Love the Second Time Around Chapter 42 by NovelsYou

Chapter 42 The Twitter Account That Was No Longer Updated

I inhaled a deep breath and tried to suppress my urge to whack him with all my might.

“Don’t let your mind wander. We’ve already made it clear; I’m only your caregiver and nothing else.”

I had to make things clear as it was an important matter. I did not want to appear as though I had hoped for something to happen between us other than being friends.

But then again, Dominic and I were never really friends either. The only thing I hoped for was for him to stop pranking me.

Hearing my reply, he smiled indifferently and stated, “You’re the one who’s looking for me now, but you look so nervous. Are you playing hard to get?”

That was when I realized the both of us were not on the same page. Be it the words said or the meaning conveyed, he did not seem to make any sense to me.

But in hopes that I would have peace while working on my drafts for the next two days, I decided to let it slide and not offend him.

“I came because I have something to tell you. I have a draft submission in two days, so I hope no one will disturb me while I’m drawing. But of course, I’ll still fulfill my responsibilities as your caregiver.”

At that, Dominic raised his brows and sized me up, looking full of curiosity. “Is it that piece of work you were working on earlier? With that kind of drawing, I advise you to give up now. No one will accept even if you submitted it. It’ll be better for you to spend those time serving me instead. Don’t you agree?”

I-I… Like hell, I’ll agree! Liliana, you must endure it! But it’s so tough to do that!

“Dominic Hartnell, that’s enough. Can’t you say something nice to accumulate some good karma?”

A*****e! Why is he so sure it won’t be a good artwork when I’m still nowhere done with it? It’s not for him anyway, so is there a need for him to spout such nonsense and purposely emphasize my duty to serve him well?

“I’ll accumulate bad karma if I tell lies. Look at my state; all I want now is to live longer.”

Even though I was furious, I felt bad when my gaze unconsciously shifted to look at his legs.

What exactly happened in these five years? How did he hurt his leg? He must be feeling very upset… After all, he was once so proud of himself…

At that thought, I suddenly lost the urge to continue arguing with him. I decided to let him say what he liked if he would feel better that way. I would not be at any loss even if he did so anyway.

“Mr. Hartnell, do have a good rest. I’ll head back to my room. Call me if there’s anything.”

Finishing my words, I left his room with my head lowered.

When I arrived back at my room, I unwittingly logged into my old Twitter account.

Although I had not logged in for a long time, I still vividly remembered the password and the account ID. It was the initials of Dominic and my name.

In the account were the comics I had drawn, as well as my recounts of the trivialities of life. They were all about the incidents that had happened between Dominic and I.

I thought I would continue posting updates, but the last post stopped five years ago. Ever since I broke up with Dominic, I had never updated it anymore.

Whenever I looked at the contents inside that account, I was always full of affection and happiness. But five years later, I only felt my eyelids getting heavy and sore right now as I looked at it.

It was all in the past. I was no longer the Liliana that only had Dominic in my eyes. Similarly, Dominic would never be the man who would adore me deeply again.

I forced myself to close the page with my hand trembling and shut my eyes tight to withdraw myself from falling into the past.

I knew I could not continue thinking about it anymore. It was a mistake for Dominic and I to have met again. Some day, things would be restored to how they should be.

I soon opened my eyes, clicked open my draft, and started drawing again.

Focusing on work was a good attention diverter. Gradually, I stopped thinking about those unnecessary things.

That night, I managed to make some pretty good progress.

As for Dominic, he, too, had seemed to become extremely busy all of a sudden. Calvin had been coming to fetch him early in the morning every day, so he had not been eating breakfast at home. And he would only return after nine at night, so naturally, I did not have to prepare dinner either.

Of course, I was happy that his schedule was so packed. That way, I had more time to focus on drawing my drafts.

Two days soon passed in a blink of an eye. I had gone through one last round of final edits, and after being satisfied with how they turned out, I sent a copy to Shannon for her to take a look.

After getting her positive feedback, we both thought I had a high passing chance.

Shannon assured me that she would send the drafts to Flash — I just had to wait for the good news. Once the huge weight was off my chest, I could finally have a good night’s sleep.

Soon, Saturday arrived. I made a call to Benjamin in the morning to confirm our date that night.

The man also asked me if he could bring along an additional business partner along, to which I agreed readily.

I still held on to the same opinion — the more, the merrier. Not only would it be livelier, but we could also order more dishes.

And just like before, Dominic called me in the afternoon to say that he would not be back for dinner.

Shannon and I met in the afternoon to go shopping. We had been longing to go shopping since there had been so many good things that happened recently.

We agreed to arrive at the barbecue joint earlier than the set time as we did not want to let our guests wait for us.

As for Benjamin and his friend, they arrived just on time. When he had mentioned that he would bring a business partner along earlier on the phone, I had figured that it should be another lawyer from his law firm. After a round of introduction, it turned out that I was right.

By their looks, Mitch was slightly tanner than Benjamin. He looked like someone who loved sports.

As lawyers, the two were indeed eloquent. Apart from that, they were not like those dull blockheads with low emotional intelligence. Thus, we were having a whale of a time chatting.

Soon enough, we got comfortable with each other and called each other by our names.

However, the originally good dining atmosphere was spoiled when James and Dominic appeared uninvitingly.

To be honest, I did not have any strong feelings toward James when I saw him. After all, I was thankful that he had introduced Benjamin to help me.

However, I was flabbergasted to see Dominic. I did not tell him I would be treating dinner. Furthermore, I had thought he was busy doing his own things.

When Benjamin saw the two of them, he was pretty calm; he did not hold himself back from enjoying the food and drinks.

Mitch, instead, turned out to be the one with a weird reaction. With his eyes wide, he stared at Dominic’s thigh for a long time.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen someone on a wheelchair before?” The man’s tone sounded a little hostile.

It was more than understandable for him to act like that; no one would like being stared at, especially on their weakness, perpetually.

“N-No, I mean… Dominic, what do you have up your sleeve?” Mitch was still as dumbfounded as before. From his tone, it seemed like they knew each other.

Not wanting others to get too focused on Dominic’s shortcoming, I tried to change the topic.

When I opened my mouth to speak, James and Benjamin shouted Mitch’s name out loud. It was as if the two of them had gone haywire in the head.

Not only was Mitch confounded by their outburst, but the rest of us were also all swamped with puzzlement too. Shannon even knocked onto the saucer in shock, sending it flying to the ground.

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