pacing mindlessly in circles? Can’t you sit down and wait?” Dominic complained.

“My brother’s the one in trouble. It’s fine for you to relax, but I can’t!” Exasperated, I wondered why he tagged along in the first place.

“Liliana, don’t worry. Mitch’s family is in Jadeborough. If your brother is innocent, nothing will happen to him. Even if he’s guilty, we’ll figure something out,” Benjamin cajoled.

I knew he had nothing but good intentions, but the sheer thought of my brother being guilty had me launching into another tirade.

“That’s nonsense! Lou would never do such a thing!”

Benjamin must have had the patience of a saint, after all. After getting a scolding on the phone and in this room, he could still smile in response.

“How can you throw a tantrum when he flew all the way here to help you?” Dominic asked coldly.

My heart twisted, unable to deny the truth in his words.

He’s probably referring to Benjamin and Mitch. What is he here for, then? A good show?

Ignoring Dominic, I left the waiting room and stood outside the interrogation room anxiously.

About ten minutes later, Mitch came out. I rushed to him.

While I desperately wanted to see Louis, I needed to know more urgently if Mitch could help him.

“My brother told you everything, right? You have to believe him; he would never commit such a crime. I met that girl this afternoon, and she-”

Mitch cut in, “Hold on, I need to make a call. We’ll get your brother out soon. Let’s talk about the rest at the hotel.”

I fell silent for a brief moment before exclaiming, “You can get Lou out? But they told me he’s not on bail.”

“I can get him out. Could you call the other two and wait for me in the lobby? Give me twenty minutes.” Mitch sounded confident.

All the tension from earlier left my body. Benjamin had been telling the truth; Mitch’s presence made wonders.

Knowing I could bail Louis out, I forgot all about my anger at Dominic. I ran back to the waiting room and repeated what Mitch had told me.

After twenty minutes or so in the lobby, Mitch showed up as promised with Louis in tow.

I ran forward and hugged Louis tightly before checking to see if he was alright.

He looked pale as if he had spent the entire night awake.

We returned to the hotel after leaving the police station.

I had planned to book three rooms for them, only to find out they had already gotten their rooms earlier.

“That’s great. I’m heading up with Lou so he can rest now. We can discuss everything later.”

Dominic stopped us from leaving in that annoying fashion of his.

Irritated, I asked, “What are you doing? Lou’s tired, and he needs to catch up on his sleep.”

“Where is he sleeping?” Dominic demanded.

Dumbfounded by his question, I replied, “In my room, silly. Now get out of my way.”

“Get him his own room.” Dominic refused to budge.

Any other time, I would have gotten Louis a room of his own. He was, after all, a grown man, and it was indeed inappropriate for us to be sharing a room.

However, things were different now. I was worried about him being alone. If anything, I could stay up instead.

“No, I’ve got to stay with him. Dominic, what are you worried about? We’re siblings, for God’s sake.”

The man’s excessive concern seemed ridiculous, and I had no idea how these thoughts came about in the first place.

Dominic shot back, “Liliana, what’s wrong with your head? You and your brother are both adults. How can it be appropriate to share a room?”

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