Love the Second Time Around Chapter 51 by NovelsYou

Chapter 51 I Agree

“So, you’ve given up running? This conference room is huge anyway. You can go ahead and continue. James will not open the door without receiving my call anyway, so we can take our time.”

I suddenly had the urge to slap Dominic’s smug face.

“You have time, but I don’t. I have nowhere to run anyway. Why don’t we talk it out?”

He pulled out a chair and sat opposite of me, crossing his legs. “Go ahead.”

D**n… Why is he so arrogant!

I was really, really unhappy. However, fighting with Dominic would only end up with me being angrier.

I took a deep breath before saying, “Dominic, last night, I already repaid everything I owed you. From now on, we will not have anything to do with each other anymore.”

I had already given him more than enough — I don’t owe him anything anymore.

However, the man clearly thought otherwise.

He chuckled as his eyes gleamed, looking as if he could see right through me.

“You don’t owe me anymore? Liliana, do you think you are valuable enough to compensate for everything with just one night?”

“What do you mean by that? What happened yesterday was not consensual. You should be happy I didn’t file any charges against you. What more do you want?”

I really hated him for being pushy. It was obviously his fault, but he acted as if everybody owed him.

How could such an unreasonable b*****d even exist?

Dominic suddenly stood up, like a towering giant looking down upon me.

Screw you… long legged b*****d.

“Don’t come over. We’ll talk like this. We have to be at least five meters… No, ten meters apart.”

When he started walking, I started to back away.

Being close to him felt oppressive.

However, he didn’t seem to heed my warnings; he continued to approach me at a fast pace without care.

I continued backing away as much as I could. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize the wall behind me. When my back hit it, I knew I had no way to escape.

Great, he’s pinned me against the wall.

But why am I not feeling the fleeting heart and excitement that happens in dramas?

“Dominic, If you dare to do anything crazy to me, I will… Mhmm…”

He… We’re here to break off all our relations… Why are you kissing me!

I immediately attempted to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge.

When Dominic finally let go of me, my lips were swollen.

He lifted his eyebrows and chuckled, “Why are you resisting? Didn’t you enjoy it?

“I didn’t! Not one bit! Dominic, when did you turn into such a person? Why are you being so forceful towards me? What happened to your pride and self-control!”

Having heard what I said, the smile on his face suddenly vanished. His face became ice cold.

He twisted my hand behind my back and squeezed my jaw, prohibiting me from moving even one inch.

“You have no right to lecture me.” Dominic’s eyes were so cold as he spoke,

I closed my eyes, suppressed my fear, then opened my eyes again to look straight at him.

“Fine, I won’t, then. But don’t you think you’re going overboard? Dominic, it’s been five years. No matter what happened between us, it is already in the past. Now, let us go back to our own respective lives, okay?”

I didn’t know why, but my voice suddenly choked up.

No matter how deep our love was before, it’s all in the past now. He’s got Camille now, and I… Having myself is more than enough.

Dominic brought his face closer to mine, causing the tips of our noses to be almost touching.

“Back to your own life? Sure, as long as you agree to my terms, I’ll let you go back to your own life.”

“Tell me what they are,” I said that solely out of curiosity — I knew nothing good would come out of him.

He tilted his head and stared at me for a long time, letting out a sly grin after a while.

“Did you not understand what I said? You have only two choices. Agree, or don’t agree. If you agree, I will tell you my terms. If you don’t, we’ll just continue our wild ride together and see where the world will take us.”

I… How is this different from not having a choice? I’m still being threatened.

“The countdown starts now. Three!”

I bit my lip and didn’t say a word as he was clearly forcing me.



“Three!” he yelled, interrupting me.

Forget it. I’ll agree with him. He’s just going to make a fool out of me in the end, and it won’t be the first time he’ll do so anyway. I’ll let him have his fun and forget about it after.

“I’ll agree!”

Dominic was instantly smiling gleefully. He had been very sure that I would agree.

He let go of my hand, took out his cell phone, and made a phone call. He only said three words on the phone. “All’s good now.”

I demanded while rubbing my wrist, “State your terms.”

I wanted to end my suffering as early as possible.

I had already expressed my agreement, so I was expected him to speak up. However, Dominic went silent.

“Don’t worry. In time, I will tell you.”

D**n it! My heart is already out of control; it’s pounding anxiously, yet you still want to torture me like this?

At that moment, the door opened. It was James.

“It’s over? That was pretty quick. I expected the both of you to go on until tomorrow.”

As soon as I saw his happy, smiley face, I could no longer suppress my anger. I rushed at him with my fist.

James immediately avoided me and hid behind Dominic while protecting his face.

“Buddy, I’m just here to help you. Why don’t you do something? Do you have any idea how many beautiful young girls will weep if I broke my handsome face?”

I can’t do anything to Dominic right now, but I need to vent my anger on James no matter what.

“Get out of the way.” I waved a hand at Dominic angrily.

He became surprisingly cooperative, immediately stepping aside for me to rush at the man behind him.

I strode over to grab James on his sleeves and pinched the flesh on his waist.

“Tell me, will you ever trick me again?”

I pinched him with all my strength. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have to agree to Dominic’s terms hopelessly.

James let out a cry in despair. “F*ck! Let go! Let go of me! Dominic, I help you, and you treat me like this? D**n… It hurts!”

As I said, Dominic was inhuman. He didn’t react to the man’s cries at all, even after hearing James screaming in pain. He just stood by and watched.

That wasn’t enough for me, so I twisted my hand even further. Try tricking me again, and I will rip off your flesh.

“Liliana. You’re like a sister to me. Stop pinching. It’s painful. I was wrong, okay?” James’ face turned bright red.

I glared at him and scowled with a cold voice, “Do you dare to help him again in the future?”

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