Love the Second Time Around Chapter 5 by NovelsYou

Chapter 5 Paying The Price For Her Past

  • A woman was actually lying on my bed, and she was even wearing my camisole nightgown. When she caught sight of me, she flashed me a sweet smile.
  • If I weren’t still at home, I would definitely think that I had entered the wrong room. At a closer look, I realized that she was actually the woman in the video.
  • All at once, my temper flared. I rushed over and raised my hand to swing it across her face. Alas, before my hand landed on her face, another hand gripped mine and yanked me away, causing me to stumble and fall onto the floor.
  • As my head jerked up incredulously, I was greeted by none other than my so-called husband, Julius.
  • Throwing me a cold look, he closed the bedroom door and then stalked toward me step by step.
  • “Nevermind if you have a mistress out there, but you actually dared to bring her home to sleep on my bed, wearing my nightgown? Are you f*cking insane, Julius Keaton?”
  • Seeing that Julius was drawing ever closer to me, I tried my best to scramble up. Unexpectedly, he scooped me up before yanking the covers off the bed and wrapping me up in them. My screams and curses fell onto deaf ears. In fact, his entire person was so calm that fear struck me.
  • Meanwhile, the woman on the bed remained sprawled leisurely with the ever-present smile on her face.
  • When I could no longer move a single muscle, Julius shoved me onto the bed. Since I was trussed up like a turkey, I tumbled straight onto the bed, landing right beside the woman.
  • “What is the meaning of this, Julius? What the hell are you trying to do?”
  • The turn of events was simply too bizarre. I waited the entire day for an explanation from him, yet it was such an outcome that greeted me. As such, unease inexorably pervaded me.
  • “Didn’t you want an explanation?” Julius’ lips curved into a smirk, and he started stripping.
  • I had seen that countless times, but today, it seemed utterly revolting.
  • “I’m going to give you an explanation through action. After all, a short video can’t possibly capture everything vividly, no?”
  • Hearing that, my mind splintered into a million pieces. Oh God, is this really the Julius I know? Does he know what he’s actually talking about?
  • “Julius… We’re a married couple, for f*ck’s sake, not enemies! Not only are you nary the slightest bit guilty for having cheated on me, but you’re even this shameless? You must be f*cking certifiable!” I roared at the top of my lungs.
  • Unadulterated despair settled into the deepest recesses of my heart at that moment.
  • Having stripped to almost his birthday suit, Julius leaned down and gripped my chin with a sneer playing on his lips. No matter how much I struggled, I simply couldn’t break his hold on me.
  • “Liliana, you were never all that pure, so why are you feigning such decorum? We’re just repulsing each other, no?”
  • At once, my eyes went wide in shock. What the hell? What kind of logic and perception is this? Everyone has a past!
  • “Don’t stare at me with widened eyes as though you’re a chaste virgin!”
  • After saying that, Julius dropped his hand. At the same time, the woman boldly slid forward and hugged him around the waist. Right before me, she started getting all intimate with him and even regarded me with a provocative look in her eyes.
  • I felt as though I was on the verge of losing my mind. If I’d known that he’s so bothered about my past, I wouldn’t have settled for him no matter what! I only got together with him back then because I felt that he’d make a good husband. Besides, I wasn’t young anymore, so it was better to have a family than to be a spinster. But now I’m paying the price for my compromise?

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