Love the Second Time Around Chapter 53 by NovelsYou

Chapter 53 The Worst Is Over

I couldn’t move my legs after seeing my mom in that state. She was afraid, and she must be bewildered as well.

In fact, I really wanted to stay. But upon thinking of my dad’s temper and his illness, I felt helpless.

I stood there contemplating what to do for a few minutes. Before I had made up my mind, I heard the sound of keys opening the door.

My mother and I were startled and exchanged glances.

I turned around to look at the door, and it was my dad who had come home. I turned nervous instantly.

My mother squeezed my palms assuringly. It felt somewhat soothing. Then, she approached my dad.

My dad seemed to be having a good mood when he entered the house. But when he looked up and saw me, he froze.

“Dad,” I called out to him softly.

He ignored me. My mother helped him with his briefcase, trying to ease the situation. “Darling, it’s rare for our daughter to come home. Don’t be so stern. Let’s calm down and talk. How could father and daughter harbor overnight grudges?”

After that, my mother signaled at me with her eyes.

Catching onto her meaning, I walked over and said, “Dad, I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

“Yes, quickly. Remember to let the water boil before you pour it in. Darling, come, let’s sit on the couch.”

My mom took my dad to the sofa, as I put some tea leaves into a clay teapot and went into the kitchen.

I was in a daze while waiting for the water to boil. I was afraid of my dad not believing in my words. The last time I left, we argued, and it wasn’t pleasant. Now…

The whistle of the kettle brought me back to my senses.

Forget it. Since I can no longer hide the truth, I should make things clear to him.

If they remain doubtful, I will bring the divorce papers back and show them everything. I’ll also invite Julius and Benjamin to confront them in person.

Julius seemed to be afraid of Benjamin back then. If the other man were here, Julius wouldn’t dare to deceive my parents.

After I got myself together, I brought the tea to the living room. My mom and dad were sitting together.

I put the tea in front of my dad, saying, “Dad, have some tea.”

My dad intimidatingly stared at me in silence, causing my heart to thump anxiously. He won’t chase me out without giving me the chance to speak, will he?

“Is what your mother said true? You and Julius are divorced? The things you say about Julius cheating on you and taking your money, is it all true?”

I did not expect my mother to tell him everything while I was boiling water.

I silently nodded, keeping my eyes glued to the floor.

Every word I said was absolutely true, but I was still afraid that I would hear their doubts again.

My dad was silent for a moment, and I could feel his eyes burning me.

“Darling, I know it sounds outrageous, but she is still our daughter. She wouldn’t…”

My mother looked worried as she tried to defend me. However, my dad slammed the tea table aggressively.

The glasses on the tea table clashed with each other due to the tremendous impact.

My mom and I were instantly frightened.

My dad stood up, looking grim. His voice was trembling with rage. “Wow. Julius, that brat. He dared to do this to you. I must settle the score with him!”

I was dumbfounded by his reaction. Dad… He believes me?

My mother grabbed him and yelled anxiously, “Hey, why are you acting so recklessly? What are you going to do? Fight him? You’re in no condition to do.”

“Is it because of my age? He bullied my daughter! So what if I beat him up? What can he do to me?” My dad’s voice was deafening; he sounded furious.

I ran over and grabbed his other arm as well. I then asked him with doubt lacing my tone, “Dad… Do you actually believe me? Last time, weren’t you…”

Last time, he made me think about the mistakes I made, but now, why…

“Of course I do! Why didn’t you tell us earlier? If you had told us earlier, that mother and son wouldn’t have had the guts to come over and trouble us. Not only did you hurt yourself, but you also embarrassed us.”

My dad lectured me fiercely, but I was too happy at the fact that he believed my words over Julian’s to care.

Happiness filled me so suddenly, and tears gushed out of my eyes. They were all tears of joy.

“Why are you crying? Let me ask you, how did he agree to the divorce? Did you actually give him money? If that’s the case, let’s call the police and sue him. We don’t want a single penny from him, but we cannot let him take advantage of us. He needs to know his place!”

At that moment, my dad seemed very manly in my eyes. He’s so cool and awesome.

I held back my tears and told them everything about how Benjamin helped me and Julius’s promise to give money.

My parents’ mood improved after knowing that Julius did not bully me, but my dad still had some rage lingering in him.

I didn’t want him to settle the score for me in fear that something terrible would happen to him if he did so.

As long as they were willing to believe my side of the story — the truth — it was more than enough. Besides, Julius was also in trouble, so I felt no need to attack him.

I carefully thought about what to do. Previously, we weren’t calm, and Julius had taken the opportunity to deceive us. He influenced everyone.

My dad didn’t have a good attitude back then, and I had left home with a heavy heart and a negative impression of him.

If I had been able to calm down a little back then or maybe take a breather, things might have been different.

I felt guilty, and so I apologized, saying, “Dad, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have fought with you before.”

He sighed, “I shouldn’t have said those words either. You’re my daughter. I should’ve believed you no matter what.”

The touching moment made my nose runny again, and I rushed forward to hug my dad.

My mom started wiping her tears beside us, weeping silently upon knowing that my dad and I had made up. My dad comforted her upon seeing her get emotional.

Now that Julius and I were divorced and my parents believed me again, the two of my worst problems are over. To say I was relieved would be an understatement.

National Day was coming in more than a week. My mother asked for me to stay until the festival before leaving. Louis would also be coming home.

There was nothing for me to do if I went back anyway, so I agreed.

Back at home, I could eat my mother’s cooking every day. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Life was good.

Once “The Wind And Cloud” production starts, and I’ve joined the film crew, I probably won’t have time to come home anymore.

I lazed around my home for four days; it felt so good to take a break.

My parents probably felt guilty about what had happened earlier, as they let me do as I pleased. I could do whatever I wanted.

To my pleasant surprise, Dominic didn’t call me once throughout my stay there.

I thought I could relax until National Day was over. However, on Monday before dawn, I was woken up by the annoying ringtone of my phone.

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